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Zanma Rouga
Japanese 斬真 狼牙
Romanization zanma rōga
Rouga Zanma Render
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Melee Fighter
World World of Daibanchou
Affiliation Wolf Fang, Zanma Family
Appeared in Daibanchou
Cameoed in Big Bang Beat
I remember nothing of the sort. Besides, when the women he loves is in trouble, a man can't help himself.

—Rouga, showing off his love for Kunagi.

About Edit

Zanma Rouga is the hero and one of the three main characters of Daibanchou: Big Bang Age. After defeating Yamizaki Akito in a one on one brawl, Rouga becomes the banchou (gang-boss) of Seijou Academy, and forms the Wolf Fang team in order to take control of all of Japan.

Ever since he was a young boy, Rouga has had a hard time getting along with other people, causing him to be lonely and distraught throughout most of his childhood, mostly because of his poor social skills and his extremely troublesome nature, always disobeying the clan rules whenever he had an opportunity. Rouga despised living a strict lifestyle, and wanted to live an easygoing life, but his elders wouldn't allow it, because they have always thought Rouga was a bad influence. This would often lead Rouga getting into conflicts with others which often lead to violent fist fights. Rouga would try his best to stand his ground while facing opponents who bullied him, but would often end up outmatched and beaten, with the showdowns usually ending when his older brother Gou arriving suddenly to stop the fight and save Rouga from getting into more trouble. However this chain of events slowly made Rouga despise Gou over the years: even as Rouga would always be trying to prove his strength, his brother Gou would always destroy any opportunity to do so by constantly saving him whenever the situation was starting to get too dangerous.

Because Rouga's family was actually quite poor and lower-class, Rouga had to deal with discrimination throughout his childhood, and was often insulted and made fun of by his peers. Because of this, Rouga became even more agitated and socially-withdrawn from the terrible society he was living in, and since Rouga didn't really know how to talk things out, he would always end up having to let his fists do the talking for him.

While there were hardly any people that thought of Rouga as a friend, besides his brother and a small number of
Rouga vs Sanzo

It is Rouga's hobby to fight, one of his goals is to conquer Japan.

peers at school, Rouga did have one person who was special to him, Tenrou Kunagi, the future heir of the Tenrou Clan, a family whose class was slightly above his. Rouga and Kunagi would often spend time together, as they shared the same traits and issues dealing with social stigma and quickly began to like each other. Thanks to the compassion that he received from his friend Kunagi, Rouga became increasingly confident and determined and thinks very highly of Kunagi whom he swore to protect.

While spending the next amount of years dedicating himself to protecting Kunagi, this would often lead Rouga into getting into more fights for his and Kunagi's defense, and a lot of the times..he would be outnumbered by the sheer amount of thugs he would have to fight, it wasn't long though in which that he would be saved again by yet another strong warrior, like his older brother. Rouga stood in awe while looking at the man who saved him from countless showdowns. The man appeared to look a lot like Kunagi and her older brother, Tenrou Kamui, was dressed in white and had on a red belt featuring a wolf. The man would then proceed to help out the speechless Rouga telling him words about "not letting up." and to "be more confident in yourself." This led Rouga to admire the man who looked a lot like Kunagi, and inspired him to keep on fighting no matter what strives to get in his way. Rouga and Kunagi then decide that they're feelings for each other have become very clear, so they propose to their clans elders, that they would like to be betrothed. The clan elders of course, disproved of this due to the fact that Rouga was apart of a family from a lower class, and the fact that the Tenrou clan still had shared some conflicts with the Zanma family, also the elders of the Zanma family were distraught and disappointed in the fact that Rouga kept on getting into fights and disobeying the clans overall rules. After hearing about the rejection to their proposal, Rouga goes mad and ends up getting into a heated argument with the family elders, this has worried both Gou and Kunagi, so they have tried their hardest to plea, but to no avail couldn't. Rouga ended up being banished from living in the clan, and was now homeless. This lead Rouga to have to take shelter at one of the schools he was partaking in, he would often get into fights with the students who sided with the banchou of that school, and even more countless showdowns have happened. After a bloody fight to the finish, featuring a lot of the male students at the school, Rouga hardly had any energy left due to the immense feeling of failure and regret from being banished from his clan. Rouga was about to fall unconscious until he saw the same man who looked a lot like Kunagi once more. The intimidating man then walked up to Rouga, giving him some inspiring advice such as before, the man then proceeded to gift Rouga with the red belt buckle featuring the wolf that he was wearing. Seeing as how there was no other man that Rouga admired so much, he happily takes, and wears his belt proudly, Rouga then tells the man that he will try his absolute best in order to change the way of how Japan works, and about his goals in becoming stronger so that he can protect his friends. The man then proceeded to pat his head and gave Rouga his final words before leaving. This was the last time when Rouga would see this man, who could or could not have been Kunagi's father.

Rouga's dekusion

Kunagi plays a big role in Rouga's life, therefore even fake illusions of her does not make him give up on his dream.

Rouga then decides to transfer to many schools while in the midst of training with his older brother, Gou, alongside Kuga Kyouchirou, who proved to be a worthy adversary. After the conflict which involved Kunagi losing a lot of her B-Ability, reducing her to the form of a wolf, Rouga's main goal now is to find all of the sacred student buttons to seal the Hell Hole, which was the branch for all conflict in Japan, and to find a way to restore Kunagi's body back to normal. This led Rouga to go to Seijou academy...where his journey to unite Japan begins.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Rouga and Marishia

Rouga hits on Marishia

Rouga has black hair that is styled like a mullet, his hair extends to his shoulders. His eyes are a hosome brown color, and is tall and muscular. He has on a specially designed white outfit which consist of a jacket with the words "White Fang" engraved onto the back of it, white pants, a black inside shirt, and the wolf belt that he inherited from the man who was apart of the Tenrou family. Rouga's social skills are pale in comparison to his brother Gou's who was a master at talking and forming relationships with people. This lead Rouga to become more of a loner and socially withdrawn, however as he grows older, his social skills

Rouga and Senna Motorcycle

Rouga likes to "showoff" as seen with his new motorcycle in this CG with Senna.

improves, and he becomes more outgoing. Being unafraid of wearing his flashy clothes in public, Rouga's main aim is to "show off" his unique style towards others, usually resulting in his peers feeling embarrassed, and interested in forming a discussion with him, about his clothing tastes. Rouga is very flamboyant in the way he acts and forms his posture, although this may be because of the confidence he gained in talking to the man he admired who may or may not be Kunagi's father. Rouga is often known for being honorable, hotblooded, proactive, and very perverted. He despises dense males, who can't come into term when a female is showing their love to them, and prefers to act the opposite, and take the initiative to complement girls. He is known for being a lecher, and a womanizer, hitting on almost any girl he sees fit as pretty or gorgeous, although he never means to be in a full on relationship with them, unless he really admired them.

Introduction Edit

Rouga Introduction 2

Rouga's flamboyant introduction

Rouga starts out on his first day of becoming a student in Seijou Academy. He tells Kunagi that he is looking forward to changing this school's outlook, he then proceeds to introduce himself to the class, in a very arrogant, and flamboyant manner, which give the students of the school the impression that he is a showoff, and a big shot who thinks he can take on the banchou of this school. Some of them then realize Rouga's reputation of being the "White Fang" student who transfers into many different schools, fighting others in order to gain more B-Power.

Abilities Edit

After talking to Kuga Kyouchirou in the National Chapter, Rouga remembers his special ability, called: Wolf Fang, a powerful punch, that forms the aura of a wolf howling, creating a massive power wave, that enhances Rouga's strength.

Rouga has a list of abilities he uses during fights:

Blow: Rouga performs a strong gut punch.

Knuckle: Rouga performs an overhead punch.

Fang: Rouga performs a strong straight punch.

Shoot: Rouga performs a dive kick.

Rouga Zanma Battle Sprites

Napalm: Rouga slams his palm onto the ground and summons a burst of energy.

Dunk: Rouga leaps from the ground up to the air. If he touches the opponent, he grabs them and slams them against the ground.

Slide: Rouga slides along the ground.

Wild Fang: Rouga fires a more powerful punch.

Wild Shoot: Rouga utilizes a punch more powerful than the Wild Fang Ability.

Wild Shoot Chase: Rouga uses the strongest version of the B-Ability that combines, the Wild Fang, and Wild Shoot.

Wolf Fang: Rouga's strongest B-Ability, his fist creates a power wave, with the aura forming a wolf.

Personal History Edit

  • SU 1- Rouga has his memory concealed by Gou and Kunagi, so that he doesn't remember about Kamui's demise.
  • SU 2 - began training under his brother, Zanma Gou.
  • SU 7 - Met Kuga Kyouichirou.
  • SU 9 - Completed his training. Began journeying from town to town and school to school, earning him the nickname "White Fang".
  • SU 10 - Transferred to Seijou Academy. Founded the "Rouga Battalion" with Hibiki Sanae, Jinnai Heita and Naruse Yuuki.

Trivia Edit

Rouga Zanma Sprite
Rouga's Level Up Quote
  • His name, literally means "Wolf Fang" in English.
  • In Toushin Toushi III, Rouga was an opponent in the dimensional door.
  • Players of Daibanchou would be turned away from the game thanks to Rouga's awkward looking costume, which would assume that he is gay, because of the large belt, and pink gloves he was wearing. Some players would also say that Daibanchou lost a lot of the appeal thanks to his white clothing, and funny fashion sense, while a majority of players thought the opposite, and have a lot of respect for Rouga due to the fact, that he actually resembled more of a hero, and had a kind/genuine, relatable personality, in comparison to some of Alice Soft's other protagonists, such as Rance from the Rance series, and Akuji from Daiakuji... who are known for their mistreatment of women.
  • A lot of Rouga's voice acting clips were cut from the final version of the game, although it is unknown is assumed to be because of the lack of time Alice Soft had to put in everything for the final game, or the fact that they wanted the player's to view themselves onto the protagonist.
  • It is heavily implied that Rouga is actually voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, who was famous for portraying flashy/banchou like characters in the past such as Kamina from Gurren Lagann, and Tatsumi Oga from Beelzebub. While it's not confirmed for sure (due to eroge being very disclosed about their seiyuus), one can definitely hear the similarity between Rouga's and Konishi's voice.
That Lucky Bastard
Rouga's Cut Dialogue
Rouga's Laugh
  • Rouga was one of the very few characters who maintained his original voice actor for fan made games such as Big Bang Beat, while other characters such as, Senna and Daigo got their original voice actors replaced. (Senna had her original voice actress for the first Big Bang Beat game, Big Bang Beat: First Impression, but was replaced in Big Bang Beat: Revolve.)
  • It is a recurring joke throughout the game for people to call Rouga "eggplant" or "eggplant head" in reference to his disheveled hair, much to his dismay.

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