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Japanese ヤラセ
Romanization Yarase
Evenicle Yarase
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Unknown, presumably Deceased
Class Soldier, Adventurer
World World of Eve
Affiliation Eden, Snake Crest
Appeared in Evenicle


Yarase was an Adventurer, whose journey around the World of Eve roughly coincided with Aster's own. Initially a Soldier in the service of the Kingdom of Eden, stationed to guard the town of Abel, Yarase sought a different calling and became an adventurer in hopes of finding it along the way. During this period, he crossed paths with Aster several times, gradually descending from a sociable companion to a wretch in the service of the Snake Crest.

Under the Snake Crest, Yarase participated in the occupation of the Central Empire, and was assigned the role of administrator over the town of Lightning and the Bride's Tower. Using this newfound power, he lashed out against perceived injustices, ranging from the real, the exaggerated, the imagined, and situations simply convenient for his exploitation. Aster and his family eventually defeated Yarase in combat, leaving him unconscious. At this point, he was taken away by Millet to be fed to monsters, possibly the ones in the Battleship Digamma, where she took Natal March. Despite this clear declaration, Yarase's fate is never depicted, and his remains are never found, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.

Personality and Appearance[]

Yarase's personality appeared to change dramatically from his first appearance in Eden to his final in Central, though it is unclear if he was simply revealing more of his original self or developing into a viler person as time goes on. He had several consistent ideals: he believed in his own sense of importance, and that he had a great destiny in the future; and he believed that all of his actions are somehow justified, at least to a minor degree. Yarase has even hinted that he sees himself as the protagonist in a video game, though it is unclear if the average person in the World of Eve (as opposed to say, QD) has access to such things or if he is simply breaking the fourth wall.

Yarase has a particularly strong fondness for sex, and many of his crimes are or relate back to rape.

Yarase has red, spikey hair and a large, wide-bladed sword.


Yarase was a Soldier, and so was freed from any punishment for killing members of any species under Mother Eve's blessing. Unlike a knight, did not have any exemption from Mother Eve's laws against sex with more than one person, and has only avoided becoming an Outlaw since he committed rape during the period when Mother Eve's blessing had been removed by the Snake Crest.

Yarase was not a particularly sophisticated combatant, but was very capable, able to stand up to Aster and his family with only the assistance of two companion Outlaw knights. He was not a good commander, however, and the knights surrendered the moment he was knocked out.


  • Yarase represents a pastiche of numerous video game protagonists, especially Rance and Adol Christin of the Ys series (perhaps this is only natural, as Rance was a pastiche of Adol). Yarase even has Rance's weakness to Light attacks.
    • Yarase also carries Cloud Strife's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.