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Youkai is often translated simply as "monster". However, it is quite different from the standard monsters found in the Alicesoft fantasy world. A race native only to JAPAN, Youkai are supernatural beings formed out of powerful emotions and thoughts. However, unlike Ghosts, they do not have a true "soul", and they also have a corporeal body. However, like a Ghost, they will disappear if the feelings or thoughts that created them are dispersed.

But besides that method, it is nearly impossibly to get rid of a Youkai. Youkai can regenerate, and they can survive decapitation, dismemberment, and even burning. Because of this, Youkai are nearly invulnerable to traditional physical attacks. Tenshi Sect monks will often use certain items, prayers, and spells to scare away Youkai, as opposed to outright killing them, because doing so is so difficult. It is not uncommon for youkai to be able to transform their bodies in certain ways, though there is often a limitation on the transformation.

Because the power of Orochi is what allows Youkai to manifest themselves into corporeal existence, Youkai cannot leave the immediate vicinity of JAPAN, or else they will disappear. However, this can be circumvented by having the Youkai carrying a scale shed by Orochi wherever they go, so that Orochi's power lingers with them as they leave JAPAN.

List of Youkai[]

All Youkai that appear in the Rance Series can be grouped into three general categories: Youkai in JAPAN , Youkai in Genbu Castle, and Forbidden Youkai.

Youkai in JAPAN[]

Name Description
Kurobe The 1st Youkai King, reigning in the NC era. A black dog-man born from a fang of Orochi. Fought alongside Ishimaru Fujiwara, leading a 4000-strong Youkai army. Deceased.
Dokuganryuu Masamune The 3rd Youkai King. Founded his kingdom after the Great Youkai War.
Omachi The Northern Guardian and the 2nd Youkai Queen. A nine-tailed fox-woman who gave up her throne to Masamune.
Noir The Eastern Guardian. A spider-girl. Currently outside of JAPAN.
Orime The Western Guardian. A Futakuchi-onna.
Nogiku The Southern Guardian. A young girl with one eye.
Tokugawa Ieyasu A huge raccoon-dog who ruled over the Tokugawa house. Deceased.
Honda Tadakatsu Ieyasu's subordinate. Takes pride in his strength. Like to massage people.
Ii Naomasa Ieyasu's subordinate. Loves cavalry.
Sakakibara Yasumasa Ieyasu's subordinate. Sleeps a lot.
Sakai Tadatsugu Ieyasu's subordinate. A ninja(?) who loves sake.
Hattori Hanzou Ieyasu's subordinate. A ninja.
Hase Danjuro Ieyasu's parent. Deceased.
3G Loyal servant of the Oda House. A cellphone-inspired youkai. Can contact other youkai from long distances and even fly around like a helicopter.
Daidara The Youkai that cursed Mouri Motonari. Deceased.
Aburasumashi Aburako Dousan's father. Deceased?
Aburako Dousan A youkai who looks almost like a normal girl. She has some kind of grudge against Masamune that has to do with her father.
Moscow Fuyushogun Fuyushogun means "Old Man Winter".
Queen Mermaid Cursed Keikoku with immortality.
Demon Cow A Youkai that looks like a Cow.
Ino Tadataka Its goal is to make a map of JAPAN. Looks like a Biwa player.
Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ushiwakamaru) Lord of the Crow Dungeon. Has a human form but usually looks more like a grasshopper.
Ikoma Tengu A friendly Tengu who lives on Mount Ikoma.
Taira no Kiyomori A huge octopus. Chance of defeating it in battle is around 30%.
Nakatomi no Katamari Battles with fierce whirlwind attacks.
Hikaru-Genji A playboy wearing roller skates. He's long dead, but his female fans built a monument to him so they could lament his death.
Sword Hunt (Nurikabe) Can absorb swords with its sword. Doesn't get along with Masamune.
Oedoyaoyachou Feeds on the souls of pessimistic people.
Namename Slug-like youkai with multiple bodies. Cursed the mother of Sakamoto Ryouma so Ryouma would be born a hermaphrodite and incapable of having children.
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Youkai in Genbu Castle[]

Name Description
Kitsune A male Kitsune. Died from interfering with Rance.
Nopperabo A resident of Tsuiraku Temple. Speaks so tensely in public, that his words are all in half-width kana. Abandoned by people because of his ugly form, he just wants to be loved.
Noriko Has a long, rubber-like neck. A clumsy glasses-wearing Youkai.
Otter (Naoki) A perverted otter-like Youkai that wears a straw hat.
Painter A 1000(?)-year-old crane. Spent 200 years completing his painting of Waka .
Picture of Waka A Youkai with the memories of another person. Created by the Painter's thoughts and feelings giving it life.

Manager of a Love Hotel. Used to be a martial artist, but was killed in the Leazas Castle arena in the events of Rance I.

Forbidden Youkai[]

Forbidden Youkai are Youkai that have such horrifyingly powerful abilities that they have been sealed away and otherwise denoted as "forbidden" to interact with. They almost always cause great disaster when unleashed.

Name Description
Soul Binder Infects people with a curse that kills their body, and traps their soul within, turning them into a walking husk that yearns for death. They can only die when their body is destroyed, or they pass on the curse to five other people. Like this, the curse turns into a nightmarish "virus" spreading a plague with zombie-like symptoms.
Ishijijii If he is made to cry, he will grow infinitely large and infinitely heavy, so long as he keeps crying. This ability could be used to destroy entire civilizations at once, or worse.
Omoi-kiri Steals the thoughts and emotions of humans, and turns them into Youkai. Those who come in contact with it often become husks of themselves, and the monsters produced by its power are no laughing matter, either.
Miminashi Cat Will grant any wish asked of it.
Blood Knife Dharma A giant demonic Dharma doll with the power to replicate itself infinitely under certain conditions. Because of this power, Madou chose him to guard the barrier between Genbu Castle's warped pocket dimension and the real world.
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  • Because Youkai don't have souls, it's often speculated that they also don't have levels, level caps, or any other traditional attributes native to the Planner Scenario. However, as seen in Sengoku Rance, at least the Youkai of JAPAN do have levels and caps.
  • The Youkai that appear in Genbu Castle probably appear there regardless of Orochi's power because of the strange space-time warp that is present there.