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This is a patch for the English version of Toushin Toshi 1, a significant upgrade of my previous patch. It applies the official Japanese patch to the English version, and fixes a number of other problems present even after the patch.


  • Restores all combat backgrounds.
  • Restores two missing enemies, one of them a Gal Monster that you can capture.
  • Fixed a game-wide problem where objects on walls wouldn't work half the time.
  • Restored access to the game's debug mode (see below and the Cut Content page for more details).
  • Tidied up the text.
  • A collection of smaller fixes.

Download the patch below. To install, simply copy the files to your English Toushin Toshi 1 folder and overwrite the originals. Save files are compatible between the unpatched and patched versions of the game.

Download: MediaFire, Mega

Please contact me below or on my message wall if you have any concerns with the patch, especially if you run into technical problems.

Full Patch Notes

Japanese Patch

Unfortunately, the English version of Toushin Toshi is based on the unpatched Japanese version. Since it is impossible to apply the Japanese patch directly to the English version, this patch does so via direct editing of the code.

  • The first major feature of the Japanese patch is to restore combat backgrounds. The game looks three times better with them than without!
    • Note that a few small areas do not have backgrounds. A full list (so far as I'm aware) includes the opening fight with Dogi, as well as all stairs, throne rooms, and ice bridges, and also the hidden developer room.
  • The above fix simultaneously restores access to the two missing enemies, the Chapu Chapu and the Bug.
  • The second major Japanese patch feature was meant to fix a potential issue with mouse controls.

New Fixes

Be aware that this section has spoilers!

  • Objects on walls (and anything else you can examine from a step away) used to fail to work half the time, as Aru Naru describes in the Readme. This is now fixed. Specifically, they weren't working because the game checks your current frame of animation to see which way you're facing, but Custom has two frames of animation for each direction, and the game only checks one. For some reason, this slipped past the developers even when they were making the patch!
    • Only one switch in the entire game was programmed correctly! If you're curious, it was the wheel on Level 6.
  • It originally wasn't possible to examine the Hirara Lemon tree from the north. This was fixed.
  • Corrected a small graphical error on Level 4's map. Note that I did not fix the "Invisible Legs" glitch mentioned on the Cut Content page, as there isn't a suitable graphic for the situation. The conspicuous empty square the game currently uses will have to serve as an indication that the square is "special."
  • Moved the PataPata in the H Memories section to better represent her location in the game, Level 6. This will better help players identify any missing Gal Monsters from their H Memories collection.
    • If you're curious, she was previously listed last. This, plus her ID number and her location in the code, suggest that she was added late in development.
  • Restored the H Memories for Dalis, which were disappearing after you finished the tournament.
  • Replaced the ugly, infinite text loop from Game Overs that occur in latter parts of the game.
  • Fixed the problem where getting into a fight after talking to the Hanny on Level 10 would reset your choice for the Level 10 teleporter.
  • The bunny girls on Level 9 are supposed to offer free healing items during the final boss battle to players who don't have any, but the game stops offering the items almost as soon as it starts (as soon as you recruit Yayoi, a mere two fights later). The girls' dialogue suggests the items were supposed to remain available as long as possible, and the final boss battle can be quite challenging without any items. The patch makes it so that the girls will offer items all the way to the end of the game.
  • Restored the debug cheat to working order. To activate, make sure you do not have saves in files 1, 2, 6, 8 (if you do, move or delete files TOUSHINA.ASD, TOUSHINB.ASD, TOUSHINF.ASD, and TOUSHINH.ASD). Go to the Load screen and click the files in this order: 1, 6, 8, 2. Then right-click to return to the main menu. If done correctly, the "Debug" option will appear as part of the main menu (additional Debug features are unlocked in Alice's Mansion, see the Cut Content page for more details).

Tidying the Text

The original English translation of Toushin Toshi had frequent formatting errors, especially when it came to missing or excess spaces. According to the translator's Readme, this was a side-effect of their translation tools. Since this new patch was created by directly editing the code, translation tools weren't a problem, and the text is now much cleaner. The largest change was to adjust all the game's dialogs so that there is a space between the name of the speaker and the start of their dialog, which is far more readable.

Additional text fixes were made to correct the occasional typo, misspelling, or line break issue.