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As you may already know, my name is Yamamoto Rangi, the Sovereign of JAPAN. It makes me happy to meet another one of my siblings. Let's get along from now on.

Yamamoto Rangi
Japanese 山本乱義
Romanization Yamamoto Rangi
Race Human
Age / Birth 17 / LP0006 (Rance X: Part 2)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 175cm / 67kg
Status Alive
Class Archer
World The Continent
Affiliation JAPAN, Rance's Children
Level limit
Skill levels Bow Combat Lv2 (?), Government Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Rance X: Part 2
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X


Yamamoto Rangi is the son born from the union between Demon King Rance and the last survivor of the Yamamoto House of JAPAN, Yamamoto Isoroku, conceived in the year LP5 during the brutish adventurer's unification of JAPAN in the Warring States Period. Due to being the last remaining member of the Yamamoto House, Isoroku longed for giving birth to a boy that would become the heir of her destroyed clan. She held little interest in who the father was and initially preferred that it was a man from a wealthy JAPANese family, however, Rance managed to convince her that he would be the man to unify JAPAN and that her son would be better if he was under the mantle of the Oda House instead.

During the year LP7, the catastrophic invasion of monsters to the Human Realm orchestrated by the most powerful Dark Lord Kayblis led to the start of the Second Dark Lord War. While Rangi was initially safe in JAPAN, the only nation that wasn't victim to the monster invasion due to its geographical position, after the United Human Army was established with Rance as its head, he was instead moved to his father's home at Rance Castle along with his siblings, where the main headquarters of the United forces of Humanity had settled following the unification. In the castle, Rangi was under the care of Tokugawa Sen in a special room designed to function as the children's nursery, where he remained for the entirety of the war to ensure his protection. Following the victory of the Human side in the war and Rance's transformation into the Demon King, he returned to JAPAN where he continued to be raised as the heir of the Oda to become their next Lord.

In the year RA07 the Demon King's eldest daughter, Reset Kalar, put together a plan to unite all of Rance's kids at a New Years Party. Rangi attended along with Kouhime, meeting for the first time with some of his siblings like Dark Rance, Zance from Leazas, Lelikov from Helman, and a few others. It would become a regular occasion for the children to socialize and their parents could discuss state affairs at the same time. An invitation was also extended to their father Demon King Rance, but he never attended.

During the year RA08, a large monster army assault was launched onto humanity by his father Demon King Rance, causing massive casualties for humanity. The leaders of the world, previously turning a blind eye to Rance's actions, could no longer stand for it, and the situation escalated into all-out war. Despite his young age, Rangi participated in the war and his skill was incredible enough to be noticed by Miracle Tou, who selected him as one of the members of the Neo-Twelve Knights, the elite group collected by Miracle to battle the forces invading the Human Realm. In response to their involvement, the Demon King created four new Dark Lords specifically to fight them off, and the two groups would engage in battle many times during the war. The monster army continued its indiscriminate assault, but without much high command they simply rampaged without an end goal. Rangi managed to meet his father in person just as humanity was at the verge of collapsing and the Neo-Twelve Knights enacted their final plan. Making use of SBR, the strongest living creature, they immobilized Demon King Rance long enough for Reset Kalar to slap him, releasing him from the Demon King's bloodlust and putting an end to the War of the Brutal King.

While the war had ended, the scars of conflict were still etched into the people's collective flesh. Pocket groups of monsters still attacked people here and there, but the number of victims was comparatively small compared to the previous large-scale conflict. A rebellion was staged against the Yamamoto clan gathered by people opposed to the idea of having the Demon King's son as their next ruler, staging a civil war with the intention of killing Rangi. The uprising generated some trouble but it was ultimately put down. Eventually, during the RA Era, Rangi consolidated his political power and became the Sovereign of JAPAN, the highest authority in the country. While there was public outrage against the Demon King's second son, he was also a popular figure among the citizens and the support he received from other houses such as the Houjou House allowed him to establish a relatively solid government, with his popularity only rising with time.

At some point while Rangi was still fairly young and immature, the travelling caravan known as Sea Weed paid a visit to JAPAN. When he decided to make an inspection of the group he met the person in charge of the group, a seemingly young woman named Café Artful, a previous member of The Legendary Five, and learned of the caravan's activities as a travelling brothel and inn. Somehow, Café convinced the young Rangi to accept the services but during what was his first sexual experience one of Café's female workers ended up falling in love with him. Multiple others ended up getting charmed by him as well until it turned into an orgy. Rangi decided to never take Sea Weed's services again.


Rangi makes appearance during the events of Rance X: Part 2 when the El Party travels to JAPAN in order to recruit him for their battle against Demon King Rance, as well as finding the Gold Orb that was hidden somewhere within the foreign land. Some time prior to their arrival, the nation was thrown into a state of turmoil when dozens Hell Holes inviting countless Oni started to pop throughout the country. Coupled with the sudden disappearance of the head of the Houjou House, Houjou Souun, responsible for the sealing of the holes, the country was in a state of confusion and disorder. Rangi dispatched troops everywhere around the country in order to fight off the hellish menace but, without leaving many soldiers in Owari, Oda Castle eventually suffered an attack as well, as a large number of Oni emerged and attacked the fortress even from the inside. The situation forced Rangi to fight off the threat with only his local army. In the middle of the disturbance he manages to meet again with his siblings, who appeared in time to help him deal with the monstrous forces. With their help, the oni were exterminated and the potential damage on the castle reduced considerably. Rangi politely bows his head to thank his siblings for their help before individually greeting them all normally. He turns onto El, who is introduced by Reset for the first time, and Rangi politely introduces himself to his new sibling before he's explained about their desire to form a party made up of the Demon King's children to defeat him. Rangi says that he would gladly join in but the currently chaotic circumstances in JAPAN wouldn't allow him, so he instead requests them to wait until he can solve the calamity of the oni. A young girl approaches the young Lord, informing him that the officers have finished putting out the fire. Rangi thanks her before ordering to gather all the soldiers and staff on the main hall as he wants to hold a meeting, and he requests the El Party to participate as well.

3G leads the party to the meeting hall along with all the subordinates that were currently present in the Oda Castle, respectfully lined up waiting for their lord's arrival. As per 3G's announcement, Rangi enters the hall and takes a seat as all his subordinates lower their heads. Rangi reveals to everybody that the culprit for the chaos is likely the head of the Houjou House, Houjou Souun, who disappeared without trace some time ago. While the shocking revelation is initially received with disbelief, his claim is backed up by Houjou Suzu, one of Souun's closest attendants, who explains that new Hell Holes have been appeared in a rapid succession and that the only with the powers and knowledge to open them is privy to the head of the house. Despite her accusation, she quickly jumps to defend her master, claiming that he's likely being manipulated by someone else. While Rangi is dubious, as he personally deeply respects Souun, he chooses to support her proclamation and orders all his subordinates to perform an extensive search of the missing head of the Houjou. Having ended the meeting, Rangi approaches the El Party, promising to join the group after the incident is solved. Considering the possibility of Souun being brainwashed he asks Reset to help him with the power of her Clausen Hand, while El and their allies agree to help him as well.

Before leaving Owari, the party asks Rangi to meet up with Kouhime, since they haven't seen her in years. Nagi and Reset cheerfully jump on her as she gives a warm welcome to the group while Rangi informs her of their plans to go to the Death Country to look for Souun. They spend a relaxing time with the princess while they introduce El to her, who prepares tea and manju for them until they're coincidentally interrupted by a miko. She introduces her to the rest as Tokugawa Tone, the daughter between Demon King Rance and Tokugawa Sen, as Kouhime explains her about their mission to gather the Demon King's children and defeat their father, requesting Tone to join the group. While Tone was initially adamant about the idea of joining the party, Reset was quickly able to convince her. Following this, the team departs towards Shikoku along with a number of soldiers in order to look for Souun. After a couple a of days travelling through the land while looking for Souun, hints of his whereabouts are found in Shikoku, the most dangerous place in JAPAN known for being plagued by Oni. Similarly, Kouhime notifies him that the Gold Orb El and company were looking for is also in the land of death. With the best chance to kill two birds with one stone, the group marks Shikoku as their next location.

Upon arriving to their destination, Rangi orders his army to stay to guard the entrance in order to minimize damage, and that only he and El's party will venture into the land of Oni. While his subordinates were hesitant to let their lord enter the most dangerous area of JAPAN without their aid, they ultimately complied, with the sole exception of Houjou Suzu, who wishes to meet again with her master Souun no matter what. The young lord decided to grant her request and she joined the small team traversing the hellish landscape. After travelling for a while through Shikoku, Zance breaks his silence for the first time since his arrival to Owari to show his opposition towards Rangi's cautious approaches, which escalated into a heated argument between the two. Nagata-kun is surprised by their quarrel, but Rocky and Nagi state that it was only a matter of time, as the two have always gotten along poorly. As even Reset fails to separate the two, Shizuka tells El that it is also their responsibility as the leader to settle disputes between member, encouraging them to act as a mediator.

As the group keeps moving forward they encounter a high-level Oni named Cogiock taking a nap, which leads to another disagreement between the two. Rangi suggests that its best to leave the powerful creature alone as there's no reason to fight it, but Zance insists that it is a good opportunity to slay it now or it might be a threat on their way back. El tries to settle it with rock, papers and scissors, which results in Zance's victory so the group engages in battle against the powerful oni. The group wins against the oni and continued advancing through the country of death.

Eventually the party finally finds Souun, who's seemingly in a trance-like state. Upon seeing him Suzu rushes towards him. Zance tries to stop her for being too dangerous but Rangi intervenes, advising to wait and see what happens. Suzu notices Souun whispering about Nanjou Ran, apparently trying to rescue her from Hell but the head of the Houjou is in a possessed state induced by someone else by exploiting his grief. She tries to make him wake up but her attempts only make him rampage, forcing the El party to battle the master of the Yin Yang arts. During the fight the group manages to make an opportunity for Reset to slap him with her Clausen Hand, bringing him back to his senses. While the restoration of his sanity briefly threw Souun into despair upon the realization of what he had done, even considering the idea of suicide, he was able to overcome his grief with encouragement provided by Suzu. The party suggests to retrieve the Gold Orb, at it was the other reason why they came to Shikoku after all, and that's it's best to leave them alone for now. After a bit of trouble in a nearby cave, the party comes into possession of the second of the five orbs, getting one step closer of accessing the Demon King's domains.

Once they return they see Souun diligently using his powers as a diviner to close the Hell Holes, stating that he will now tirelessly work to continue closing the other ones that have been opened throughout JAPAN. With the disturbance settled, Rangi gives closure to the matter and decides to return to Oda Castle, promising a banquet for everyone as thanks for their help. Their celebration is interrupted by El, who notices an ominous prescience nearby, and a feeble old man shows himself. With no hesitation, Rangi fires an arrow onto the elder's right shoulder, making him fall. The young lord notices the man is not human, who confirms it by getting up immediately without issue. Souun recognizes him as the man responsible for brainwashing him, revealing his identity as a Devil. Claiming that his mission to gather a large number of Oni has succeeded, at his command the old man suddenly warps the air making a gigantic entity instantaneously appear. Rangi quickly shouts to everyone to take cover as the creature manifests itself, which turns out to be none other than the feared Great Beast Quelplan. On a moment's notice, the beast exerts an abnormal sucking power that swallows hundreds of Oni into its body. The party feel as Quelplan's suction forcibly tries to absorb them, using every drop of their strength to resist however they can. Their resistance only delays the inevitable until Nagata-kun is unable to endure the pressure and is forcibly sent flying towards Quelplan. El grabs their haniwa friend and briefly maintains his position on the ground before losing to Quelplan's absorbing force as well. At what looks like death's doorstep, El screams in desperation towards the Giant Beast. On that instant Quelplan suddenly banishes with no trace, leaving everyone on a pure state of confusion unable to grasp what just happened.


The party is ambushed by Quelplan's sudden arrival.

Reset breaks the awkward silence by querying about their safety, but before they can barely benig to feel glad about it, the devil disguising as an old man returns, seemingly enraged for the events that just took place. The elder mutates and twists, transforming into his true form and revealing to be the 1st Class Devil Neplacus. Fascinated to examine the group in detail, a battle breaks out but El and the others are completely outclassed by the powerful devil. As they all fell defeated, Neplacus turns his attention onto El, recognizing them as the one responsible for banishing Quelplan. He tries to capture El but Rangi fiercely fires a potent arrow shot at him, an attack that is followed by a strike of Zance's sword. In spite of their spirit, the two were barely able to stand anymore but before Neplacus is able to finish them off Dark Rance shows up. Furious, Dark Rance storms the 1st class devil with a barrage of attacks, forcing him onto a defensive. Having spent a lot of stamina summoning Quelplan and fighting the El Party, Neplacus is unable to keep up with the fugitive Devil, and is forced to retreat to the Devil Realm in great frustration. After fending off the elder Devil, the firstborn of the Demon King greets all his siblings, meeting Uzume, Tone and El for the first time. El tries to convince him to join the party but Dark Rance regrettably refuses, claiming that there's something else he has to do. However, he agrees to stick up with them for a little while as they leave Shinkoku to get a much needed rest while Souun and Suzu depart to continue their work of sealing the hell holes.

The party makes a camp at night and as the family prepares for dinner Rangi and Zance challenge their older brother to a mock battle, though they're largely outclassed by their devil brother. As El becomes uneasy due to apparently possessing the power to control Quelplan, Dark Rance provides simple but heartful advice to ease his youngest sibling's concern. Zance attempts to convince El to join the Leazas Army but Rangi intervenes, stating that the Leazan is only interested in the power to tame Quelplan. Arguing that a power like that could be of great service for humanity, the JAPANese sovereign suggests him to visit his country to learn to control that power instead, which Zance immediately takes as an act of belligerence as well and the two get into an argument. Having finished their missions in JAPAN, the El Party waves off from Dark Rance and leaves onto their next destination at the Kingdom of Zeth.

Two weeks after they left JAPAN, the party was somewhere around the Free Cities Alliance when they notice a mysterious object. Despite the mixed opinions among the party members, the group approaches it in order to examine it. While El and Nagata-kun don't know what it is, Reset recognizes it as a Dimensional Gate. They're suddenly welcomed by a dramatic ghastly voice, but while El and Nagata-kun are mystified, Rangi and Zance are quickly able to tell that the one responsible for it is the eccentric witch Miracle Tou. The voice claims to invite them to a trial, inducing a powerful suction force through the gate to capture the party. Rangi warns everyone to step back but the witch manages to rapidly perform a high-level hypnosis spell that put the El Party drowsy, leaving them at her mercy as they're sucked into the dimensional gate.

The next time Rangi is conscious he finds himself in the Poly Poly World as he's woken up by El from his sleep, disappointed with himself for committing such a blunder. Nagata-kun then tells the others about a young girl who's also trapped in this dimension and who examined them while they were asleep to check their condition as per Nagata's request. El suggested to look for the girl and, unusually, everyone in the party was in agreement as they started exploring the unknown world. After traversing the world for a while they found the girl in question under the attack of some Poly monsters and they quickly fought off the threat in order to save her. Reset recognizes her and enthusiastically greets her, revealing to her other siblings her identity as the child of Miracle and Rance, Mix Tou. As the medic asks the purpose for their reunion, El explains about their journey to gather the Demon King's children to defeat Demon King Rance, inviting Mix to join in the process. However, Mix completely refuses, not wanting to get involved in their journey in any way. Zance demands her to join but it only ends with Mix responding with hostility before Rangi intervenes to prevent the exchange from turning into a quarrel. Trying to compromise, he proposes to leave that discussion for later and offers to work together to leave the Poly Poly World at least, which the young doctor accepts.

At one point while exploring, through their conversation Rangi notices her identity as the famed doctor Milky Tea, explaining to the others about her achievements, much to her annoyance. After several hours exploring the Poly dimension they eventually find a Gate, which the group suspects will take them to Miracle Tou herself. Upon crossing to the other side, the group finds another world, albeit a more cozy and homely one. They're warmly welcomed by the great witch herself Miracle Tou, but Mix immediately launches scalpels at her. After a brief and hopeless skirmish between the two, Mix is easily subdued by the experienced witch with a Black Arm spell that firmly restrains her movements. Having settled the matter with her daughter for now, Miracle invites the party for a tea party. As everyone indulges on the unusual delicacies Miracle brings in, Rangi asks about the place they're in. Miracle reveals it to be a world created by her in the interval between dimensions, where she's able to monitor their activities on a regular basis. During the relaxing tea break, Miracle reveals many things to the group, about how important their success is for the future of humanity and telling them many tales of her past adventures with their father. After the tea party was over Miracle advices her visitors to get a good night's rest before requesting El to include her daughter into their party. After Miracle releases Mix, she asks El to include her on their party. While the witch's daughter is not exactly happy with the idea, she's eventually pushed to consent. The next day the party leaves the dimension along with Mix and the group returns to their previous goal, heading to the Kingdom of Zeth with their new ally.

Two weeks pass until they reach the Magic Kingdom as the group enters the Capital Ragnarokarc in order to seek an audience with the Queen Magic the Gandhi. Like usual, Reset is the one doing most of the talking, while El gives the Zethan Queen the letter of introduction written by their mother. In contrast to his brother Zance, Rangi politely greets the queen and she ultimately gives them her support and permission to include her daughter Sushinu in the mission. However, she's interrupted by one of her subordinates, who claims that the princess has locked herself in her room and refuses to come out, likely aware of her siblings' arrival. The Queen attempts to reason with her daughter but she finds little success, and the following morning Magic informs the party that her daughter has ran away, leaving a note saying that she needs time to think. In the mean time, her sources have also found the location of the Earth Orb that was near Zeth. While the party considers the possibility of looking for the orb on their own and give Sushinu time, Zance firmly refuses and tells the others to look for it while he makes sure to fetch Sushinu, leading to the group ultimately deciding to go see Sushinu first.

According to her mother, their sister has fled to her Dimensional Labyrinth, a pocket world of her own creation sealed on a crystal in her room, making the group invade her personal space in order to talk with her. After exploring the dimension for a little while the El Party eventually finds Sushinu, but as Zance violently yells at her she immediately runs away in panic, with Rangi reprimanding him for his rough behavior. The Leazan General rapidly gives chase and catches up to her, but after molesting her as a joke the faint-hearted Sushinu instinctively forms a powerful barrier with her magic that stands in the way between her and her siblings. The collective force of the party proves sufficient to destroy it but, as the distressed Sushinu sits weeping on a corner, Shizuka takes Zance away while El and Reset try to converse with their anthrophobic sister until they eventually manage to convince her.

With Sushinu in the party the siblings leave towards the Monster Forest in the Monster Realm at the border with Zeth where the third Orb they need is. They eventually reach the Maginot Line, the magical fortress at the mountain border. While it is not a pivotal point like it was in the past, since Demon King Rance moved to the north at the crystal forest, the automatic fortress still defends the nation from occasional groups of monsters coming from the Monster Forest. Sushinu and Nagata-kun are scared to enter, but Rangi manages to quell their concerns saying that he will protect them when push comes to shove. Shortly after accessing the land, the party happens to come across one of their brothers Mouri Motonari, who had left on a journey to train himself and was fighting dozens of monsters on his own. Zance ends up joining the battle, but his brother attacks him as well, not caring about their relation and seeing everyone as enemies. When they finish cleaning up the monsters, El manages to convince Motonari to join them after he accepts them as his Captain.

After exploring the Forest and facing various encounters with monsters as well as with Commander Tiger of East Helman, the El Party finds the Power Jionsen Labyrinth where the Earth Orb is located. Rangi notices torches on the wall, suggesting that there might be humans living inside instead of monsters. Not long after, the party notices a sudden anomaly when Nagi and Shizuka's clothes spontaneously disappear while the former was arguing with Zance. While the magic-using sisters where briefly embarrassed, Rangi tried to cover them with a cape only for it to disappear as well. Zance pulled Nagi towards him, making Rangi notice a barrier past a certain point as their clothes return after crossing it back.

As they look for an alternative route, Shizuka comes to notice that the barrier is expanding. Out of nowhere, a huge naked man shows himself to the party, who introduces himself as Naked King Baphamoon. He reveals to be the one responsible for the barrier, as it is part of his plans to turn the world into a naked paradise under his new Religion of Nudity. Reset attempts to reason with the strange cultist, asking to disable the barrier to let them enter as they only want to retrieve an item, but Baphamoon says that only believers of his religion can enter its headquarters. Most of the party agrees to just murder the bizarre man, but Baphamoon makes uses his "Naked Flash" attack to undress the party, prompting some of its more bashful members to run away and encouraging the others to follow. The party tries to find another path but, after concluding that there's no other choice but to enter the nude area, a group is formed solely by members of one gender. Depending on whether El is male or female, Rangi will either stay behind while his sisters and female companions delve further into the cave, or be part of the group that goes deep into the dungeon, eventually defeating Baphamoon and destroying the origin of the barrier after finding the Earth Orb they were looking for. Having successfully found what they needed, the party leaves the Monster Realm and heads to the Helman Republic for their next goal.

The party arrives to Lang Bau after two weeks of travels towards West Helman. They meet up with President Sheila Helman, who gives them a warm welcome treating them like her own children. Through a letter, she has already been made aware of their mission and agrees to lend her support, giving them information of the whereabouts of the Water Orb that was hidden in the Huge Battleship in the northern area of Helman Siberia. However, when they ask about their sister Lelikov she tells them that her restless daughter went ahead along with her cousin Hero to find the orb before they arrive, so the group follows and departs towards the Giant Battleship. On the way while travelling through the snowy land they find a caravan of what appears to be a group of travelling merchants who settled on the area for the time being. Reset recognizes it as "Sea Weed", which Rangi explains is a famous moving inn but Zance corrects him, stating that it's not just a regular inn but a brothel. The perverted general begins to describe it for the incredible services it is said to provide, though he mostly just mystifies the more innocent members of the party. Despite Zance's enthusiasm with the brothel, Reset and Rangi say that their priority is to find Lelikov now, and the party leaves Sea Weed behind to continue their journey. Upon arriving to the freezing Siberia at the northeast of Helman they encounter the dragon Hero at a distance, surprising Nagata-kun at the realization that Lelikov's cousin is infact a dragon. Rangi points out that Lelikov should be somewhere near him so they begin pursuing him until he notices their presence.

Eventually the party manages to get their attention, reuniting with Lelikov in the process. However, their hyperactive Helmanian sister one-sidedly decided to make a competition with her siblings to find the orb first, much to their dismay. Thanks to Hero's agile body and their experience maneuvering in the frozen landscape, the party struggled to catch up to them. Rangi and Zance managed to knock down Hero with their strikes but they were only pushed back again by Lelikov, who was enjoying herself at the expense of her brothers' stress. As their race continued while the snowstorm intensified El's group encountered a powerful rare monster named Winter Shogun, responsible for creating the storm with its mere presence, so the party decided to defeat it. After a fierce battle the party managed to come out victorious as they witnessed Lelikov defeating another Winter Shogun along with Hero, however, the collapse of his colossal body onto the ground caused the frozen area beneath their feet to crack, making El and Lelikov fall to a frozen cave in an underground area. Concerned and at the border of panicking, the remaining members of the party then started looking for a way to access the underground area where their siblings fell.

After searching restlessly for a day, they managed to find a way to access the frozen cave where they fell onto, before finding their siblings on the verge of dying of hypothermia and immediately rushed to rescue the two. After setting up a camp, Mix took care of them to ensure their recovery so the party's plans were stalled until their siblings recovered. Rangi visited them shortly after they regained consciousness, expressing relief and content upon seeing them awake. Once El and Lelikov were back to health, the group continued with their mission and headed to the Giant Battleship where the Horus live in order to get the Orb. Once inside they were greeted by the Horus Queen Tera, who was already acquainted with Lelikov, and she gifted the Orb to the group as per their request. Their celebration was interrupted by the noises caused by Jhahlckas, the Horus of Death who was at the time fighting against the Monster Hunter Arms Arc after his revival. Curious, the party decided to take a look only to find Arms on the ropes against the violent Horus, prompting El to jump in to assist her. The group engaged in battle against the powerful Horus and came out victorious. Impressed by the party's fighting ability and wishing to repay the favor, Arms invited them to spend the night on the travelling inn and brothel Sea Weed that was around the area at the time.

Once there the party went to the tavern in order to have a meal when they meet the owner Café Artful, who offers the brothel's services to any of them willing to take them. Rangi politely turn down the offer, though the brothel's head teased Rangi due to his past experiences. Some time after when Arms returned, Lelikov asked her to lend her the Holy Katana Nikkou as she wanted to check it out. Aware of the Nikkou's wielding limitations, a mischievous Arms handed her over only for Lelikov to receive an electric shock when she tried to unsheathe it. Zance tries as well to no avail as Arms finds amusement in their attempts, leading her to propose that if someone manages to do it she will give gift her to them. Rangi, along with most of the members of the party, all tried failed to do so until El nonchalantly managed to draw it, much to everyone's and especially Arms' surprise. Despite the initial shock, she kept her word and agreed to give Nikkou to El. Unsatisfied with the outcome, Arms recommends the group to take part in the Toushin Tournament in order to get a chance to obtain the Corrupted Sword Chaos as well, which had been stuck in stone by Demon King Rance and was used by the tournament as an event where the participants of the tournaments would be granted a chance to take it out, getting it as a prize if they succeeded in doing so.

The group traveled to the Free Cities Alliance in order to meet with the president of the Copa Empire, Copandon Dott, hoping to use her influence to find the last orb that is somewhere in the territory. Upon arriving however Rangi notices Commander Tiger and his army hiding preparing for an ambush, who has brought an army of 30,000 soldiers to exterminate the group, forcing the two sides onto battle. Despite being extremely outnumbered, the Demon King's children come out on top against the Helmanian forces, defeating Tiger for good. After Mix decided to nurse the Helman army, Rangi headed to the medical tent where Tiger was, giving him an ultimatum by threatening to retaliate with JAPAN's military forces onto West Helman if they didn't give up on their pursuit. Tiger said that it wouldn't be necessary as this was the last chance he was given since East Helman was aware of the party's plans to fight Demon King Rance.

El's party travel to M Land and meet with Copandon, who Reset previously contacted to schedule a meeting with. During the brief 10-minutes greeting that the extremely busy president granted them with she revealed that the orb is located in Toushin City right next to the stone where Chaos sitting atop of. They decide to take the chance and sign up for the Toushin Toshi Tournament to get both Chaos and the orb. After getting the rules explained to them by Shuri Seihajuu Nagasaki Rangi is one of the members of the party that decides to participate, signing with Nagi as his partner. He and the others split from each other in the Trial Labyrinth where the preliminary-contest takes place, and manages to pass at the same time as Zance, although before El and Nagata-kun did.


Rangi took part in the Toushin Tournament.

During the tournament he was one of the most beloved competitors among the audience, especially among the female spectators, gathering large crowds cheering for him in his matches. In the first round he was paired against Sophia Grinkov, a beautiful woman skilled in the magic arts. While it initially seemed like a confrontation between two long-ranged fighters as soon as the battle began Rangi charged head on towards her, unsheathing his blade and placing it on her neck before she was able finish casting an ice spell, prompting her to surrender and giving Rangi his first victory in the tournament. In the second round his opponent was the kunoichi Kamame, who displayed considerable ability wielding kusarigama. She engaged on a fierce offensive but the JAPANese sovereign was able to swiftly reflect all her strikes with well-aimed shots, eventually striking back and forcing her onto a defensive until he managed to land a decisive strike, ending the match. The battle was decided but the audience was taken by surprise by an unexpected turn of events. A large number of ninja that were among the audience suddenly jumped onto Kamame in order to take her life, as she appears to be a runaway ninja. However, Rangi immediately jumped off on her defense, suppressing the ninja in the blink of an eye. Rangi declared that he would take care of her, and while they were confused, they left following this proclamation, putting an end to the conflict. Kamame was her own partner in the tournament so Rangi earned the right to do whatever he pleased with her. While it is unclear if anything happened after this, Shuri claimed that the kunoichi showed multiple signs of having fallen for the sovereign of JAPAN. While it's unclear what happened between the two after the match, it is implied that she became his subordinate.

In the third round he faced the mysterious Mister X, a person whose identity was hidden behind a large robe. As soon as the match started, he fired arrows at a quick rate, wary of his opponent who had defeated his previous opponents in the blink of an eye. The mysterious man managed to ward off his strikes until he managed to throw off his robe, exposing the identity of Mister X who up until this point had remained secret. The mysterious man actually turned out to be a beautiful woman, a famous witch named Richelle who specialises in curses. Following this, she successfully managed to place a curse named Dark Morurun on Rangi, which blinds his vision. Despite having lost the sense of sight, Rangi didn't give up and utilised sound to track her location, continuing firing arrows with a striking precision until she was forced to remain still to prevent him from reading her precise location. The two stood still for a while, knowing that the first one to make a move would be at a disadvantage, throwing the coliseum into a state of tension. Eventually Richelle fired a potent attack at Rangi, which he quickly responded with an arrow but he just barely missed the mark and was defeated. Following his defeat, Richelle earned the right to do whatever she wished with his partner Nagi, which she used to place a curse on her that transformed her into a Haniko. The curse that darkened his eyesight was also still present. Fortunately, El was able to defeat Richelle on the semifinals, and since she was her own partner, they used their right to make her undo the curses she placed on Nagi and Rangi. Once the matter was settled Rangi attempted to threaten Richelle, saying that he wouldn't forgive her if he harmed his siblings, but all he managed to accomplish was charm the sadistic witch, who was enchanted by his strong will and resolved eyes. The witch even made a marriage proposal, which just perplexed the JAPANese Lord before rejecting her before leaving the area.

During the day prior to the finals in the event that allows contestants to test their chances and try to pull Chaos from the ground, Rangi assisted at the event but, El succeeded in pulling Chaos before he got a chance to try. On the last day of the festival, prior to the finals, Richelle went to the festival in order to chase after Rangi, who was wandering around the event. She continued to propose to him and followed him around but he rejected her time and time again, though with little success and he continued to be pursued by her for most of the remainder of the day. During the incident that occurred in the coliseum, where a massive Golden Hanny suddenly appeared and caused havoc, Rangi along with many of the tournament's participants took part in its subjugation, taking a commanding role among the dispersed fighters to deal with the crisis efficiently. After the Hanny was successfully defeated, Zance attempted to claim ownership over the huge mass of GOLD, before Rangi objected in behalf of everyone that assisted in the conflict, leading to a brief dispute between the two brothers before Reset intervened to stop the quarrel.

After the party leaves Toushin City, he, along with his siblings, makes the decision to head to Rising Dragon Mountain in order to finally face Demon King Rance. Shortly after entering the party encounters the fallen Hero Geimark, who El and Nagata-kun had met the previous time they entered the mountain. The Hero, wandering with its destroyed body unable to die, barely even resembles a human being anymore but Rangi recognises him due to the fact that he carries the Sword of Heroes Escudo. He explains Geimark's story to the others; about how he attempted to take down Demon King Rance by murdering millions of people and powering up the Hero System. Zance wants to attack him and, while Rangi attempts to stop him, he will charge regardless even if El also disagrees. The party reluctantly joins in and eventually Geimark is defeated by the party. If El shows compassion for Geimark, he will be able to move on to the after-life shortly thereafter. Once getting past Geimark they begin their ascent through Rising Dragon Mountain, clashing against the Maereeta Squad and large hordes of monsters regularly. Eventually they have their first battle with a Dark Lord upon La Hawzel's arrival, whose influence manages to make the environment unnaturally hot. The party manages to defeat the angelic Dark Lord and continue their climbing, much to the Dark Lord's surprise. They also encounter Dark Lord DD, who they also managed to topple in combat after a relatively fierce battle, but the group was unable to slay him before he ran away. The third encounter with a Dark Lord, La Saizel, ended in an anti-climatic manner when Rangi immediately succeeded in striking her wings as soon as she showed herself, making her lose her balance and fall down in the process. Their optimistic ascent was hindered upon encountering Dark Lord Satella, who along with her Golem Guardian Caesar managed to fight on equal ground with the party. Satella, seeing that the two sides were locked into a stalemate, realised that the only real threat to the Demon King was Reset's Hand of Klausen, shifting her focus towards her. Rangi noticed Satella's intentions faster than anyone else, but he was late to warn the others before Satella snatched their older sister away. The Dark Lord then jumped away, succeeding in kidnapping their trump card. The event sharply splitted the party as they were overwhelmed with the stress of the situation, reaching a critical point of tension when Rangi and Zance engaged on their most intense argument to date, before being appeased by Shizuka and El.

The party continued ascending as their uneasiness and fatigue grew exponentially. Upon encountering Dark Lord Lei they found themselves largely outclassed by the Dark Lord, who didn't even need to rely on his trademark thunder attacks to keep them at bay due to their tired bodies and unfocused minds. Seeing that the battle wouldn't be resolver any time soon, Arms offered to fight him off 1 on 1 while letting the others advance. The team continued climbing the mountain until dusk when they eventually encountered Dark Lord Rizna. Despite being one of the Dark Lords that is an ally of humanity, Rizna had received the command from Demon King Rance to drive them out, which she is forced to fulfill. In no time, Rizna was able to knock everyone out by making use of the extremely powerful pheromones that come out of her body, a power sealed within her eyes. She then asked a group of hannies to carry them outside of the Demon King's domains. However, because of a silly misconception on the hannies part, they took the unconscious party to Amazing Castle instead, leaving them locked in one of the rooms. Once everyone woke up and realized of their current whereabouts, Zance quickly destroyed the door and they all escaped their inept imprisonment.

They manage to find the Demon King's room where their father was. Displaying an overwhelming aura, the group was intimidated and terrified in his presence, and without Reset present at the time as she had been kidnapped by Satella, their prospects for victory were low enough to throw most of them into despair. A brief battle took place where El's party was thoroughly crushed. El, Rangi and Zance the only ones left barely standing. Rance expressed disappointment over his children's fighting ability and was determined to finish them off, before he was stopped by Shizuka who offered herself in exchange of letting everyone go, with Nagi staying with her. Covered in wounds, the party continued descending from Rising Dragon Mountain for several hours in an attempt to run away until they encountered a tattered Arms, who had engaged in battle against Dark Lord Lei and was resting after facing defeat. Finding a moderately safe spot, Rangi along with all his siblings gave in to her fatigue and collapsed on the spot. Immediately after, the Devil Neplacus appeared on the scene. Wishing to make an experiment after noticing in their previous encounter that El Mofus was a special existence, he summoned the Great Beast Quelplan, who absorbed the defenseless members of the group.


Rangi was one of the few still standing after their defeat at hands of their father.

When Rangi woke up he found himself in a strange but beautiful place submerged in an unknown substance. His dreams were interrupted by El, who had been rescued by Dark Rance and urged them to escape, helping each of them to get freed from the viscous liquid they were in. After everyone was rescued, Dark Rance managed to safely get everyone out of the beast's innards at the cost of leaving his treasured sword Gram behind.

Following their successful escape, the party was found by their mothers, who were desperately looking for them after they heard that they disappeared during their battle, and they were all taken to Rance Castle. After regaining consciousness, they all noticed that they had lost a chunk of their strength during the period they spent on Quelplan's body, which possesses the unique property of absorbing the power of those it swallows. This coupled with the overwhelming defeat they suffered at the hand of Demon King Rance left them all severely depressed and buried under feelings of hopelessness. Seeing no chance of victory, they plan to give up and hide in JAPAN while bolstering their defenses to prepare for the unavoidable invasion that will eventually come. However, at that moment, Reset, Shizuka and Nagi show up, much to their siblings joy, revealing that they were rescued by Tiger. Reset claims that no one but El has the right to decide when their adventure ends, as he/she was the one that started it. Reset then asks what El wants to do, who responds by wanting to continue as all their siblings asks for assurance over their decision. Receiving encouragement from El, Rangi agrees to fight again. However despite their re-established confidence, in order to challenge the Demon King again they all need to get stronger than before.


The world's most experienced fighter gather in order train El's party.

In order to do so, many of the world's most talented veterans like Miracle Tou, Alexander, Uesugi Kenshin, Rick Addison, Tillday Sharp, British, Patton Misnarge, among others travel to Rance Castle in order to train them. Using Miracle's dimension travelling ability they move to Poly Poly One, a world where time flows differently from the continent. After an undetermined amount of time in the alternate dimension, the group returned having finished their training considerably improving their abilities and raising their levels tremendously. Once they have all returned, Arms Arc reveals that she's going to retire from adventuring following Mix's advice after she determined that she suffers from a grave illness. As a final send-off, she organised a treasure hunting event where she distributes some of the rare items and legendary weapons she's collected over the years to the party, though they would have to get them themselves by finding them on the places Arms hid them based on some clues she would give. She pairs up the members of the El Party on small groups of two or three by using a special item that matches up people that are most fond of each other.

If Rangi is El's "Best Friend" during this event, he will accompany El on the quest given to them by Arms, where they will travel to Hanny in the Sky, a strange hanny settlement made to be a paradise for hannies. There, they will meet the Hanny King, fight either Dark Lord Masuzoe or Kawazoe, and find the rare items that were hidden by Arms. If Rangi is not El's "Best Friend" at the time, he will go treasure hunting with Mix instead. Once the treasure hunting is over everyone is determined to go to Rising Dragon Mountain once more but their enthusiasm is halted by Reset who, at the last minute, proposed everyone to go on a relaxing trip to hot springs before the final battle.

The party would leave the following morning and head towards Rising Dragon Mountain in order to challenge Demon King Rance once more. During their second ascent, the group found themselves in a continuous series of battles against each individual Dark Lord that was part of Rance's inner circle, and they successfully managed to defeat Dark Lords La Saizel & La Hawzel, DD(killed), Lei, Rizna, Silky, Hornet and finally Satella upon making it to Amazing Castle. Once again they entered the Demon King's room and encountered their father. Rangi and his siblings engaged in a climatic battle against Demon King Rance but, while their fighting ability allowed them to fare against the Demon King much better than the last time, they were still largely incapable of matching him until his concentration was momentarily shaken when he caught sight of the Frozen Sill Plain during the battle, giving the party a window of opportunity for Reset to slap him and restore his sanity.

Rangi would later take part in the final battle against the corrupted entity known as Blood Memories, which manifested after the unexpected appearance of the Great Beast Quelplan in the Demon King's domains and its even more unexpected absorption of the Demon King's blood after it consumed Demon King Rance. During the battle, Blood Memories took the form of every Demon King in history, imitating the fighting style and forcing the party to defeat a powerful image of each Demon King. After a long and titanic battle, the group managed to come out victorious, destroying the sinful existence and erasing the Demon King System for good.

Having succeeded in their mission, the El Party disbanded some time after as each of their siblings returned to their respective countries. If Rangi was El's Best Friend during the ending, he accompany El during the ending visiting his home.


Rangi's appearance on the 10 year timeskip of Sengoku Rance.

Rangi also made a non-canon appearance in the ending of the Isoroku Route of Sengoku Rance after a 10 year timeskip, where Rance is mobilizing armies from Leazas, Helman, Zeth and JAPAN against the forces of the Monster Realm, starting a large-scale war between the Dark Lords and humans. As a result, JAPAN organized an army of 82,000 troops led by many of its top commanders like Houjou Souun and Sanada Tourin. Rangi appears as a young warrior that is about to be deployed on his first battle. Being the Lord of the Yamamoto House, which on this route unified JAPAN after being annexed to the Oda House, there is a lot of caution and arrangements being made. He appears along with his mother Isoroku, who's assisting him in the preparations for war, and he's eager to meet his father for the first time, asking Isoroku and 3G about him.

Personality and Appearance[]

Rangi is a young man with brown hair that he keeps tied up in a high ponytail. He's considered a very handsome man, with soft features and striking brown eyes, noted by both Gigai and Richelle for being highly charming and appealing. He sports a green kimono covered with a JAPANese armor that closely resembles that of his mother's.


Rangi presents himself as a very polite and gentlemanly person, treating everyone with respect and displaying a formal yet still affable disposition that makes him easy to talk to. He's quite serious, stoic and reserved, always trying to display an image as a reliable leader, rarely acting based on his immediate emotions and trying to maintain a cold and sensible mind at all times. He is logical and smart, as well as quite skeptical and cautious, being more prone to worry than any of his siblings. He prefers to not approach things he doesn't know about or people he deems suspicious or potentially dangerous, making him less proactive and decisive than other members of his family. Despite this, he's incredibly reliable and has a natural charisma and capacity for leadership that leads him to take a leading role on most situations, which those around him naturally perceive, knowing it or not. During his travels with his family, he was frequently the one most of the party members would request help from, from important matters like assisting Rocky about money management and Shizuka with routes of travel, to trivial affairs like reading a book for Tone. He often accepts most petitions people ask and has a hard time saying no to those he's close with unless it's a completely unreasonable request. This in turn makes him the most hardworking member of the group, and leads to him living a more tiring and overburdened lifestyle. However, Rangi accepts this position gladly due to his strong sense of responsibility. He's very prideful and embraces his role as a reliable older brother who his siblings can depend on, but this also makes him quite adamant about asking others for help, especially in matters that he thinks are his responsibility as he feels that he's burdening others with his problems, and will only do so if he feels that it's truly necessary. He's often the straight man to his siblings' antics, but when he feels comfortable with someone he does have occasional moments of joking around, if only slightly. Funnily enough, Rangi inherited his father's poor naming sense, attempting to give names like "Yamamoto Muteki (Invincible)", and much like him he has a complete lack of self-awareness about it. While he's usually mature and very diligent, his pride can also get the best of him on occasion and make him fall into childishness as well, especially when dealing with Zance, who he often clashes with, and Nagata-kun notices that he seems to be slightly eccentric. He's confident in his own ability to succeed and holds himself to the utmost standards, claiming to excel at anything he sets his mind onto if he so needs it. He's surprisingly ambitious as well, and aspires to one day conquer the continent entirely in order to unify humanity under a single flag. He's beloved by his subordinates and he's gained the trust and support of the citizens, although there are those that despise him due to his blood ties to Demon King Rance.

Despite some of his eccentricities, Rangi is generally a pleasant person that exhibits thoughtfulness and concern for those around him, treating all his subordinates with respect and care. He's especially protective and caring for his siblings, being greatly troubled by the way people see the Demon King's children as a menace. One of the reasons he wishes to unify humanity is to create a better world where his siblings can live, being, once again, burdened by his sense of responsibility. While Rangi is a kind person at heart, his position as Sovereign and the nature of his ambition has turned him into a far colder and ruthless person than he appears to be, showing no hesitation in engaging in acts of brutality or violence if the situation requires it. He's also a sore loser, being greatly bothered by his loss at the hands of Richelle and claiming that he would destroy the entire event if El lost to her as well. Behind his stone cold personality, he's just as vulnerable to getting emotionally upset as the others, but this part of him is almost always masked by his strong will. He does his best to remain objective, and has a fixation on doing what has to be done regardless of how he might feel about it.

His good looks and gentlemanly disposition make him extremely popular with women, and his charming character has made him capable of making multiple girls fall in love with him even after short interactions. Many of his female subordinates have crushes on him, and while he's well-aware he appears to act like he's oblivious. It's also heavily hinted that he has seduced some women into servitude on occasion, like with some of his opponents on the Toushin Tournament, but whether this was deliberate or not was left ambiguous. He's also the only one of Rance's children along with Dark Rance that has experience with sex, particularly in Café Artful's brothel a couple of years back, though it is unknown how often he engages on sexual practices on a daily basis. While Zance gets somewhat flustered in the presence of female nudity, Rangi remains stoic and acts completely natural although still gentlemanly. When Nagi and Shizuka's clothes banished by the effect of Baphamoon's nude barrier, he calmly tried to cover them with his cape and, upon seeing that the cape disappeared as well, focused on the abnormal situation present instead.

Like stated earlier, Rangi takes his role as an older brother to his family very seriously, backed up by his mature temperament. He struggles to keep Tone in check due to her selfish and spoiled nature, constantly preaching to her to behave properly and to take her responsibilities seriously. Because of her tendency to seek those that pamper her she tries to avoid him due to his strict nature but she also has a strong dependance on him, becoming something closer to a father figure than a brother. Unlike Tone, Rangi dislikes to be treated like a kid, especially when Reset does it, since he's technically the older one, while Reset justifies herself by saying that she's known him since he was a baby due to the much faster growth rate of her race. He expresses a more reserved but still similar annoyance at Kouhime's habit of patting his head. Thanks to his serious and mature disposition, he's the only one besides El and Reset that manages to get along fairly well with the irritable Mix. Despite his tendency to take a leading position he has a lot of respect for El and accepts them as the party's real leader, allowing them to always make the final decisions and respecting it even when he's in disagreement. Beyond his siblings, Rangi is one of the few of the children that has personally met his father Rance during the War of the Brutal King. However, because during most of it his father was completely corrupted by the bloodlust of the Demon King, his opinion of his father is a very negative one, seeing him as a pure monster and having no qualms in exterminating him. He acknowledges that he is largely oblivious to his father's true character though, as his meeting with him after regaining his sanity during the war was extremely brief. Upon meeting him after Reset cures him of the effects of Blood Memories, Rangi is taken back and left speechless at his father's pervertedness and comments that the stories 3G told him were true. Rance considers him an uptight brat who seems popular with women.


While he loves his siblings greatly, he has a complicated relationship with his brother Zance. Since forever he's had a very poor relationship with him, arguing for every little thing at every possible chance and being constantly competing with each other. Rangi is the one who frequently confronts him when he acts thoughtlessly or scolds him for misbehaving, which only infuriates him. The self-centered and rude Zance very much dislikes Rangi as well, describing him as a "wolf in sheep's clothing". As much as their personalities differ, their competitiveness is the one area where they're both strikingly similar. Both are extremely stubborn individuals that hate losing even the most trivial competitions, even delving into uncharacteristically childish situations when it is least appropriate. They are both aware that their personalities don't mesh well, but their rivalry runs deeper than simple quarrels. Because they share the same goals of conquest, they have accepted each other as true rivals, someone that they will likely have to fight for dominance some day. Despite their troubled relationship the two do share some form of genuine respect and trust for the other, as Nagi points out that in the battlefield they have total trust on each other's abilities and are able to fight more calmly knowing that the other will cover up for their blunders. This also makes them more critical of each other however, as they're often lecturing each other as well.



As one of the children of Demon King Rance, Rangi boasts an extremely high combat ability that surpasses most human fighters in the world thanks to his non-existent Level Cap, which allows him to become infinitely stronger without ever reaching a limit to his Level. His experience, combined with his self-confidence and strong will, makes him one of the most competent and formidable members of El's party. He battles with a fierce decisiveness and a sharp instinct, always acting as efficiently as possible, being cautious of his opponents while waitin for just the right moment to strike. When he sees an opponent he's able to quickly realise his intentions and immediately attack with no hesitation, showcasing unbelievable reflexes and ability for fast-thinking. His primal weapon is a bow and arrow, displaying a Level 2 skill that makes him one of the most skilled archers in the continent. He's able to strike down opponents from afar with an astonishing precision, as well as making use of the terrain to his advantage. He's able to use his mother's signature attack, the Whirlwind Shot, a powerful shot that travels a long distance with an unstoppable ferocity to swiftly assassinate an opponent. He also possesses extremely agile movements and is able to fire a large rain of arrows at a quick rate, as well as block projectiles with a stunning accuracy. He also wields a katana in combat with a fair amount of skill, but his swordplay is unremarkable compared to truly gifted swordsmen like Zance or Dark Rance, which is why he carries it as a secondary weapon that he uses either to catch his opponents off-guard or as a last resort. In fighting strength he's on equal ground with Zance, the strongest swordsman in Leazas, as neither has ever been able to fully defeat the other in a match.

Beyond his fighting prowess Rangi is an adept leader, capable of swiftly taking control of a situation and guide multiple people towards a common goal with efficiency, including individuals unacquainted with each other. His great charisma, intelligence and his uncanny capacity to always be ready to take the lead when the situation calls for it makes others more likely to follow his actions or instructions on heated situations, showcasing his natural characteristics as a leader. He's also very good at dealing with all sorts of administrative affairs, optimizing his resources in a way that allows him to take on extensive amounts of work on his own. His position as the Sovereign of JAPAN grants him near-absolute authority of the country, bestowing him with an incredible amount of political and military power that nearly rivals that of one of the three major countries. Rangi also possesses a wide array of talents, such as being a brilliant singer or a crafty gambler, to the point of making him claim to be proficient at anything he aspires to be.


  • In the Rance X:Popularity Poll Rangi ranked 13th in the male category.
  • Rangi is the first pure blooded human child of Rance
  • He had a non-canonical appearance in Kichikuou Rance if the player plays through Isoroku's events. The player may also choose his name from several options: Rance 2, Muteki, Poop, Nijuuichi, and Matayamamoto.


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