...Nothing's changed... The mages in this country still think they're better than everyone...

Sill Plain, on Zeth.

General Info[]

The Kingdom of Zeth is on the southern end of The Continent. It is a nation very advanced in the magical arts, so much infact that there is actually discrimination against people who cannot use magic.

Zeth is located south-west of Leazas, and directly west of Free Cities region. It is south of Helman, separated by the vast Kinani Desert and the Crystal Forest. To the west of Zeth is the forest of monsters, belonging to the Monster Realm.

Between Zeth and this forest, there is a series of large fortresses called the Maginot Line, built along the moutain range on the borders. This is an automated fortress that attacks any army of monsters approaching it, and is safeguarding Zeth from the forces of the Monster Realm. However, 40% of the national budget is allocated to maintaining this massive fortress.

Since Zeth is a nation of magic, 20% of the citizen can use magic, and research in magic is prevalant. They are said to be 200 years ahead of Leazas in research of magic, and this has made the lives of its citizens very convenient. The economy is robust due to exports of magic items produced in Zeth. However, due to the importance of magic in the nation, there is a strong prejudice to those cannot use magic. Citizens are required to study magic, and pay taxes in form of magic.

 Political Structure[]

The king of the nation is Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi. He is hardly around to perform his duty as a ruler, and wanders around the nation. Only few select people in the top of the government can contact him. Although he has announced retirement, the replacement still has not been found.

After the Fall of Zeth during the events of Rance VI, under the leadership of the new Four Lords, the nation has been improving in its social reform.

Historical Figures[]

Royal Family and Entourage[]

The Old Four Lords of Zeth[]

The New Four Lords of Zeth[]

Other Political Leaders

Class System[]

A map of Zeth in Rance VI.

Before the Fall of Zeth, there used to be a class system that separated the First Class citizens from the Second Class citizens. Only those who passed the Magic Exam by the age of 15 could become a First Class citizen, and those who did not pass were placed as a Second Class citizen. About 80% of the population were the Second Class citizen, a slave for the First Class in practicality.

There were traded among the First Class Citizens for workforce, and treated as sub-humans. After the Fall of Zeth, the magic exam and the Class system were abolished. However, there still is a sense of bigotry and prejudice still left in the society. Zeth still has a long way to reform its dark past.

Due to its strict class system, there were numerous rebel forces in Zeth.

Ice Flame was once a large rebel force with over 2000 members, but it was crushed and was reduced to a small resistence force, led by Urza Planeis. However, it became the main force under the helms of Rance against the invasion army of Zeth. After the Fall of Zeth, Urza became a leader in the Zeth government, and Ice Flame changed its movements to fight those who scheme to bring the Magic Empire back to Zeth, and also to fight former 2nd Class citizens that terrorizes innocent magicians.

The Pentagon was a very active rebel group who used any means, including terrorism, to achieve its goals. The group was crushed during the Fall of Zeth.

Ice Flame[]


Zeth Citizens[]

The Maginot Line[]

The Maginot Line in Kichikuou Rance.

Created to protect the country from invasions of Monster armies and Dark Lords, the Maginot Line is a massive succession of Fortresses laid throughout the moutain range on the borders of Zeth and the Monster Realm

Its fortresses are filled with traps, magical canons, towers and barriers. It's an extremely powerful defensive system that can decimate pretty much anyone that attempts to invade. In the year LP0003 Dark Lord Camilla brought a horde of 100,000 monsters to invade Zeth, but they were forced to withdraw when 50,000 of them are killed almost instantly by the Maginot Line defensive system, proving the impenetrability of the Line. 

It's only main drawback is how expensive it is to mantain it, since it consumes 40% of the national budget, but it's a necessary sacrifice in order to protect the nation from the armies of the Monster Realm.


The Four Generals[]


  • Zeth is the only one of the major countries that was founded by a young girl, rather than a tough man like Gross Leazas or Zanageth Helman.
  • The Kingdom is most likely based off India, due to its notorious social inequality, the scenery and architecture, and even the Zeth music themes resemble that of classic Indian melody.
    • It also takes some elements from France, like the Maginot Line being a reference to French fort built during the lead-up to World War II and the firm presence of military extremist groups. Zeth clothing is also generally French inspired.
  • The Zeth Theme from Kichikuou Rance is re-used for Mamatoto, where its called "Ethnic nation" instead.