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Hehe... Even a boring person like him is pretty as a Soul, don't you think Lassie?

—Warg, after her victim committed suicide.

Japanese ワーグ・赤
Romanization Wāgu Aka
Race Dark Lord
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction
Level limit 150
Skill levels Dream Manipulation Lv2
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

Note: This article describes the Warg from the non-canon Kichikuou Rance. For the canonical version of the character refer to Warg.


Warg debuted in the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance

An innocent looking young girl who was once human, she was long ago turned into a Dark Lord by Demon King Gi. She is a member of the Kayblis Faction

Warg doesn't really like Kayblis but she's mad at Hornet for yelling at her once, so she joined his Faction to oppose Hornet. She is not particularly loyal to Kayblis and can defect to join the human armies against him. Her reasoning is simply that humans have more souls so it will be easier to acquire them after they die.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Despite being a Dark Lord, she retains the childishness and immaturity of a little girl. She's quite playful and enjoys kid games though not many in the monster realm are willing play them with her. She doesn't like to be told what to do or not to do.

Despite how innocent she might look she's actually one of the most dangerous Dark Lords. Warg has the unique ability to forcibly put any target to sleep and control their dreams. She usually uses this ability to give her victims horrible nightmares of war, death, and torture. She's made a hobby of torturing people through nightmares and finds great amusement in this. After they die she collects their souls and keeps them. Her cloud-like monster pet Lassie was created with these souls (according to Warg, he is a dog). Lassie acts as her lesser apostle and is nothing but a mass of souls merged together that gained sentience. 

Souls are usually small and light so to make an entire entity like Lassie probably took several centuries with thousands of victims. This is nothing but another fun game for her and is what Hornet told her to stop doing.



Warg using her ability.

Warg has a unique ability, a level 2 skill named Dream Manipulation. Using this ability, she can make any target fall asleep and can completely take control of their dreams. She is an expert manipulator, skilled in psychological control over centuries of experience. When her target dies while in her control, she has the ability to keep her victim's soul.

While this ability can be used for individual torture, she can also indirectly influence entire armies. Attacking Warg directly becomes near impossible, as a nightly visit from Warg to the enemy General will see the army retreating the next morning.

She never kills her targets herself but tortures them with nightmares until they commit suicide. She has been able to turn insane even the most cruel and heartless of humans. It may take days or weeks but the result is always the same. 

Her ability can also be used against many opponents at the same time with no restriction. It is unknown if there's some limit about the number of individuals that can fall under her influence. 

Her ability is seemingly limitless, and could even silence the Creator God, Ludo-Rathowm which means anyone can fall under her ability.


  • Warg is one of the only two Dark Lords to join Rance's harem in Kichikuou Rance. Rance doesn't have sex with her though, due to his prohibition against sex with children.
  • She's the only Dark Lord from the Kayblis Faction that took a liking to Rance.
  • Warg's pet Lassie, given its appearance and composition, may itself be a parody of Ludo-Rathowm.



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