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The PC-88 version of Rance 1 was very different! The art had more severe limitations, forcing it to be redrawn with heavy dithering and color changes. Plum, the developer responsible, also chose to rebalance Rance and all the monsters, to add multiple new monsters, and to even add a short, new questline in the middle of the plot! Some elements of this new plot arguably made their way into Rance 01!

Unfortunately, we're not able to directly port the PC-88 version using tools like SysEng, at least not yet. Instead, I've created a mod of my own Rance 1 Rebuilt, changing the art and adding all the new PC-88 features and statistics to the Windows 95 version. All new text in the game as translated by Velt211, who's also responsible for bringing this version to my attention and documenting it on the wiki.


Download (1.5): MediaFire, Mega

Based on Rance 1 Rebuilt Version 1.5.

As of version 1.5, this mod features the original PC-88 music! To play it, the mod requires you to do either install inmm, a small program used by other Alicesoft localizations (installer included, if you haven't used it already), or to run the game in xsystem35.


This is a list of changes I made to create this mod. For a list of what makes the PC-88 version special on its own, see the Cut Content page.

Unlike the PC-88 version, the mod doesn't make use of interlacing, and just up-scales the half-height, PC-88 art.

  • The majority of the game's text is still based on the HGTP translation. New text uses Velt211's translation with only a few edits from me.
  • The PC-88 Rance I logo doesn't have any lightning bolts flashing behind it, I wasn't able to pull it off. System's palette code is a strange and mysterious thing.
  • Because of numerous minor changes to Alice's Mansion, I've used Velt211's translation for the entire section rather than try to to intermix it with HGTP's translation.
  • In the original PC-88, the only way to leave Alice's Mansion was to enter the "Changes" submenu first. This didn't make a lick of sense, so I moved it back to the Mansion's root menu.
  • Fixed a new, PC-88 error with the Magic Missile spell.
  • Extended the Win95-exclusive Flee command to fail on the three new bosses.
  • Patty now mentions that not all Hannies are affected by the Haniwa Bronze Statue. Specifically, only the standard "Hanny Flash" attack is affected (including the one used by Ladle Man). The PC-88 version added this mechanic, but didn't adjust any dialogue suggesting the statue was perfect, leading to a conflict between gameplay and text. I chose to keep the PC-88 gameplay and game balance, and changed the dialogue, instead. Either choice has its upsides and downsides. This mechanic makes the statue less useful in PC-88, though it's still helpful for grinding.
  • Because the Win95 version lets you Investigate and Use every item, a short, new Use sequence was added for the PC-88 Bouquet object. You're also given the option to Use the Bible and Paper instead of just Investigate them, though this produces the same results.
  • After you give the bouquet to the level-shop girl, Rance originally said "Wait, she did say she would change her mind if he [her boyfriend] would die...". This is in reference to using Take on the level-shop girl, where she actually does say that! Unfortunately, the player isn't forced to select Take to progress the plot, so this comes off as a non sequitur. To simplify things, Rance now says, "Hmph.... I wonder, would she would change her mind if he died...?"
  • Rance can enter the cemetery as a new, distinct area in this version, but the map still works like in other versions, where the cemetery is a simple room. This leads to a conflict where the map says you're inside the cemetery even though you still have to Enter the cemetery to visit the new area, I added a line to the cemetery's Look command to suggest that you can Enter.
  • If you keep using the Talk command on the boyfriend, the game originally repeats one section before moving on to a punchline on the second repeat. Since it's easy to overlook that there even is a punchline when the game is already repeating text, I added a few more exclamation points to the first repeat to show that something has changed.
  • The original game mentions the Mansion Key showing up alongside the Note, but refuses to let you acknowledge the key until you read the Note, at which point Rance acts like he already has the Key. The game now implies that there's something folded in the note, and Rance only finds the key when he interacts with the Note.
  • Kept in the PC-98 joke about the convoluted quest leading to the key (which was removed in PC-88), but adjusted it to account for the Key's new location and all the extra steps required to get it. It's even more confusing now, after all!
  • After you get the mansion key, you're able to go back to the level-up shop even though you murdered her boyfriend. This is important for game balance, but the PC-88 game also allows you to talk to the girl as though nothing had changed. I added a new opening scene and locked off all menu options besides levelling up to show that she's still angry with you.
  • The credits end in very different fashions between PC-98/88 and Win95. As a result, I mixed them together: TADA and Plum's PC-88 farewells are both shown at the end of the credits, and then we see the Win95 finale screen. After clicking to see "On to the next adventure," the game will start a timer before playing the final PC-88 ending gags.
  • Added a credits test and a sound test mode to the debug menu (only accessible via code modification).

Version 1.5[]

  • Added the original PC-88 music, finally converted with the help of Lutepatious' AliceConv.