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What do you all mean to do by defying me, the strongest being? Hahahahahahaha... you fools. Alright then, I'll use this body to end this game once and for all.

—YORA, mad with power from his new body.

Japanese YORA
Romanization YORA
Race Human (Formerly)
Age / Birth 34 / GI0987 (Rance series)

58 / GI0987 (Toushin Toshi)

Sex Male
Class Mayor
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Toushin City
Level limit 40
Skill levels Magic Science Lv1 (?), Government Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Toushin Toshi, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance


YORA is the mayor of Toushin City, one of the few people to successfully harness the technology of the Holy Magic Sect in the modern age, the fated rival of the warrior Alexander, and the main antagonist of Toushin Toshi.

Born on the small colony on the floating Toushin Toshi Upsilon, YORA was a weak and sickly boy who was largely mocked and ostracized by his peers due to his weakness. He attempted to join the local organization the Youth Brigade as a young man, but was rejected due to being too weak. Isolated from most of the world due to living in a town trapped in the sky and shunned by the few people that he had to socialize with, YORA quickly grew to hate humanity, and spent most of his time in solitude, stewing in his anger.

During his time on Upsilon, YORA developed a fondness for tinkering with whatever old equipment he could find lying around the city. Due to Upsilon being filled with several rare remnants of magic technology left over from the Holy Magic Sect, YORA was able to develop a knowledge of magic and sciences that had been long forgotten by the rest of humanity.

While he was still living on Upsilon during the events of Rance IV, he and Rance never crossed paths and he was largely left out of the events that led to the crashing of the Toushin.

Following Upsilon's return to the Continent, the residents of Toushin City, who had long abandoned a formal government due to the small size of their community, were forced to quickly establish one in order to be recognize as a part of the Free Cities Alliance. To the surprise of many, YORA volunteered to take on the role of city leader, and had already organized several policies that would allow the backwater city to quickly develop to compete with the rest of the world, mainly in the creation of the Toushin Tournament, which would steadily grow to become the foremost fighting tournament in all of the Continent. He quickly proved to be a highly competent mayor, and the newly formed Toushin City steadily began to thrive under his leadership.

YORA had hidden motivations behind his benevolent governing, however, as his true reason for creating the Toushin Tournament was to attract the strongest fighters in the world, have them fight to determine who was the strongest among them, and then to drain the power from the champion utilizing the technology he had learned to develop while living on Upsilon. He successfully continued doing this for several years, furthering his power even more by augmenting his body with bio-metal equipment to a point where he had largely abandoned his humanity in favor of gaining additional strength. During this period, he artificially created two human beings, MIKA and KASUMI, whom he adopted as his daughters. As YORA gradually lost mobility over the course of his alterations, his daughters began to take over the day-to-day operations and experiments required to complete their father's ascension. He also created a force of False Angel Knights through a similar process, which became his secret enforcers.

His plans were ultimately foiled when the latest Toushin Tournament champion Custom managed to escape from imprisonment and freed the previous champion Alexander. The combined force of the two amazing warriors proved to be enough to defeat YORA, killing him and ending his reign.


YORA was actually born with fairly high potential, being one of a select few humans born with a Level Cap at or above 40, if only just. Despite this, he possessed a naturally weak and frail body, likely due to being descended from the weak non-combatants who settled on Upsilon after their strongest warriors died exploring its depths, and was incapable of utilizing his hidden potential as a result. YORA was apparently so incredibly weak as a young man that he was refused membership into the Youth Brigade, a group composed solely of talentless weaklings, meaning that even the statistically pathetic Kiseda was likely stronger than him.

Despite his physical weakness, YORA was a very intelligent boy with a skill at magical science and development. This inborn talent was further buffered by the abundance of highly advanced Holy Magic Sect technology that was scattered across Upsilon, and allowed him to become proficiently skilled with a level of technology no longer available to the rest of humanity. With this technology, he was able to construct several unique and incredibly powerful pieces of equipment, including a machine that absorbed the energy of others and transplanted it into him. While YORA could have likely started another technological revolution like the one caused by M.M Rune generations before, he kept this technology to himself and it remained largely unknown to the rest of the Continent.

YORA utilized Holy Magic Sect technology to transform himself into a horrific, zombie-like derivative of a Toushin.

By his later life, YORA had absorbed the power of several extremely strong warriors and far surpassed even the highly skilled Alexander in strength. In addition, he had heavily modified his body with Holy Magic Sect technology to make himself into a towering cybernetic monstrosity not unlike a Toushin, and became even more powerful as a result, likely making him comparable to an elite Dark Lord in power. However, this technology also left him confined to his underground laboratory in Toushin City, so while he had acquired power far beyond any normal man, he was incapable of using it for anything more than unsuccessfully defending himself in his final moments. To help with the ongoing research, he developed two artificial human beings and several artificial Gal Monsters, technology unheard of even in the Holy Magic Sect.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of magic technology, YORA was also a highly skilled politician, who was capable of very quickly transforming Toushin City into a thriving society while also keeping his true agenda completely hidden from the public for decades.