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It's spicy! So, sooo spicy!!! My butt'll be on fire tomorrow! Kekekekekekekekekekeh!
I was supposed to cause chaos in the stock market and came here for Moheca 'cause she's a big investor, but there was this interesting manga, so I couldn't help but read it. Dahn dah dah daaahn! But you found me out and came all the way up here! Damn you, humans!!! Are you psychics!? Oh, but wait a little bit. I'm on Volume 63, you stupid jerks. There are 121 volumes!
You're like a party trying to beat Dark Falz on Ultimate without an FO anway, so you'd keep getting sent back to the lobby!
Lalala, puuuunch, puuuunch. Rocket Puuuuunch. Destroy until there's nothing left, ukekeh!
Aw, this is no fun. Humans are wimpy. Even sea cucumbers put up more of a fight. If it weren't my mission, I'd go slack off and get some ice cream or something.
I don't wanna be compared with that sex-crazed idiot! Kekekekekekekekekeh.
Well, it looks like they have some poop strategy where the groups on the sides'll pincer attack us...but we've got way more guys than them. They're just dummy humans anyway, not like they can come up with a good plan! Kekekeh!
Aye Aaaaaye! I looove massacres! Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeh.
Found some intruders, did I? What a pain, uuughh, aaagh. But I'm just gonna leave you to Miss Seizel and laze around instead!
You just don't think you can pleasure me, do you?
I don't need your rotten dick anyway.
I'm hot on your tail. No mercy to any mean dumb jerks that do that to Miss Seizel.
I'm insane, so I can't talk like this if I want. Ukekekekekeh.