My PatchesEdit

  • Rance I - "Rance I Rebuilt." Features numerous fixes for the original game and tidied text for the HGTP translation.
  • Rance IV - Fixes a glitch that gives you the wrong item name when you collect items with a full inventory.
  • Rance 4.1 and 4.2 - 32-bit port for modern systems, including access to cut content, including fully controllable ally characters.
  • Rance VI - Fan patch that fixes a variety of problems for the original game, as well as restores access to cut content.
  • Little Vampire - Full translation, updated from 16-bit app to modern machines.
  • Toushin Toshi - Applies the official Japanese patch, as well as various other fixes and general cleanup.
  • Toushin Toshi II - Fixes the guarenteed error where the game mistakes save files 4-10 as save file 3, restricting you to three save files, and other minor errors.
  • Kaeru nyo Panyo~n: Tidying patch, correcting several text errors, untranslated lines, and garbage characters. Made Debug mode easier to unlock.
  • Mamanyonyo: Incomplete localization patch. Localization programming complete and text carried over from Widenyo, leaving gameplay 100% complete, but translation work on the game's H-scenes is slow-going. Looking for a translator willing to work on the remaining text.

If my patches give me any trouble, please contact me on my Message Wall or the appropriate blog post linked above.

I also have a blog post about other outstanding issues in Alicesoft games that could benefit from patches.

Walkthroughs and GuidesEdit

I also have a blog post about games that are known to have debug mode features, but do not yet have a Cut Content page.

By all means, add to, revise or expand on my guides, they are on a wiki for a reason.

System ProgrammingEdit


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