Yamamoto Akuji
Japanese 山本 悪司
Romanization yamamoto akuji
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Melee Fighter
World World of Daiakuji
Affiliation Akuji Group

Yamamoto Akuji is the main protagonist of Daiakuji, and former heir to the Wakame Gang. However, after WIME beat Japan, he lost his place as such. Because of this, Akuji goes out to take his place back and conquer all of Osaka.

Personality and Appearance[]

Akuji is a well-built young man, with black hair, black eyes, and sideburns. He also has a scar on his cheek, most likely from when he participated in the war against WIME. Akuji wears a black high-collared shirt that reveals his chest and abs, along with white jeans.

Personality-wise, Akuji is a very brutal man who will do anything it takes to get whatever he wants. Be it rape, blackmail, violence, etc. He is not a completely bad person though, and is much closer to an anti-hero than a typical hero. He has a strong attatchment to Minka, who he genuinely has romantic feeling for, though the woman he falls for may change depending on who's route you go into.


Akuji is a very powerful individual. He mainly attacks with his fists and kicks. His special move "Daiakuji" is incredibly strong as well.