"Zanma Rouga. These fists of mine, use them to make your will reality"

The head of the Seijou School Boxing Club. Overly serious and stoic, Rouga gave him the nickname "the fine-eyed baron". He's not good with women or the occult.

Battle quote -

  • "I have gained the fists of freedom."
  • "To give it a name, I call them Freedom Punch! I'll have you let me use them as much as I please." (a bit weird in English, but that's what he says)
  • "............."
  • "Wh, what? You say I'm nothing but a hick? Unforgivable!"

Special quote - "An elf... a woman?!"


  • He wasn't very good to get along with women. He is very nervous when its comes to women.
  • Afraid of ghosts and haunted cave, houses etc
  • He saved Hitomi Kousaka and she encouraged him to overcome his fears
  • He regrets for betraying his friends by working for Agito which he needs money for his sister
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