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I will wake up Orochi and destroy all the JAPANese!

—Xavier, vowing to destroy JAPAN

Japanese ザビエル
Romanization Zabieru
Sengoku Rance - Xavier.jpg
Race Fire-kappa, Dark Lord
Age / Birth +2900 / NC????
Sex Male
Status Deceased
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm, Nighcisa
Level limit 200
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance
Mentioned in Rance 5D, Rance Quest


Xavier was a very powerful Dark Lord that used to belong to the Four Elite Dark Lords during the reign of Demon King Nighcisa. Formerly he was a monster called Fire-kappa and is adept at fighting with flames.

He was tasked by Nighcisa with killing the Emperor Fujiwara Ishimaru. He succeeded but was sealed by the Devil Geppei, which was the start for his hatred for the Japanese. He was revived multiple times in fact but was sealed every time after going on a rampage in the country. His name is feared in Japan and he's a legend for the atrocities he committed during his revivals.

He served as the main antagonist during the events of Sengoku Rance, where he was finally slain by Rance in LP0005 and his Demonic Blood Soul reformatted by Kurusu Miki, which brought an end to his existence.

Personality and Appearance[]

Xavier is very confident in his strength, even with a fraction of his power.

Xavier was very arrogant, having absolute confidence in his own power, believing humans to be trash. He didn't even care for his daughter, thinking of her as a useful tool and a durable toy. He is extremely cruel, and kills humans for pleasure. In a way, he is a shining example of how a Demon should be. He was known for having raped to death hundreds of women during his multiple revivals, but Kurohime's mother was the only one that survived both the intercourse and the pregnancy.

Due to his power and arrogance, he had the habit of looking down on others and no other Dark Lords liked him. In fact, many were amused by the constant unsealing and resealing that kept happening to him. Xavier feared Kayblis, and had known to feel queasy in his presence. The only person Xavier had genuinely respected was the Demon King Nighcisa, to whom Xavier pledged absolute loyalty.

He is not someone that can be fooled easily and tends to act with caution and discretion. He can be a bit impatient but usually he restrains himself if the situation demands it. He can be sensible and a competent leader. He once led a huge monster army composed by a million monsters and cornered the Emperor Ishimaru successfully.

He has an intense hate for Japanese due to the many times he was sealed by them and swore to kill every last Japanese with no mercy. This hate is borderline irrational and insane, he doesn't care about anything else and it's his sole wish to get his revenge over Japan. His bloodlust and raging insanity is comparable to that of a Demon King.


Possessing Nobunaga's already talented body and coupled with his own strength, Xavier was an intimidating foe.

Since he used to be one of the Four Elite Dark Lords he was incredibly powerful, Demon King Nighcisa trusted him more than anyone else. When he took over Nobunaga's body he showed great skill with a sword and was a very powerful fighter that could individually trash with ease all the strongest fighters in Japan, with Mouri Motonari (while cursed) the only one that gave him a good fight. He also had great control over flames and fire, and had a unique Fire spell that produced a Black Fire that can't be quelled by normal means.

He was also able to kill Fujiwara Ishimaru in a one on one combat, although it was implied that he could have lost if it wasn't for the invincibility field. He also once held his own and won against a Former Guardian Hero of the World, although it is strongly suggested that his victory was largely due to misfortune from the Hero's side. Despite this, Xavier was a frightening force. Even while partially revived and with only a fraction of his power he was able to easily defeat the head of the Tenshi Sect Seigan and the wielder of holy katana Nikkou, Kentarou.

He has a good eye for strong fighters, with the ability to understand the skill levels of people just by fighting with them. Using this ability, he saw Rance's incredible power and wanted him as an apostle, he also considered turning Kentarou into an apostle, but saw him as too inexperienced for such a role.

His level cap was 200 which, while being the lowest seen for Elite Dark Lords, it is an extremely high cap, and his level during Sengoku Rance was 98.

He had five loyal apostles, which is an impressive feat, the second largest number of apostles in the history of the Dark Lords.

Xavier's Apostles[]

Shikibu the Seiryuu Apostle

Rengoku the Byakko Apostle


Madou the Genbu Apostle

Gigai the Suzaku Apostle

Personal History[]

NC0xxx - Xavier drinks the blood of Nighcisa and becomes a Dark Lord.

NC0705 - Xavier embarks on a trip to Japan to kill the leader of humanity, Ishimaru Fujiwara.

NC0706 - After a fierce battle, he manages to kill Fujiwara and gravely injure the Tenshi Sect founder Geppei, but before Xavier can land the killing blow, he is sealed away by a special ritual Geppei had prepared.

GI0001 - Xavier is revived in an incomplete state and creates his first apostle, Toukichirou the monkey. Xavier is promptly sealed again, but his apostle remains, waiting for the prime chance to unseal him.

GI0500 - Xavier revives a second time, this time at full power, he and his five apostles lay waste to Japan, leading to unrelenting assaults on the Tenshi Sect. It is at this time that Kurohime is conceived. The Hero of the Era, wielding the Holy Sword Nikkou, appears before the rampaging Xavier and challenges him to a duel. Xavier almost loses the battle, but the Hero turns 20 years old in the middle of the fight and loses his Heroic powers. Confident in his victory, Xavier crushes the boy's head, but unbeknownst to Xavier, a modified version of the Geppei ritual was being prepared. His soul was split into eight pieces and closely guarded by the houses of feudal Japan, three of his apostles were sealed inside the bodies and bloodlines of Tenshi Sect diviners.

LP0005 - Xavier is partially revived and inhabits the body of Oda Nobunaga, leader of the Oda family. His apostles are systematically resurrected and they begin terrorizing Japan once again. He is ultimately foiled by Rance and the Demonic Sword Chaos, who were in Japan for a hot springs vacation. After attempting to destroy the Tenma Bridge and sink Japan itself, he is challenged by the unified houses of the country and is slain by Rance. Little Princess Miki destroys his blood soul, rendering Xavier's ego inert and removed from the pool of reincarnation.


  • He is probably a reference to Francis Xavier, although there's hardly any similarities except for the name, and the fact that they are both "foreigners" that go against the local major religion at the time.
  • The way Xavier took over Nobunaga's body usually confuses some people. When a Dark Lord is killed and reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul, if a human were to consume said Blood Soul the one with the strongest will is going to remain and the other will disappear. This was not Xavier's case since he was never dead and reduced to a Blood Soul. Instead his soul was divided and sealed, and a piece was unsealed and possessed Nobunaga's body. The difference is that he didn't have to overcome Nobunaga's will to do this but rather just take over his body.
  • He seems to be weaker than the other Elite Dark Lords, whether this is because he remained sealed for so long or is just him being like that, it is unknown.
  • He's the only Dark Lord known to possess a human body and to have a child.
  • He was one of the few Dark Lords that didn't ally with either faction of the Monster Realm, since he was sealed when war broke out and was killed before he could return.
  • In Rance 5D, he is referred to as "the Dark Lord Nobunaga." This was before the distinction between Xavier and Nobunaga was finalized during Sengoku Rance.