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Your request has been fulfilled.

-The always smiling, smart contractor Xacalite

—The message written on Xacalite's contract receipts.

Japanese ザカリテ
Romanization zakarite
Race Devil
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 256cm / 128kg
Status Deceased
Class 3rd-Class Devil
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Skill levels Devil Lv2
Appeared in Rance X, Kichikuou Rance


Xacalite was a 3rd-class Devil with a long and sordid history with the Magic Kingdom of Zeth.

A special variety of devil known as a stray devil, Xacalite differed from most others of his kind due to his ability to assimilate the Souls of the beings he forged contracts with into his own body rather than into that of the Devil King Rathowm. Because of this, he felt no true loyalty to the Devil Realm and eventually cut all ties with it to dedicate his time toward seeking out new souls to collect for himself on The Continent.

At an unknown point during the GI Era, Xacalite was summoned by Parsley Rig Zeth, the queen of the newly-founded nation of Zeth, using a magical artifact known as a contract chair. Plagued by ceaseless attacks from the rival countries of Leazas and Helman since its foundation, Zeth was pushed to the brink of total collapse by an unknown event, causing Parsley to call upon Xacalite's power in a final desperate plea to protect her people. While Xacalite agreed to assist Parsley in exchange for her soul, he took advantage of her panicked state to deceive her into asking him to "attack" the invading enemy rather than to "defeat" it as she intended, causing him to provide little actual assistance during the crisis while still technically upholding his end of the contract. As a result of his trickery, Parsley was forced to relinquish her soul to Xacalite, leaving Zeth to endure through the crisis without her leadership.

Against all odds, Zeth successfully managed to survive the disaster and continue operating as a nation. While the entire country mourned the queen's death, only a select few knew of the contract she had formed with Xacalite that caused it. Even still, none were aware of the true duplicitous nature of the exchange, causing Xacalite to be erroneously credited with having saved Zeth from total destruction. The contract chair used to summon him was placed in a secret chamber beneath the nation's capital of Ragnarokarc, to be used again in the event that the country face a similar disaster.

Xacalite was called to protect Zeth two additional times throughout the GI era, first by Queen Moshikashita during Medusa Dark in the year GI0815, and again by Queen Artesia during RedEye Dark in the year GI0912. As he had before, Xacalite twisted the words of the two queens during their respective contracting processes to claim their souls for himself while completely failing to follow through with their actual wishes. With the souls of the three queens under his ownership, Xacalite lived out the rest of his days sexually abusing them, eagerly awaiting the next time he would be summoned.

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During the events of Rance X, Xacalite was summoned once again by Magic the Gandhi, the princess and acting viceroy of Zeth, during the 2nd Dark Lord War. Thrown into a state of despair and panic after witnessing her father, King Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, get viciously torn apart by the Dark Lord Medusa, Magic called upon the devil's power in a desperate attempt to protect her country and loved ones, a feat that she had lost faith in her own ability to accomplish. Magic asked Xacalite to defeat Medusa, the leader of the invading Monster Army and her father's killer, in exchange for giving up her soul seven days later, but was tricked at the last second into changing her request to instead be to defeat one of the two Monster Generals leading a large force of Monsters toward the Zeth Army's base in the city of Mark after being reminded of the immediate danger it posed to her lover Rance, who was fighting against it at the time.

After successfully completing the contract, Xacalite summoned a small meteor from the sky to strike one of the attacking monster generals, killing it in an instant. The miraculous attack was witnessed by Rance and his allies, who investigated the meteor to discover a note inside of it bearing Xacalite's name stating that it was proof he had successfully fulfilled his end of the contract, alerting both Pope Crook Mofus and the Dark Witch Miracle Tou, who each possessed a faint knowledge of his existence, of his involvement with the event.

Upon returning to Mark, Rance and Magic were reunited. While Magic was initially happy to see that Rance had returned from the battle safely, her relief quickly turned into shock after being informed of the meteor bearing Xacalite's name that had appeared during it. Not wanting to worry Rance, Magic feigned ignorance when asked about the meaning of the paper and spent the night in bed with him, only to depart early the next morning while he was still asleep to confront Xacalite about his trick.

Despite her protests, Xacalite showed no sympathy toward Magic, arguing that it was her fault for changing her request during the contracting process, and refused to either annul their agreement or follow through with defeating Medusa. Seeing an opportunity to further profit from the young woman's misaimed determination, Xacalite offered to enter into a second contract with Magic in exchange for the soul of her newborn daughter Sushinu the Gandhi, which she adamantly refused. As an alternative, Xacalite claimed that he would fight Medusa under the condition that Magic forfeit her arranged seven day grace period and relinquish her soul to him immediately, which she eventually agreed to following a momentary bout of apprehension.

Just as Magic sat into the contract chair to complete the new arrangement, Xacalite's chamber was broken into by Rance and his companions, who had managed to learn of the devil's treachery and track down his location through the assistance of Miracle's grandmother Mysteria Tou and the legendary fortune teller Lucy Julietta. Xacalite initially mocked the group by claiming that they were too late to stop the contract from being formed, but was thrown into a panic by the Zethan Lord Urza Pranaice, who challenged him on the phrasing of the agreement. Having been made aware of his previous schemes, Urza questioned Xacalite as to whether he intended to defeat Medusa or simply attack her, to which he hastily insisted that the two actions had the same meaning. Urza responded by arguing that, by that logic, he would have to defeat Medusa no matter what in order to truly fulfill Magic's request, and asked if he was actually capable of killing a Dark Lord. His bluff called, Xacalite flew into a rage and attacked the group, where he died in the ensuing battle.

Following Xacalite's defeat, the souls of the former Zethan queens were released from his control and allowed to finally pass on into the next life, with Magic's soul remaining within her body due to the ritual being stopped before it could be removed. Overwhelmingly touched by the lengths that Rance and their allies were willing to go to save her life, Magic regained her composure and resolved to devote herself toward protecting Zeth with all that she had rather than helplessly give in to despair. Magic proved to have made good on this promise throughout the remainder of the war, taking up her father’s mantle as ruler of Zeth and dauntlessly leading her country to victory against the monsters.


In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, Xacalite will be summoned by Magic if her tower is unsuccessfully attacked by the Leazas Army after it has conquered the Zeth Light Army's base in Old Zeth and seemingly killed her boyfriend Alex Valse in the process. Unlike his canonical portrayal, Xacalite is not suggested to have any previous history with the royal family of Zeth, and is simply called to Magic's tower along with his contract chair through the use of a forbidden tome known as Tevil Call. To avenge her fallen lover, Magic requests that Xacalite destroy the Leazas army in exchange for her soul, successfully negotiating him into agreeing to kill a total of 800 of the enemy army's troops after informing him that she was both a princess and a virgin. As a means of finalizing the contract, Xacalite orders Magic to seat herself in the contract chair, which places her into an intoxicated state that forces her to compulsively masturbate as a means of siphoning her energy into him.

After his contract with Magic is confirmed, Xacalite will travel to Leazas Castle once a week and randomly attack a commander who had not been deployed in battle, retreating after either being overwhelmed by the opposing army or successfully killing its commander. After killing 800 Leazas soldiers and completing his contract, Xacalite will claim full ownership of Magic's soul and disappear, with her body disintegrating into nothingness immediately afterward.

If the Leazas army is able to capture Magic's tower before Xacalite has completed his contract, Rance will travel to its top and discover Magic. Initially distracted by the masturbating girl, Rance is compelled into taking action to rescue her after being informed by his advisor Maris Amaryllis that Magic was under the effects of a devil contract and would eventually die upon its completion. If Rance seeks out either the sage Ho-Raga or the fortune teller Arcy Julietta for assistance on breaking the pact, he will be given an item known as an absolute foreclosure charm that is able to void any contract, allowing him to free Magic from Xacalite's control. After the foreclosure charm is placed onto Magic, Xacalite appears before Rance and yells at him in outrage for interfering with his job, but is immediately dismissed by the young king and mocked for having wasted his time. Powerless to do anything else, the devil vanishes to parts unknown with tears in his eyes.

Personality and Appearance[]


Xacalite was a manipulative swindler who never upheld his promises.

Xacalite resembled a massive floating polygonal head composed of a semi-transluscent crystalline material. A glowing red color emanated from both his mouth and eye sockets, furthering his otherworldly appearance.

While Xacalite's appearance is generally similar in Kichikuou Rance, the colors of his head and eyes are inverted and he possesses visible pupils. Additionally, the inside of his mouth contains what appears to be a starry night sky instead of a red glow.

A lazy, deplorable creature, Xacalite lived his life profiting off the suffering of others. Rather than genuinely assist people with their problems in exchange for their souls, he deliberately chose to appear exclusively to individuals who were in unstable emotional states in order to manipulate them into agreeing to give up their souls to him in exchange for almost no work on his part. This trickery resulted in four generations of Zeth's royal family sacrificing their souls to him under the promise that he would save their country from misery, only for Xacalite to do nothing. As upholding the contracts one forges with their targets is a central aspect of devil conduct, Xacalite was viewed with contempt by the rest of his kind, who considered him to be a disgrace to their race's reputation.

Despite his great power, Xacalite was not at all ambitious, and seemed to live exclusively for the sake of satisfying his most carnal desires. He was an insatiable lecher, and as a result refused to make contracts with anyone other than beautiful women. Once these women had relinquished their souls to him, Xacalite chose to keep them in his possession rather than assimilate them into his body for the sake of being able to use them as his personal sex slaves, prioritizing pleasure over increasing his strength.

Xacalite's personality is shown to be considerably different during his appearance in Kichikuou Rance, where he speaks in a much more formal and archaic way and makes no effort to deceive Magic after being summoned by her, instead dutifully fulfilling his end of the agreement before claiming possession of her soul. He is still suggested to be rather perverted, however, as the means through which he channels Magic's power into himself requires her to enter a state of perpetual ecstasy.


As a 3rd-class devil, Xacalite is assumed to have been an incredibly strong being capable of performing feats that few others on The Continent could hope to accomplish. His high rank allowed him to live independently from the rest of his kind as a stray devil; a devil capable of absorbing souls into himself to further bolster his strength. Xacalite displayed some degree of his great power during the 2nd Dark Lord War, where he was able to effortlessly summon a meteor to destroy a monster general in a single strike while it was in a completely different location from him. In spite of this, Xacalite is also suggested to have been significantly weaker than he let on, as he seemed to doubt his ability to defeat Medusa, a Dark Lord of middling strength, when pressed, and was defeated with minimal difficulty by the Dark Lord Extermination Squad.


  • Xacalite's name and appearance are derived from the main antagonist of the 1986 video game Silpheed. Silpheed is noteworthy for being one of the earliest instances of 3D rendering in a video game, with Xacalite's strange cubic design intending to reference these graphics.
  • An alternate universe version of Xacalite known primarily as the Space Emperor appears as a recurring character throughout Alicesoft's Dai Series. Unlike the Xacalite of the Rance Series, the Xacalite of the Dai series is not a devil, and is in fact implied to be the same character as the main antagonist of Silpheed.
  • A character resembling a purple Xacalite referred to as Gloire Guy (ぐろあーる男, guroa ̄ru otoko) appears in the Alicesoft game Toushin Toshi III as an opponent that can be fought if the protagonist Nacht Ragnard opens a Summon Door during his second year competing in the Toushin Tournament. Though no context is provided as to who this character is, Nacht remarks that he was "way too angular" after defeating him. "Gloire" is the name of the starship used by the main antagonist of Silpheed, furthering the connection between Gloire Guy and the Xacalite of the Rance series.
  • Due to his appearance in Kichikuou Rance, Xacalite is the only devil to have appeared in a game in the Rance series that did not also feature Feliss.
  • Xacalite's weight (128kg) is exactly half of his height (256cm).