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Japanese ワルルポート
Romanization warurupōto
Race Dark Lord, Undead (former)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 10cm-3m / ??kg
Status Deceased
Class Necromancer
World The Continent
Affiliation Demon King Rance
Level limit 102
Skill levels Death Magic Lv2
Mentioned in Rance X


Waluluport was a Dark Lord created by the Demon King Rance.

Prior to becoming a Dark Lord, Waluluport was a malicious mage who resurrected himself from death through the dark art of Necromancy. Commanding legions of the Undead, he wreaked havoc on various Human communities for the sole purpose of spreading destruction and chaos across The Continent.

In the year RA0009, Rance temporarily succumbed to the corrupting influence of the Demonic Blood Pool, causing his mind to become filled with an overwhelming desire to bring ruin to the Protagonist Race. To satiate this urge, Rance ordered his Monster forces to invade the territories of the Human Realm, sparking the beginnings of the War of the Brutal King. Early on into the war, Rance transformed Waluluport, along with three other merciless beings, into a Dark Lord to assist in the campaign. Upon becoming a Dark Lord, Waluluport gained the ability to attach his Soul to any undead flesh he came in contact with, allowing him to avoid death by shifting from one vessel to another. Despite being appointed as a commander in the New Monster Army, Waluluport did not in any way alter his behavior, and continued to indiscriminately rampage throughout the world.

After a year of vicious conflict, the elite human fighting force the Neo-Twelve Knights finally succeeded in landing a decisive victory over the Monster Army in RA0010 after defeating one of its primary commanders, the Dark Lord Neluaporon. The loss of Neluaporon caused the Monster Army to fall into a momentary state of confusion, creating an opening in its defenses that allowed the Neo-Twelve Knights to launch a direct attack on Rance himself. Utilizing the great power of the mysterious creature SBR, the group was able to stun Rance for long enough to enable his daughter Reset Kalar the time needed to strike him with her Hand of Klausen and restore his sanity. Following his recovery, Rance ordered the monsters to cease their assault on the Human Realm, ending the war in the process.

Shortly after the war's conclusion, Rance called Waluluport and his surviving contemporaries before him in order to punish them for the destruction they had caused. Fearing having to face repercussions for his actions, Waluluport reduced himself to a minuscule size and went into hiding. His location was eventually tracked down in the year RA0012 by Arms Arc, the Continent's greatest adventurer and a former member of the Neo-Twelve Knights, who utilized various rare items to disable his immortality, allowing her to finally slay him using the Light Blade Nikkou. Sometime later, Waluluport's Demonic Blood Soul was collected and reabsorbed by Rance, permanently destroying his soul in the process.

Personality and Appearance[]

A bizarre amalgamation of various corpses with the ability to mold his body as he saw fit, Waluluport had no truly consistent physical appearance, and varied in shape and size from as small as ten centimeters to as large as three meters. In the one image shown of him, he was depicted as a tall, plant-like humanoid with an elongated neck, arms, and legs and strange flesh-colored growths splitting off of nearly every part of his body. His face was sunken and snake-like, and rested beneath several petal-like protrusions at the top of his head.

A truly loathsome being, Waluluport devoted all of his existence toward the pursuit of terrorizing the populace of the Continent with his undead hordes. He seemingly possessed no greater ambition than to spread chaos and destruction everywhere he went, and was chosen as a servant by Rance specifically because of his relentless brutality. Waluluport is also suggested to have been quite cowardly, as he chose to live in hiding rather than risk facing the consequences of his actions throughout the War of the Brutal King after it became apparent he would suffer for them.

Waluluport is known to have had an Apostle; a being of unknown original species named Tobu. As nothing is known about Tobu beyond this, however, the nature of their relationship with their master is unknown.


Waluluport was an exceptionally powerful necromancer even prior to becoming a Dark Lord. Possessing the Death Magic Lv2 Skill Level, he was capable of commanding thousands of undead creatures to do his bidding at once, which he used to great effect in terrorizing human villages. Upon transforming into a Dark Lord, Waluluport gained the additional ability to graft his soul onto any and all undead flesh that it came in contact with. This allowed him to modify his body in a number of ways, including making it larger and more powerful by integrating additional corpses into it, and making it smaller and more difficult to track by stripping it down to a few scant entrails. Waluluport's soul would remain intact in whatever remained of his flesh after his body was destroyed, rendering him functionally immortal even when faced with an opponent capable of penetrating his Invincibility Field. While this immortality was not absolute, as Arms Arc eventually succeeded in disabling it, doing so required the use of several rare items; suggesting that it was an involved and complicated process.

Outside of his great skill at Death Magic and astounding survivability, Waluluport also had the power to manipulate poison and pestilence to debilitate his foes. While little is known of his individual fighting ability, he possessed a Level Cap of 102, among the lowest of any known Dark Lord, and had only managed to reach the comparatively low Level of 78 by the end of his life, implying him to be fairly weak compared to others of his kind. Waluluport's relative lack of strength was perhaps best shown in his final defeat, where he was slain by a single exceptional human when rendered unable to rely on his special abilities.


  • The image used to represent Waluluport in Hanihon X was originally an unused design for the Devil Neplacus.
  • The summary of the RA era given at the beginning of Rance X: Part 2 states that Waluluport was given the same punishment of being forced to live in extreme pain as his fellow Dark Lord DD after the end of the War of the Brutal King. This is in conflict with Waluluport's profile in Hanihon X, which states that he went into hiding after the conclusion of the war to avoid facing such a punishment.
  • Waluluport is indirectly referenced during Arms Arc's epilogue in Rance Quest, in which it is stated that she eventually went on to slay a Dark Lord single-handedly.
  • Waluluport is the only character in the Rance Series known to canonically possess the Death Magic skill level.
  • Waluluport is the only Dark Lord known to have previously been an undead creature. As such, his original race prior to becoming undead is unknown.
  • Waluluport's Apostle's name, Tobu (頭部), is a Japanese word that literally translates to 'head'; possibly indicating that what appears to be Waluluport's head in the image shown of him is actually his Apostle acting in the place of it.