Yunazawa Kei
Japanese 結奈沢 慶
Romanization yunazawa kei
Kei face.png
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Banchou
World Big Bang Age
Affiliation National Protectorate Institute
Appeared in Daibanchou


Yunazawa Kei is one of the strongest Banchous of the NPI, and a staunch defender of its main base in Kyou. She is particularly loyal to their clever top executive Nidai Yoshitsune, who she obeys without hesitation. Though she appears at first to be a simple-minded behemoth in Benkei armor, she is in fact a quite small young woman underneath. However, she is forced to often wear her armor even outside of battle, as though it is useful for defense, it is mostly a tool to control her own freakish strength. While her B-ability makes her one of the strongest humans in Japan, she tends to constantly break anything she touches when not wearing it. Her armor also gives her a deep, slow and gravely voice, for reasons unknown even to her.

Though she repeatedly faces the forces of Wolf Fang in her gigantic armor when they begin their attack on Kyou, she is eventually forced to retreat on the insistence of Yoshitsune. When Zanma Rouga finally defeats the NPI, Yoshitsune joins their side in order to help with the integration of the NPI into their forces, with Kei dutifully joining their forces as well. Though she acts at first very dismissive of Rouga and even blatantly ignores his orders, she eventually tells him of her increased frustration at her inability to be close to anyone, Yoshitsune in particular, for fear of accidentally crushing him. However, Rouga eventually discovers strange plants in Saporo who have the strange power to make those who eat them extremely weak for a short time. Thanks to the plants, she finally manages to consummate her relationship with Yoshitsune (after some "training" with Rouga).

Personality and Appearance[]

Yunazawa Kei's armor is extremely large, dwarfing most people and being on a comparable size to the monstrous puppet Daimon. It has a round shape, grey painting and a (comparatively) small helmet whic


h lets out a faint green glow at the location of the eyes. The armor also gives her a slow, deep voice that speaks in a slow and simple manner. It is unknown how exactly Kei pilots it, considering her actual size.

Kei herself is a red-headed young woman sporting a jacket, tiny shirt and sport pants. Despite being ostensibly over eighteen, she is fairly short and has a very youthful appearance, and consequently looks more like a child than an adult.

This impression is not dispelled by her behavior, as she tends to be very immature and rude to those she dislikes. However, she is utterly devoted to the NPI due to being in love with Yoshitsune, and is often seen accompanying him and acting as a bodyguard.


Yunazawa Kei has the most strength out of all special students in Japan, and as such is the most durable character in the game one can obtain. Using her bulky armor's long reach, she attacks with a heavy pole with which she smashes her opponents, granting her decent range and damage. However, her bulky and hard to manouever armor makes her an easy target


, and she is often completely stopped from attacking by long range attacks, while quick opponents can simply dodge her strikes Still, only the strongest beings can hope to quickly defeat her due to her raw power and endurance.

She is associated with the Holy element and has no elemental bonus.


Her armor's name, Benkei, is a reference to Musashibo Benkei, a Japanese monk famous for his feats of strength and unwavering loyalty, much like Yunazawa Kei herself.