Zanma Rouga
Japanese 斬真 狼牙
Romanization zanma rouga
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Melee Fighter
World Japan (Big Bang Age)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
I'll take you on any time! ....that's all!

—Rouga, after announcing that he will unite Japan.


Zanma Rouga is the protagonist of Big Bang Age. He is a man with a strong sense of justice who enjoys a good fight and fine women. With a strong body and great reflexes, he seeks to dominate the entire nation.

His first name (Rouga, 狼牙) literally means "Wolf Fang". As he always wears his white school uniform, he also became known as the "White Fang".

Rouga was trained by his older brother, Zanma Gou. And while Rouga often is annoyed by Gou's antics and tends to punch Gou into oblivion, Rouga does heed his brother's advice and show a degree of respect for him.

Rouga is betrothed to Tenrou Kunagi, and cares quite a bit for her. Although that does not seem to stop him from loving other women as well.

One of his closest friends is Kuga Kyouichirou, who also goes by the nickname of the "Black Shadow Blade". Rouga and Kuga's personalities and styles are polar opposites, complementing like yin and yang.

Battle quote - "Here we go."

Personal History[]

  • SU 2 - began training under his brother, Zanma Gou.
  • SU 7 - Met Kuga Kyouichirou.
  • SU 9 - Completed his training. Began journeying from town to town and school to school, earning him the nickname "White Fang".
  • SU 10 - Transferred to Seijou Academy. Founded the "Rouga Battalion" with Hibiki Sanae, Jinnai Heita and Naruse Yuuki.