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The land of the Continent is filled with warring nations and monsters, and many amazing weapons have been developed throughout the years. However as the Continent is also rife with gods, magic and Devils, some of those weapons are far from the norm and have gained amazing properties, with some of them entering the realm of legend. Some of those marvels also come from the Calculator Cube, a mysterious place that only calls a chosen few, while others were created by the legendary Smith, the Devil Prince Regaccio.

Weapon Types[]

Throughout the Continent, the sword ( or its variant the katana in JAPAN ) is easily the most popular weapon of all close combat human weapons, and it has become the standard of some of the world's greatest armies, particularly the Leazas military. It is also a common weapon among adventurers, and a skill level in sword combat is fairly common. Due to all these factors, most of the world's greatest and most dangerous fighters use it as their weapon of choice, and many legendary weapons are swords with amazing properties.

The Continent is a place rife with magical energies, and though becoming proficient in it requires many years of study, many individuals can use Magic as their main form of combat. This is particularly true in the Zeth Army ,  as most of the country's culture is built around Magic, and to a lesser extent in JAPAN where Diviners are common. It can also be used in a defensive manner to heal allies, particularly through the Divine Magic of the AL Church and the magic used by Mikos. Though most of the power comes from the individual, there are many books, grimoires and magic staffs that help boost a person's innate magical power.

Despite the existence of Magic, the bow remains a widely used long-distance weapon, particularly in JAPAN which has many dedicated archers and where even strategists and mikos are trained in it to defend themselves. The prevalence of heavy armor for defense has made it a bit less ubiquitous in the Continent, but it is fairly common among the Kalar, some of the non-magic users of Zeth and is included in the very diverse Helman military .

Perhaps due to its intensive military culture, the country of Helman is the source of a wide variety of fighting tools, with some of its strongest fighters using Hammer Combat instead of swords and it is the source of multiple great martial artists who only rely on their fists (and sometimes knuckles) to defeat their opponents.

More recently, JAPAN has developed the musket, a powerful (though difficult to reload) gun that was developed by the Tanegashima House and based on the Tulip 01 design. Despite it being an extremely recent weapon, it was quickly adopted by many factions in JAPAN and has already become a recurring element in their armies.

Common Weapons[]

Weapon Name Description
Long Sword A long bladed weapon designed for slashing and thrusting. The most common weapon on the Continent, thousands of different versions of its basic design can be found across each nation. Its balanced weight and versatility make it one of the most popular weapons for both soldiers and adventurers to use, though only a select few are able to truly master the technique required to wield its power to the fullest.
Katana A variation of the long sword found in JAPAN and exported across the Continent. Its curved, single-edged blade grants it an excellent amount of cutting power at the cost of reducing the strength of its thrust. While generally much sharper than the average long sword, it requires much more skill and practice to use effectively. Though its sleek design makes it a popular choice for a weapon among rookie adventures, very few are able to wield it competently.
Short Sword A variety of sword with a smaller, thinner blade designed primarily for thrusting. Its light weight sacrifices power for speed. While not as prevalent as the long sword, it still possesses a devoted following, to the point of having multiple sword styles created specifically to wield it more effectively.
Buster Sword A large, double-bladed sword. Unlike most other swords, it is designed for crushing rather than slashing. Its great power is counterbalanced by its extremely heavy weight, making it perhaps the most difficult kind of sword to fight with. A popular weapon among coliseum fighters due to its power and brutality, it is rarely used in military combat.
Spear A weapon consisting of a long shaft with a pointed tip. Its great length allows it a much longer reach than other melee weapons, but also makes it much more awkward to wield. While extremely common among military infantry, only a small handful of individuals choose to use it as their weapon of choice.
Battle Axe A large broad-bladed axe designed for combat. Like the buster sword, it prioritizes strength and crushing power over speed and gracefulness. Though somewhat easier to wield than the buster sword, its clumsy weight still makes it fairly uncommon. In the right hands, an axe can possess some of the most devastating and savage attack power available.
Hammer A blunt weapon designed to crush opponents through sheer force of impact. A close relative of the battle axe in terms of both weight and combat potential, it removes the slashing power of a bladed edge in favor of increasing its smashing potential through a flat head. Its size and weight ensure that only the hardiest warriors will wield it in combat.
Knuckles Gloves lined with metal around the knuckles to reinforce the strength of punches. The preferred weapon of martial artists everywhere, they prioritize freedom of movement over increasing attack strength. Despite their apparent simplicity, the amount of martial arts skill required to use them effectively and the infinite potential of the human body makes them perhaps the most complex of all melee weapons.
Bow A weapon made from curved wood designed for firing arrows to attack from a long range. While much harder to pick up than melee weapons, a masterfully-shot arrow is capable of downing a foe instantly while also allowing the user to remain a safe distance away from danger. A highly tactical weapon, the slow and steady focus required to wield a bow means that most archers fight alongside others who wield more simple weapons in order to receive protection while they prepare the perfect shot.

Uncommon Weapons[]

Weapon Name Origin Current wielder Description
Tulip 01 Maria Custard Maria Custard The first fully functional weapon of the Tulip Series, the Tulip 01 is a long distance hand-held cannon. It was created by the mechanical genius Maria Custard. Though powerful, it requires the rare metal Hirara ore in order to run, making it difficult to maintain.
Musket Tanegashima Shigehiko Tanegashima House, JAPAN A powerful (though difficult to reload) gun that was developed by the Tanegashima House and based on the Tulip 01 design. Despite it being an extremely recent weapon, it was quickly adopted by many factions in JAPAN and has already become a recurring element in their armies.

Due to the rarity of Hirara stones in JAPAN, they are powered by gun powder instead.

Slingshot Helman Sheila Helman
Crossbow ???? Urza Pranaice, Helman Army

Unique Weapons[]

Weapon Name Origin Current wielder Description
Chaos the Darksword Planner Rance A legendary sentient sword that has the ability to temporarily disable the Invinciblity Field of Dark Lords. Despite its great power, it is quite feared due to its tendency to corrupt and manipulate its user. It has been wielded several times by the warrior Rance to defeat multiple Dark Lords.
Nikkou the Lightblade Planner Kentarou Ogawa A widely-revered sentient katana that, like Chaos, possesses the ability to temporarily disable the Invincibility field of Dark Lords. It has been wielded by countless heroes throughout history, and is remembered for its part in helping defeat the Dark Lords Xavier and Red Eye.
Sword of Heroes Escude Planner ???? A legendary blade that is wielded by the Hero of the System notable for its ability to grow in strength as the Continent's Human population decreases. At its highest level of power, it is capable of damaging the Three Supreme Gods, making it in theory the most powerful weapon in existence.
Shiranui ???? Destroyed (formerly Hubert Lipton) A mystical katana that grew in sharpness to match its wielder's fighting spirit. Originally located in the Heijokyou dungeon in JAPAN, it was taken by legendary Helmanian general Thoma Lipton and given to his son Hubert Lipton as a present for passing the knighthood test. It was able to achieve its full power in order to defeat the Tousho Bastet, after which it was destroyed.
Byroad Leazas Army Rick Addison A sword with an extremely long blade that is enchanted to be able to grow even greater in length. Passed down through generations of the Red Corps of the Leazas Army, its dull blade usually made it used exclusively for ceremonial purposes. Despite this, it is currently wielded to great effect by the Red Reaper of Leazas, Rick Addison.
Ghost Buster Unknown Yulang Mirage A rare sword capable of harming ghosts.
Moemoe Sword-0
Moemoe Sword Moemoe Kingdom Abert Safety
Puncher ???? Crane
Gram Regaccio Dark Rance An enchanted sword created by Regaccio and given to Dark Rance, a young Devil whom the Devil Prince took an interest in. Its powers increase with the rage and grief found in its wielder's heart, making it a powerful weapon in the hands of the troubled Devil.
Emperor Sword Amaterasu None One of the Three Sacred Treasures created by the Goddess Amaterasu as an apology to the people of JAPAN. Whoever wields it alongside the other two treasures is instantly recognized as Emperor of JAPAN. It is currently in the custody of the Oda Family.
Leazas Holy Sword Ho Raga None One part of the Leazas Holy Armor, the three greatest treasures of the Kingdom of Leazas. An excellent sword that possesses a blade that never dulls. Famously used by the nation's founder Gross Leazas to seal away the Demon King Gele. It is currently in storage inside of Leazas Castle.
DALK Sword DALK Sanakia A legendary sword wielded by "the Goddess of War", the true power of this weapon can only be unleashed when wielded by a female warrior. It was stolen from the Zeth Royal Museum by Rance before being given to the aspiring knight Sanakia Drelshkaf.
The Nomicon ????? Destroyed (formerly Papaya Server) A dark sentient Grimoire detailing many forbidden magical arts. In addition, it naturally increased the innate magical power of whoever wielded it. However, its tendency to corrupt and control whoever was in possession of it made it very dangerous. It was later destroyed after having all of its text removed by a Super Eraser in an effort to free Papaya Server from its influence.
Init Unknown Miracle Tou
Super Buggy Ball Insect Users Caloria Cricket This green ball is not as the name implies a toy, but a sacred treasure of the Insect User tribe. When their village was destroyed, it was brought to the Zeth Royal Museum. It was later stolen by Rance and given to Caloria Cricket, one of the few remaining Insect Users.
Kaiser Knuckles ???? Patton Misnarge A pair of powerful knuckles that were said to have once belonged to an Emperor with the power to destroy entire mountains. They were on display in the Zeth Royal Museum before being stolen by Rance. Though Rance planned to keep them for himself, either fate or sheer luck allowed Patton Misnarge to obtain them instead.
Sillpheed Calculator Cube Sill Plain A pair of gloves discovered inside of the Calculator Cube by Sill Plain and Rance during their adventure in Zeth. The unique gloves seem to have been tailor made for Sill, and greatly boost her magical abilities.
Decapitation Katana Calculator Cube Kanami Kentou A legendary JAPANese katana that greatly boosts the abilities of all Ninja who wield it. It was found by Kentou Kanami and Rance inside of the Calculator Cube during their adventure in Zeth.
Crystal Rod Calculator Cube Shizuka Masou A magic scepter containing a blue Kalar crystal, causing it to greatly enhance the magical power of all who wield it. It was found by Shizuka Masou and Rance inside of the Calculator Cube during their adventure in Zeth.
Super Hawk Calculator Cube Sheila Helman A fairly powerful slingshot that can be used to throw projectiles from long distances. It was found in the Calculator Cube by Sheila Helman and Rance during the Helman Revolution.
Moonquay Calculator Cube Tillday Sharp A powerful rapier given to Tillday Sharp by the Calculator Cube when she entered it accompanied by Rance. It increases both her striking power and precision.
Gingko Snowstorm Calculator Cube Tokugawa Sen
Wand of Electromagnetic Pulse Calculator Cube Miracle Tou
Parancho Pull Ratanhia Pitten Chao The treasured sword of the Kingdom of Parancho's royal family. Along with being unbreakable and incredibly sharp, its blade is capable of emitting several bright and beautiful colors when swung. It is wielded by Pitten Chao, the supreme commander of the nation's army as well as its first prince.
Hyper Weapon Rance Rance Quite possibly the most dangerous weapon on the Continent, the Hyper Weapon has defeated many foes and penetrated many walls throughout its infamous travels.


  • The Sillpheed is a portmonteau of Sill's name and Game Arts PC-98 shooter game, Silpheed.