Two links:

It's version 1.00, most issues should have been gotten by now. All text should be translated.
Feel free to point out any issues.

patches notes:

  • ~'s float quite a bit higher than normal.
    • Switched back to full width and then back to half width for the few cases it's used.
  • Quite a few sentences breaking in versions below 0.99.2 in the Princess Fantasy scenario.
    • Most should be fixed in 0.99.2
  • A passthrough to grab most of the broken sentences was done, was clearly not as thorough as I thought I was.
    • Done for version 0.99.3
  • Some overflow, spelling and an inventory fix. in 1.00

Finished up the translation, most of the info is in the readme and is mostly me just whining about translations and writing.

Ultimately I did it so I could play it, but now I don't want to play it, because I already saw what was written and that's all there is to the game.

I'll put the most important part down:
I tried to rely more on the few bits I do know and looking up the terms manually. Multiple tools were used, leading to more clashing which made me look it up more. Should have lead to better translations. Ofcourse that won't fix any shit writing on my or the dev's part.

It is machine assisted, just to note for purists. Though quite a bit less so, and certainly not just passing the tools over it.

Translating a big game like this would probably take forever, though I guess it might be the only option. Atleast it seems quite possible though.

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