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Pigu-mini-spoils-2 Spoiler Alert: This page contains minor spoilers from the events of the games.
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Japanese ザビエル
Romanization zabieru
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Deceased
World Toushin Toshi 2 setting
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift


Xavier was a contender in the Toushin Tournament. Known as "The Miracle Man," he ascended to the semi-finals purely on a series of lucky coincidences, never actually fighting any of his opponents. The middle of five, similarly-named brothers (Avier, Gavier, Davier and Navier), he went to the tournament partnered with his sister, Reine.

Unbeknownst to tournament officials, Xavier was secretly sabotaging his opponents before each match, despite rules explicitly forbidding interaction. He began in the Qualification Dungeon before the tournament begain, ambushing any potential applicants. Ironically, this included his eventual semi-final opponent, Seed Cashima, who survived the blow. After the tournament began, he somehow eliminated both his first-round opponent and their partner, then had the second opponent arrested for possession of "tohacco." Eventually, Seed stumbled upon Xavier (using the name Eithel) murdering Barth Barbato by shoving him off a ledge, after which he tricked Rakira into a pit using Kyan Kyans.

Though forwarned of Xavier's behavior, Seed made no measures to counter him, and was forced into a series of traps to rescue Ashika (whom Xavier had mistaken as Seed's girlfriend) and then Hazuki Mizuhara. Desperate to save Hazuki's life, Seed took a perilous dive, survived, and killed Xavier, noting that, just like Xavier's victims, there were no witnesses to report on him.


  • Xavier does not appear in the Tournament of the Gods OVA series, with his role of kidnapping Hazuki being instead given to Suzuya. He is notably the only tournament competitor to not be included in the adaptation whatsoever.