Yamizaki Akito
Akito of the Dark.png
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Melee Fighter
World World of Daibanchou
Affiliation Independent, Wolf Fang, Igurashi Sect
Appeared in Big Bang Age think you can win? Someone with fucked up hair like you?!!

—Yamizaki, mocking Rouga's hairstyle


Yamizaki Akito (Otherwise known as "Akito of the Dark") was a former student at Seijou Academy and a former antagonist in Daibanchou: Big Bang Age. He is the first obstacle Rouga approaches in the game once the School Chapter starts, he can later join forces with Wolf Fang during the National Chapter in NPI territories depending on which route the player takes. On Hard Mode, he joins the Igurashi Sect instead.

Personality and Appearance[]

Being the same age as Rouga, Akito was an orphan child who was brought up in a rough housing neighborhood that was coping with the dystopian setting thanks to the destruction of the demonic Hell Hole. While having the resolve and heroic ambitions to want to change the ruined Japan to a much better place, he would often act unruly, and get into a lot of fights with peers. During one such occasion, he would have to uses knives as a weapon to defend himself. This led to the rise of his B-Ability growing. As Akito began to become used to his abilities, his main source of offense came with his knives. Throughout his growing years, he became more arrogant and would often resort to threatening people with his knives if situations didn't turn out the way he wanted, he soon then began to forget about his heroic ambitions. Akito later coincidentally stumbled upon a Sacred Button, which would increase his B-Ability twofold, accepting this outcome, Akito was delighted, and set his sights on further power.

Akito grows bored of his daily life as Banchou of Seijou Academy.

Akito would later want to strive to become a Banchou in order to gain more power, so he rebelled against the executives of Seijou Academy. Due to his increasing B-Ability, the executives had no choice but to give in to Akito, thus making him the Banchou of Seijou Academy. Since then, Seijou's reputation waned and more people were afraid upon going there thanks to Akito's cruel acts. While controlling Seijou Academy from the shadows, Akito becomes bored with just ruling the academy and sets his sights on taking control of Tokyo so that he can gain even more power. Months later, a new student by the name of Zanma Rouga enrolls in Seijou Academy. After witnessing how arrogant one of Akito's executives are, Rouga displays a glimmer of his strength and completely thrashes him. Once Akito is aware of this, he orders more of his executives to kill Rouga. As Rouga gains more territory of the school, he faces off against Akito who is drunk on his B-Power, leading him to be defeated by Rouga, and to be not heard of for a while.

Once Akito witnesses the kindness of his caretakers, he turns over a new leaf.

Losing all of his power from Seijou Academy after being defeated by Rouga, Akito wanders off into NPI territory, pondering on about how his life will turn out. Akito begins to feel in pain and stumbles across a young child who later promises to tend to his wounds, Akito wakes up to see the child and what looks like an old man to be taking care of him, Akito then expresses his thanks. Later, he would see his caretakers be brutally harassed by powerful Special Students, Akito saw himself in those arrogant students, and came upon realization that he acted a lot similar to them in the past. Seeing the child's distaste for Special Students abusing their power, Akito regrets all of the bad decisions leading him up to where he is now. Akito then defeats the harassing Special Students, and promises to come back to his fellow caretakers after revealing that he was once a Special Student who acted mean and unruly before. Akito later then returns to Seijou Academy as Wolf Fang is battling other nations, he comes face to face with Rouga who is surprised to see him still around Seijou, however Akito acted different than usual, and was begging Rouga to join forces with him. Rouga however did not believe Yamazaki, and rebuked his offer. After this, Akito uses his own knives to stab himself in order to prove he is telling the truth. Rouga, bewildered he would do such a thing, could tell how much Akito was sincere, and that he has changed for the better, so he allowed him to fight alongside Wolf Fang.

As Akito fights alongside Wolf Fang, he expresses to Rouga about how much he desires peace and would be willing to sacrifice himself in order to obtain it, while Rouga just feels awkward talking to someone who was his previous enemy, Akito's main ambition now is to gain enough BP in order to show gratitude to his care takers.

Akito has on a thick brown vest, very long blond hair, and purple tattoos, having the exact type of punk design, his main hobby is playing the guitar.

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