Yamamoto Mugen
Japanese 山本 無限
Romanization yamamoto mugen
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Yamamoto Mugen is a well known navy admiral for the Empire of Japan. Mugen is seventy-two years old and had been resting after contracting a serious disease. Mugen volunteers to come out of retirement in order to aid the Imperial Japanese Navy after it had fallen on hard times and lost nearly all of its admirals.

Yamamoto Mugen is accompanied by his nurse, Koga Hitomi at all times. Although old and somewhat frail, Mugen tends to act very suggestively around his nurse, who simply allows his behavior and cares for him affectionately. Mugen is a gambling veteran, and tends to be very lucky when gambling. He passes on his gambling set to Hitomi.

Voice Actor : Kanou Eijirou


Command Points: 510

Recruit: Default Commander

Skill: "Public Peace Improvement" - Increases the public peace in a region by two each turn.

Level 0

Lasers + 20%
Missles + 20%
Cannon + 20%
No Bonus

Growth rate +1%


  • Yamamoto requires you to vary your choices to make the most of his abilities.
  • If he is deployed in combat several times (contrary to popular belief, getting wiped is NOT necessary), he will eventually die and be replaced by his nurse, Koga Hitomi. Who has the same "Public Peace Boost" but comes with negative combat effects until Level 5 in which there will be no bonus


  • Yamamoto Mugen is likely a parody of Yamamoto Isoroku, a famed Navy Admiral for the Imperial Japanese Navy during the events of World War II.