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You died Rance, but I used a spell and you're fine now...*yawn...but I'm sleepy now since I used a tough spell, so I'm gonna sleep for another year or so.

Good night, Rance. Let's play again when I wake up, okay?

—Wenlina, giving her farewell to Rance.

Japanese ウェンリーナー
Romanization wenrīnā
Race Gods
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 132cm / 27kg
Class Four Holy Gal Monsters
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance
Appeared in Rance 4.2, Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 4.1


Wenlina - The Life, she's one of the Four Holy Gal Monsters, the four Goddessess that acted as "mothers" of all monsters, breeding all the sub-races of Gal Monsters and Guy Monsters in the world.

She's a cheerful and delightful young girl with great love and compassion towards all living beings. As one of the Four Holy Gal Monster, she's a Goddess with amazing abilities, being able to heal wounds and cure diseases with little effort, and her healing powers are leagues above even the greatest Human Healers in the world. Her greatest power is the unique ability of reviving someone from dead, though she can only use it once a year and said person must have died fairly recently.


Wenlina's power was used to develop a Miracle Drug by Joseph.

Sometime prior to the events of Rance 4.1, Wenlina was kidnapped by Joseph, a researcher from the Happiness Pharmaceutical company, who wanted to use her healing power to develop a new Miracle Drug called the Youmeishu. This, however, caught the attention of the extremist Gal Monster rights Organization, the Angel Army, who filled a dungeon below the Company's Factory with monsters by using Summon-chan. In order to get rid of the monsters, the company hired countless adventurers but, once the adventurer Rance succeeded at defeating Summon-chan and cleaning the dungeon, the Angel Army attacked the company directly in order to rescue Wenlina, though once again stopped by Rance.


Eventually, Rance found out that Joseph was keeping Wenlina trapped in a secret room to develop the drug, by threatening with beheading him, he released Wenlina from her confinement. Upon this, she developed a crush for Rance and started following him and treating his wounds in adventures for a short while. She's incredibly fond of Rance, who she calls "Rance-onii-chan". During Rance's raid on the headquarters of the Angel Army, he lowered his guard and ended up getting killed by Arnie Rolento, however, Wenlina immediately restored his soul and brought him back to life by using her ability, saving him from death as a result. Wenlina immediately went to sleep, as the spell consumes a large amount of energy and power, expressing that she's looking forward to playing with him once she wakes up.

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She revives Rance after he is killed by Arios and falls asleep.

During the 2nd Dark Lord War Rance cooperated with the Four Holy Gal Monsters, who joined his side during the war effort for one reason or another. When a Holy Gal Monster goes into heat they usually breed with monsters as it is their function to populate the world with new species. However Rance instead offered himself as a partner due to his own selfish sexual desires and ultimately gave birth to 4 new species of monsters (one with each), she gives birth to Kibao.

She makes a non-canon appearance in Kichikuou Rance, where Rance finds her at the bottom of a long dungeon on her own. Wenlina offers her assistance to Rance, as she loves him very much and wants to be of use to him. If Milli Yorks caught Influenza, Wenlina will be able to cure her with ease, preventing her from passing away in the hospital.

Personality and Appearance[]


Like most of the members of the Holy Gal Monsters, Wenlina looks like a little girl with a young and immature appearance, and a very small body, being only 132 cm tall. Despite this, she boasts an eternal youth due to her status as a Goddess so she's actually around 6,000 years old. She's always naked and only wears multiple ribbons on her hairs and her wrists.

Her mind and personality is as childish as her body, being cheerful and playful. She behaves like a child most of the time, and is a very sensitive girl, as she's taken to tears pretty easily and doesn't like to be molested the slightest, which can take her into a big depression. She's very grateful towards those that helped her in the past, and she developed a crush for Rance after he saved her from her prison in the Happiness Pharmaceutical offices. She's widely admired and looked up to by the members of the Angel Army, who greatly love her and take care of her, but she doesn't seem to particularly care about them as her fondness towards Rance led her to aid him in his attack to their headquarters. 

Wenlina is a naturally pure and peaceful soul, with respect towards all life and with no aggression, anger, or hatred whatsoever. She naturally wants to help those around her and is kind to all. She's gentle and benevolent, even to those that hurted her, as she hold no grudge against Joseph or the other members of the Laboratory that kept her confined, and only expressed great joy and affection towards Rance instead.


Befitting one of the Four Holy Gal Monsters, and a Goddess part of 11 Legends of The Continent, Wenlina carries immense healing power. She can treat the wounds and exhaustion of a whole high-level party in an instant with little effort and cure supposedly uncurable diseases. Her healing powers are so great, that even remnants of her body such as tears can be used to develop tremendously potent medicines capable of restoring anyone to full health.


Wenlina, using her special ability to bring Rance back to life.

Her greatest power is her ability to resurrect a living being from the dead. With this ability, it doesn't matter how they died, she will be able to bring them back to life with a completely restored body even if said body had been completely destroyed upon death. However, this powerful spell carries a few drawbacks. In order to revive someone, she needs to grasp the Soul of a dead person and shape her body back, and due to the way the Reincarnation Cycle works, she's incapable of restoring Souls that have already been formatted through the process of Reincarnation. In short, she can only revive those that have perished very recently. Also, she's only able to use this ability once a year, and once she does all her energy drains out and she needs to go to sleep for a whole year.

Despite her incomparable healing abilities, Wenlina is incredibly weak in combat, to the point of being utterly helpless. Her physical abilities are pretty much non-existent, and she's incapable of fending for herself in a fight, so she mostly relies on being protected by those around her if she were to be attacked, however, as she's a Goddess of monsters, only humans would attempt something like that, and since she doesn't venture in human settlements, being in a dangerous situation is an extremely rare occurrence.