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Widenyo characters can be recruited in a variety of ways. Character names are bold. To prevent confusion, characters whose names contain more than one word have underscores included.

Starting Characters[]

These characters are given at the start of the game. Note that Arietta is "Summoned", however, this is a scripted event, so she is listed here.

Wan, Tamocchi, Stolin, Myra, Rick, Avui, Arietta

Advancement Characters[]

These Characters are automatically received as Mamatoto Advances. You will get them right after you advance on the right floor. All these characters are side characters from Mamatoto.

Cocona, Raisen, Shennah, Lamika, Eibell, Nanari

Summon Crystals[]

These characters make up the bulk of Widenyo. They will appear automatically upon collection of summon ore, which can be found with a time limit in the Cross Cave, and very rarely with the defeat of an enemy with the ability "Odd Unit" (不思議兵).

Red Death (Rick Addison), Leila, Poron, Magic, Kaede, Dolly, Urza, Kunagi, Patton, Kenshin, Gou, Senhime, Kou, Ootori Sisters, Yume, Rance, Suzume, Madoka, Motoko, Kaen, Charme, Sigrun, Lovely Cat, Risl Ai, Turban-Senpai, Getsuku Corps, Reiran, Collette, Botan, Anri, Ryo, Aria, Natsumi, Hatao, Kavuhuan, Kororoko, Stray Pillow, Akuji, Farfa, Arima, Barbazza, Phime, Asami, Kanami, Kikuko, Haruka, Ricardo, Phil, Azurite, Remedia, Priscilla, Seyadatara, Subaru, Minka, Leo, Milli, Senna, Isoroku, Canaan, Fanel, Shizuka, Hanzou, Narika, Hatsune, Ragou, Izumi, Harika, Hazuki, Manana, Sayuka, Satsu, Mishela, President Kurosa, Maria, Celeste, Rizna, Kana, Chitose, Kyouka, Sill, Sawatari, Kumiko, Athena 2.0, Rina, Tsubasa, Asagao, Makiko, Arisa, (Morita) Ai

Treasure Chests[]

Sometimes when you collect a treasure chest, you will recieve one of these characters instead of an item. Note that this only occurs when you collect a treasure chest, not through other means of collecting items (monster defeat, or portal clear).

Spy Saitou-san, Mana, Denpa-Chan, Jun, Alice, Muscat, Barres, Concrete Guy

Gal Monsters[]

To unlock a gal monster, first you have to defeat one in battle. Then, you may recieve one on completion of a portal. (This can be any portal, not just Monster Dojo).

Valkyrie, KyanKyan,  Frog Girl, N Gecko, TenTen, Patohatt, ZashikiWarashi, Pixie-FOX, Maid-san, Magisco, Crab-chan, Swift Jane, Kotodama, Wind Cutter, Goldfish Tamer, Fissune, CowCow BangBang, Shuriken User, Matamata Cat, Qui-Gen, Bee Girl, Handy, Killer Loli, Lantern, Hebi-san, Frozen, Kamikaze, Kraken, Mighty Witch, Captain Vanilla, Swordmaster, Magician, Little Del Monte, Tengu Girl, Bondage Master, Suicide Queen

Special Characters[]

These characters have abnormal conditions for their appearance.

Hiro: Clear any portal.

Hannyoshi: Clear "Hanny Trap 2".

Tiger Joe: Sell thirty items. (Drag and Drop to the lower-right corner of the item screen. Note: There is a glitch where using DEL to sell won't count towards to total. You don't have to sell them all at once.)

Kaijuu Prince: Clear "Kaijuu Big Battle".

Princess Kaijuu: Make Kaijuu_Prince your highest leveled unit.

Nobuhiko: Have 2000 gold at once.

Myuu : Summon many Kids. Mass Summoning Myuutans at Level 1 allows this to be accomplished with about 50 EXP.

Stray Fuman: Clear an entire round of portals (Conquer all non-red text portal destinations once)

Jack: Get 3 Game Overs.

Ippatsu: Have Akuji and Satsu on the field at the same time.