Non-canon-icon.png Non-canon warning: This article contains information that is not part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Wendy Crumiller
Japanese ウェンディ・クルミラー
Romanization wendi kurumirā
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Maid
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Level limit 10
Skill levels Maid Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Wendy Crumiller is a character that appeared exclusively in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance and has not made an official appearance in the canonical storyline.

In Kichikuou Rance, she was one of the personal maids that worked for the Royal Family in the Leazas Castle. Wendy is a very cheerful maid that loves her job and performs it with passion. However, she feels some sort of emptiness despite her love for her work and can't figure out why.

Wendy is a masochistic maid that longed to be abused.

When Rance becomes the King of Leazas he took an immediate interest in her and ordered her to have sex with him. Wendy refused, claiming that sex with the King would ruin their master-servant relationship and that she wouldn't be able to keep working as a maid. This was not a ruse to avoid sex, she just liked being a maid that much.

One day Wendy accidentally broke a unique item that Rance found in a dungeon. She was so horrified by the mistake that she begged Rance for forgiveness. Rance didn't actually care, since the item was useless junk, but Wendy insisted that she deserved punishment for her failure as a maid. Rance decided to have violent sex with her as punishment, which she accepted.

After the experience, Wendy felt strangely relieved of the emptiness she had. Rance would occasionally create a mess and blame it on her incompetence as a maid in order for an excuse to "punish" her again. Each time Wendy happily engaged in these punishments.

Rance has the option to have an S&M tower built and afterwards he may use it to punish Wendy in a much more specialized fashion. During these experiences, Wendy realized that she enjoyed being punished and had a masochistic sexual appetite. Wendy gladly accepted that she had always unconsciously longed to be an abused maid. 


  • While unconfirmed, it is possible that her character was retconned into Klean Bew in the canon storyline, albeit with her masochistic traits removed.