Banishu!~Oppai no Kieta Ōkoku~
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(c)アリスソフト DVD case art
Brand AliceSoft
Release date 2009/02/27
Genre / Rating ADV / 18+
Base price ¥2800
Voice yes
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General Information

The full title of this game translates to "Vanish! ~Kingdom of Disappeared Boobs~". The subtitle refers to the fact that all females in the Roshtoll Kingdom have child-like body proportions, which ties into the plot of the game.

The game's soundtrack was released as Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 16.

Story Background[]

Kurosu Kensou (黒須賢三) was studying abroad at the Roshtoll Kingdom, famous for its magic. With his excellent grades attracted jealousy, and during the well-publicized Entrance Ceremony of the Mage Academy, he was tricked into announcing his dream of using magic to do H stuff. As a result, he became despised by all the females in the kingdom, and no mage would accept him as apprentice. His H ambition was about to be thwarted.

Then, Princess Lene referred to Kensou a legendary witch, Kororoko Swallow, who got her magic sealed due to all the bad things she had done, and who just might be willing to accept Kensou as an apprentice.

How did the princess of the kingdom become associated with an infamous witch? Feeling uneasy, Kurosu Kensou sought out the forest where the witch lives in order to fulfill his H dream.


Vanish! is a mostly-linear text adventure game. The story is divided into multiple chapters, and at various points in the story a branching choice of three options would appear -- two of the choices will lead to bad endings while the other one continues the story. However, the game is about the "bad" choices as much as about the "right" choice, as each bad choice leads to a hilarious game over, and adds a point to the player's "sad card" (each unique ending only gives one point). By collecting the various bad ends, reaching various completion level of the "sad card", additional side stories become unlocked for the player to read.

ADV system features[]

Notable features in the ADV system include:

  • Rewind to the previous branching choices
  • Quick load/save
  • Suppress screensaver while in auto mode