Gou Zanma[]

"That's right.... when people talk about "the weakest man on earth", they mean me!"

Rouga's older brother. His battle abilities are about equal to nothing, but he's almost unnaturally good at gathering information. His role in the Rouga army is one of preparation and planning.

Battle quote - "Ah, you dare to challenge me? You coward!"

Special Battle quote - "O being of evil! Disappear!"

Fun Facts:

  • Since Gou "killed" Kamui, he's spent every day since then preparing Rouga for his eventual role of sealing the Hell Gate which he didn't have the appropriate power to seal it himself, seeing as he was unable to kill Kamui
  • He was viewed as a joke character by Rouga who beats him up for...?
  • In BBB, there is a statue of Gou at Saintly Castle school stage. He assumed to be a hero
  • SPOILER: Gou is really pretty much as strong as Rouga if not stronger (depends on how much you power up Rouga towards the end of the game), he has been weak throughout the game only because he was using his power to charge a depleted sacred student button needed to seal the hell hole.