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Yamamoto Burai
Japanese 山本無頼
Romanization yamamoto burai
BBA Burai face.png
Race Human
Sex Male
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
Zanma Rouga. These fists of mine, use them to make your will reality!

—Yamamoto Burai


Yamamoto Burai is a student at Seijou Academy and the leader of the school's boxing club. Despite his stoic and calm demeanor, Burai is immmensely afraid of the occult. Because of this, he's incompatible with the school's occult club leader, Tsukuyomi Kinako.

During the events of Big Bang Age, Burai is working for Yamizaki Akito, the school's Banchou, in order to make money to help his sister. After Zanma Rouga beats Burai in a fight, he wants him to join his efforts in unifying Japan. However, if Kinako has already joined, Burai will refuse out of fear.

During the National Chapter, Burai travels to Oosaka to try to polish up his conversational skills through their comedy acts, when he discovers a girl being pestered by a guy. Burai steps in and defends the girl. Afterwards, she tries to thank him, but Burai gets so nervous around her that he runs off.

Later on, in Kyou, Burai runs into the girl again who wants to thank him by taking him out. Burai accepts and they end up traveling to a haunted cave, but Burai gets terrified of the ghosts there and runs off again.

Not wanting to be 'considered a loser for the rest of his life' because he's afraid of ghosts, Burai travels to Mt. Osorezon in Aomory, which is a haunted place. Initially, Burai is so scared he tries to punch the ghosts, until he runs into the ghost of a little girl. The girl's soul remained behind because in life, her mother hated her and physically abused her. After Burai pats her head, she passes on. With that, Burai overcomes his fear.

Upon traveling to Kyou again, he finds that the woman he ran away from has gotten a boyfriend since then. Burai apologizes to her for running away and moves on. He then runs into Kinako, who is surprised at the fact that Burai is being calm around her and is not running off like usual. Kinako is happy Burai can speak to her normally now and offers to hang out with him at a haunted teahouse, which Burai accepts.


Burai is a short-ranged melee fighter, who fights exclusively with his fists. He approaches his enemies, then quickly punches them with his left fist, then his right. His special move, Perfect Dodge, allows him to dodge any attack at the cost of more stamina.

Personality & Appearance[]

Burai is normally calm and stoic, but tenses up when around girls, particularly pretty ones, and usually ends up running away from them. Around ghosts, Burai gets terrified and runs away screaming, until he learns to overcome his fears at Mt. Osorezon.

Burai has blond slicked back hair. His eyes always appear closed. He wears a shortsleeved white shirt with a green zippered tanktop over it. His hands are covered in athletic tape. In his portrait he has a red boxing glove slung over his left shoulder.