When Rance 4.1 and 4.2 were originally released, they were 16-bit applications, which no longer work on modern machines. While they were localized into English, many players had to use an included Linux emulator just to play! Now, the game is finally available on modern Windows! Rance 4.1 and 4.2 are freeware releases. For the Japanese originals, see here:


Main Features

  • Fully ported to 32-bit using the original translation!
  • Optional: Take full control of your party members instead of relying on the AI! A dummied feature discovered in the code is now restored and fully operational in both games!
    • Go to the System God and select Ally Control -> Direct Control to activate.
  • Various fixes and other minor bits of cut content restored.

Download Here!

Rance 4.1: MediaFire, Mega
Rance 4.2: MediaFire, Mega

Notes on Direct Control

Yes, the game had code for direct control of your allies this whole time! Be aware that this is arguably a much easier mode than the original, but I wanted you all to have full access to it all the same. Mind that many characters only come into their own when you allow them to build up Power for more capable attacks.

Watch out! Poor Athena 2.0 isn't always reliable. She sometimes passes her turn if her Life is low. To keep it up, keep an eye out for the Recovery command when she's below 6 Life, but be warned! Athena is so capricious that it only shows 50% of the time!

Patch Updates

Rance 4.1

Ver 1.01: Fixed a font size error in Alice's Mansion.

Rance 4.2

Ver 1.1: Adjusted the handling of Gotou's patrol routes, see the Changes section for more details. Fixed an error in the Ally Control menu, and a missed bit of text, an a minor graphical error.


This port by RottenBlock.

Original 32-Bit Interpreter by Tatsuya "TODO" Toshiya.

Original Translation Staff

Translator: Tulip Goddess Maria
Hacker: SomeLoliCatgirl
Image Editor: Vodka
Script Editor: Pi-R


  • Because this version was edited manually, it includes lines that were not being properly translated by the original translation injector. These lines were translated by the original team and could be found in the translation file, but minor mistakes left them unused in the game.
  • Had to change the font due to technical issues with TODO's port of the interpreter. It's now a monospace font (a Japanese MS Gothic) instead of a standard sans-serif, which required various changes as it takes up more space.
    • Adjusted the default message font size to 19 instead of 24. The font change menu was adjusted to reflect this.
    • Adjusted the default menu font size to 14.
    • Some text was adjusted to fit inside their boxes with the new font:
      • Changed the "-Seriously Hurt-" notifier at 2 LP to "-Wounded-".
      • In H-scenes, "Think something weird" to "Think weird thoughts"
      • Renamed "Rabbit Group Soldier" to "Rabbit Group Grunt."
      • 4.1: Receptionist -> Question -> "Boyfriend's Existence" to "Boyfriend?"
      • 4.1: Summon-chan H-scene, "Can't take it anymore" to "Can't hold back"
      • 4.1: Debug attack "We're gonna take victory by force!" to "Gonna take victory by force!"
      • 4.2: In the scene where Kisara asks why you paid her debt, "It was merely justice" to "Was merely justice."
      • 4.2: Move -> "Point Entrance" to "Pt. Entrance" (also applies to Point Entrance B and C).
      • 4.2: Move -> "Point Dragonfly" to "Pt. Dragonfly."
      • 4.2: Move -> "Happiness Pharmaceutical" to "Happiness Pharma HQ"
      • 4.2: Move -> "Mysterious Room" to "Mystery Room"
      • 4.2: Move -> "Before Main Door" to "Main Door."
      • 4.2: "Room" Cabinet -> "Look at stuffed animals" to "Stuffed animals."
      • 4.2: Checkpoints -> "Railroad Crossing Gate" to "Railroad Gate."
      • 4.2: Move -> "Strange Paintings" to "Paintings."
      • 4.2: Wall Paintings -> Move -> "Move the [xth] Painting" to "Move the [xth]."
      • 4.2: Epale H-scene -> "Pop cherry with fingers" to "Deflower with finger."
    • Adjusted several combat pop-up boxes to fit the resized combat text.
    • Removed the Push icon from combat pop-ups to keep it from overlapping the text.
  • Fixed a bug where a save file made from midnight to 1AM would show in the menu as having no hour at all.
  • Added a Cancel option to the in-battle Items menu. While you could always do this with right-click, it's handy to have it visible, and more importantly, this prevents a crash if you're not carrying any combat items at all!
  • 4.1: The True Iceberg Sword from 4.1 used to erase any points of Strength gained from level-up prior to acquiring it. These values are now retained.
  • 4.1: Restored a dummied scene to 4.1 (including a few cut sprites), and a small cut counterpart. To see the scene: any time after you meet Bird, go to see Conan in the security office and ask him about Bird's Room. The scene was originally part of an entire plot sequence (possibly a sidequest?) where Rance spies on Bird, but only this one scene (and a one-line follow-up, possibly developer text) survives. Because I wanted to leave the scene as intact as possible, I left in all the bits about Rance wanting to spy on Bird, but had to change the end lines so that he ultimately had to give up. Except for those last few lines, it's all from the original game and original translation team. Comparison of the end lines:
Original Remake
Conan: "...Fine."

I found out where Bird's room was.

I'll go peek in on him later, heeheeheehee.

Conan: "...Fine. Bird's living off-site. You'll have to walk a long way to see him."

He tells me where. Hmph, I'd never walk that far for a guy. I'll find some other way to mess with Bird.

  • 4.1: Tidied up the door puzzle sequence in 4.1. The text you type now appears in English since I was able to change the formatting to allow even the longest possible "password" to fit. I also alphabetized the menus to make them easier to use.
  • 4.2: Changed Gotou's patrol behaviour. In the original game, Gotou only moves from place to place when you go to the Park Entrance (you can use this to get him to move off the sandbox). This means that if you find him in one place and then revisit that place before returning to the entrance, he will show up again, most notably if you fight him by the sandbox and then enter and exit the dungeon. It also means that he will also show up again if you visit the System God after fighting him, since doing so reloads the room. Now, Gotou's location will be recalculated when you exit the dungeon (this means he has a one in three chance of being at the sandbox, be careful! But at least you won't be forced to battle him twice if he shows up at the sandbox in the old system!). On top of that, Gotou will vanish from the park after each fight until you go to one of the two places that move him around: the park entrance or the dungeon exit.
  • 4.2: Restored the (completely useless) dummied long jump minigame to Rance 4.2.
  • 4.2: Because the slot machine needed its options to be three characters or less, I changed 金 (gold) to the familiar slot machine "BAR."
  • 4.2: Doubled the number of times each slot reel spins, since the original effect was barely noticeable on a modern machine. A pause might have helped even more, but would have slowed down any attempt to get 100% in a big way.
  • 4.2: Changed the requirement for Genri to use his pickling stone on the water trap in Rance 4.2. The original requirements were as follows: the player must have swapped their stone for the egg, requiring Genri to use his in the first place, and must have used the Lunch, presumably building their relationship with Genri. The third requirement however, was very strange: the player must not have the Difficult Book, which has no relationship to the puzzle or sequence whatsoever. Curiously absent in the requirements is the scene where Genri actually collects the stone in the first place, by searching the wall in the park entrance a second time! The Difficult Book requirement was removed, and collecting the stone is now required.
  • 4.2: Replaced the broken sprite of the guard Rance mugs with the equivalent fixed sprite (not sure why they were using a broken one to begin with).
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