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Yuzuhara Yuzumi
Japanese 柚原柚美
Romanization yuzuhara yuzumi
Race Human
Age / Birth 18 / GI1004
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 154cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Musketeer
World The Continent
Affiliation Tanegashima House, JAPAN
Level limit 38
Skill levels Gun Combat Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X
...I like cute things...

—Yuzumi, explaining why she likes Kouhime.


Yuzumi Yuzuhara is one of the retainers of the Tanegashima House and its strongest commander. Though the development of muskets is extremely recent, she almost immediately became extremely proficient with them and is feared as a deadly marksman. 

The musket she uses in Sengoku Rance is a unique weapon named Comet, a powerful gun made by accident that cannot be replicated. As it was made by her father, one of the greatest smiths of the Tanegashima house, it is also serves as a memento following his death.

When Oda went to war with Tanegashima, she was, like many others, captured by Rance's army and thrown in prison, before being recruited into his army after Rance threatened to sell off her treasured musket. However even when she gets it back, she decides to stay with Oda, as she finds the princess Kouhime adorable.

Though she spurns Rance's advances and stays focused on her target practice, Rance eventually assaults her as "punishment" for forgetting her bullets on the eve of battle. Though she didn't particularly care for it, Rance eventually convinces her that instead of focusing on Kouhime, she should try to have her own cute children to look after. Thanks to this logic, Rance keeps sleeping with her on a regular basis. Yuzumi, however, shows no sign of being pregnant, and unaware that Rance had Sill use contraceptive magic on him, complains.

In the Kenshin route, she is one of the contestants for the Emperor Race.

Rance Quest

When on a quest with Kuma in party, a scene will play out where he and Sachiko start eating rice balls with salmon. Yuzuhara will appear and chase the bear to hug him, as she thinks he is cute. She joins the party to stay with Kuma.

Personality and Appearance[]

Yuzumi is a petite tomboyish woman with short dark hair and a stern expression.

Yuzumi spotted something cute

Yuzumi is fairly taciturn, often pausing before saying anything and expressing herself in just a few short words. She is extremely dedicated to her shooting practice, constantly training at the Tanegashima target range to hone her skills. Though she usually shows little emotion, she has one weakness: she has a great obsession for anything "cute". Whether it is cute puppies, Botans, or Kouhime, she tends to obsess over them and can even be forgetful of her duties when spotting anything adorable enough to keep her attention.


Yuzumi is an experienced fighter, and despite the fact that muskets are very recent inventions, she has already had much practice with them as she is almost constantly training, and is already at level 28 during the Sengoku Period, though with a cap of 38 she is still a little ways off from reaching all her potential.

Yuzumi often kills her target

Yuzumi is unique in being one of the few individuals with a Gun Combat skill (quite rare as guns are recent inventions), and the only one with a LV2 in the field. As such, she is an exceptionally talented marksman and easily the deadliest musket user of JAPAN, a fact only amplified by the power of her custom musket. Her proficiency in muskets makes her able to precisely shoot down and kill enemy commanders even in the large and crowded battlefields of the Fourth Sengoku era. Though she was one of its weaker contestants, Amaterasu found her strong enough to participate in the Emperor Race, which says a lot of her abilities.

Still, her weapon suffers the same drawbacks as any musket. That being their long reload time and vulnerability to rain.