Wayos Benville
Japanese ワヨソ・ベンビール
Romanization wayoso benbīru
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Shopkeeper
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance 03
Mentioned in Rance VI

About Edit

Wayoso is a shopkeeper working in a Magic Shop in the town of Red from the Free Cities Alliance. She's the cousin of the mercenary from Zeth, Cessna Benville. Despite being in charge of a shop, Wayoso has a sleeping disorder that constantly makes her fall asleep. She attends her shop in a hammock and dresses in a pink lolita style that resembles jammies. 

Born in the magic kingdom of Zeth, Wayoso is a mage with a strong power. When she was little, while practicing a high level sleep spell, she accidentally fail in its cast and cause it to violently outburst. Wayoso and her cousin, Cessna, were both caught in the explosion and gave them a sleeping disorder as a result. 

Just like her cousin when she falls asleep she's absolutely defenseless and many take advantage of her as a result. In Rance 03, she's raped in her sleep by Helman soldiers.



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