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General Information
  • Kurosu Kenzou (黒須賢三) - Main character, wishing to learn magic to do H stuff
  • Kororoko Swallow / Roko (コロロコ・スワロウ / ロコ) - An infamous witch stripped of her magic.
  • Etoile Lene Roshtoll / Lene (エトワール・レネ・ロシュトール / レネ) - First Princess of the Roshtoll Kingdom
  • Lilily (リリリィ) - Daughter of the owner of the super item shop, Bankokuya
  • Cyril Pogrom (セロ・ポグロム) - Rival of Kensou, the one who tricked Kensou into declaring his ambitions.
  • Ko-mori (コーモリ) - Servant of Roko.
  • Nanophilia Sasha Roshtoll / Sasha (ナノフィリア・サーシャ・ロシュトール / サーシャ) - Second Princess of the Roshtoll Kingdom
  • Neus Pogrom (ネウス・ポグロム) - Head of the Pogrom family
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