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Yamada Reiichi
Japanese 山田麗市
Romanization Yamada Reiichi
GakuenKing Yamada character
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
World Gakuen KING
Affiliation Golden Industrial HS
Appeared in Gakuen KING


A 2nd year at Golden Industrial HS and seemingly the leader of the Shitenno. He is nicknamed Electric Yamada. Like the rest of the Shitenno, they are all very devoted to their queen to the point where they resurrect themselves by willpower alone.

He has some sort of history with Amatsugami Hidehiko which led to him having a complex about his name. He finds it not to be particularly elegant and hates suchs things as he finds himself to be very elegant. When both of them were 4, Hidehiko, under the pretense of getting rid of his ugly name, decided to buy up his family's company and change its name (to Mountech). He then merged it and grew it to 10000 employees. A fine job for a 4 year old, but this meant Yamada's family was out of one. It took them years to get it back.

His interests seem to mostly be himself and his glory, he is a vain and arrogant man who is willing to do anything to get his way. It is odd that someone like him would worship someone else.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

He defends Golden Industrial by blocking various passageways an resurrecting everytime. He can only be stopped by being presented with the fact that Ikumi is not some perfect being.

In actuality he doesn't really care about Ikumi, he is just using the queen shtick to have a group of loyal workers. Her wishes are ignored and he pretends his wishes are hers as she is too meek to counteract. He devises a plan to sell captured girls into prostitution. Everyone else is fine with it as Ikumi is the pinnacle anyway. He also starts producing his own weapons.

He ultimate goal is to take over Kunlun and maybe even more. Hidehiko appearing is a huge problem to his ambitions, especially with his conquering pace. He decides to use Saionji Kimimaro in a plan to distract him, which fails. He then threatens him to help him out as they relocate to the Student Association HQ after the fall of Golden Industrial.

Their helicopter got shot out of the sky by a rock thrown by Kobayashi Yoshihito, but they crash land near their destination. There he changes Sekimori into a stationary guard system against his will with a local professor. He seems to be in bad shape when found and can even be finished off, but he actually survives.

In his ending he has gone back to the mainland and he agonizes over why he lost for a long time. After a while he figures it is because Hidehiko was surrounded by women and he by men. He does the same and swears revenge sooner than later.

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