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Japanese ズかっぱ
Romanization zukappa
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ☆☆
Appeared in Rance VI, Galzoo Island, Shinyaku Toushin Toshi



Z'Kappas are a type of Monster that belongs to the class of Gal Monsters and, more specifically, to the amphibious type. They are seen roaming in both water and land, but they prefer to stay near lakes as they find themselves more comfortable in humid environments. Their most notorious trait is their love for liquor and they are never seen without carrying their distinctive red gourd, always filled with a sweet and flavorful drink.


In appearance, they are attractive young girls with a curvaceous figure and a very revealing outfit, with what looks like the upper part of a white shirt and a red tie. They also wear yellow thigh high socks and go around barefoot. They have a short blonde hair with something that resembles a herbaceous crown, and they are always carrying a giant leaf with them. Their backs' texture and looks are similar to that of a real-life frog, being soft and slippery. Their personalities are laid-back and cheerful, with great fondness for drinking. They love to sit around at night near a lake and relax while enjoying an alcoholic drink under the moonlight, which they regularly do if they get the chance. They are very friendly and not hostile at all, and they lack combat ability due to the lack of aggressiveness in their personalities. They are overall joyful and good-natured creatures that don't engage in combat unless they are forced to.


In battle, they are dedicated healers that can provide allies with a lot of support by employing powerful healing magic, and they become more powerful when they are on the water. They have affinity towards the elements of Light as well. Sometimes they might use their huge leaf as a weapon to slap their opponents with it, which can be surprisingly lethal as they combine it with Light magic, allowing them to knock-out opponents instantly. Unfortunately, due to their lack of physical fitness, they don't land this attack very often as true combatants are usually capable of dodging it without much difficulty. Since they are aquatic monsters, they can also breath underwater and swim with naturalness, and they can also share this ability with others to explore lakes and lagoons. There are higher species of the Kappa called Kappa E and Red Kappa. Not much is known about the former, but it is described as more powerful version of regular Kappas, and the Red Kappa is claimed to be an extraordinarily powerful creature that is apparently hidden somewhere in the world.


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