Yamashita Rikori
Japanese 山下 利古里
Romanization yamashita rikori
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Army Minister
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Yamashita Rikori is Japan's Army Minister. As one of the ministers of the Japanese Imperial Council Rikori has a great deal of influence in the council's affairs, and is able to give her opinions on issues directly to the Japanese Empress Mikado. Rikori is accompanied by Ugaki Sakura, Tougou Tsuyoshi and Nekohira on the Imperial Council.

Directly in charge of Japan's army and ground forces, it is Rikori's duty to secure planets that have had their local fleets destroyed. Should the army that Rikori leads be destroyed, Japan would be unable to capture or properly defend any planets.

Rikori is fierce about her Japanese heritage and disagrees with most policies that would affect Japan negatively, even if it means changing Japan positively in the future. Rikori does not like Tougou Tsuyoshi for unknown reasons.

“Unfortunately, I will not conspire with you”

Voice Actor : Takatsuki Tsubasa


  • Yamashita Rikori is possibly a parody of Yamashita Tomoyuki, a general of the Japanese Imperial Army during the events of and before World War II.