The World of Eve is the primary setting of Evenicle.


At the dawn of time, the Creator God made Eve, the first of all living things. While not a god herself, the universe was attuned to change to suit her slightest whim, and in this fashion the world came into being and all of the original living things, presumably including plants, Insects, and the original dragons. When Eve became lonely, the world created the being that would come to be known as the First Ancestor, and later as the Archfiend, Adan. The two began a tumultous love affair, which ultimately led to marriage and the birth of their direct descendants, the humans. Delighted with her children, Eve reconfigured the world to suit their purposes instead of her own.

Unfortunately, humanity soon turned to war. The damage was so extensive that Eve considered destroying her children, but Adan interceded, offering to take in their desire through the process of prayer. In time, this became too much for him as well. He became engorged to the size of a titan, and eventually exploded, causing the World of Eve to split into pieces, and for the desire to escape in the form of Monsters. Eve went into hiding, but not before passing on a system of rules that came to be known as Mother Eve's Blessing. She also left the rite of knighthood as an exception to those rules.

As Evenicle is set exclusively in the fractured world that contains the Archfiend's Right Arm, little is known about the remaining fragment-worlds. The worlds are rumoured to be held on the back of great beasts, but the truth of the matter is unknown.

World of the Archfiend's Right ArmEdit


In-Game world map from Evenicle

The fragmented world that contains the Archfiend's Right Arm is home to Aster, the protagonist of Evenicle. It houses numerous species and nations.



Other LocationsEdit

The human nations of the world were formed by the great pilgramage of King Arthur from the lands that now house the Central Empire, leading eventually to the lands that now house the Kingdom of Eden. This incident also marks the decline of the dragons, who formed a pact with Arthur and declined from the world stage. The origins of the Kalar and Poppins is unknown.


  • The World of Eve is designed to be superficially similar to the world of The Continent, from the Rance series. Not every detail is identical however, such as how Eve seems to have created the soulless animals, also known as Insects, rather than the Holy Beasts. Some details are also unclear after only one game, such as whether or not Haniwa are monsters born of desire like "standard" monsters, and so on.
  • The World of Eve features numerous references to Alicesoft's Drapeko! Onedari Dragon to Oppai Yuusha. The most prominent of these are the characters of QD and King Arthur, but several of the game's shopkeepers are also Drapeko characters of varying prominence. These cameos can usually be identified by their distinct art style.
    • There are also shopkeeper cameos from other Alicesoft properties, such as Vanish!.
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