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Japanese ウルルカ
Romanization Ururuka
Race Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Nightmare Eyes, Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age
My power... I shall lend it to you.

—Ulruka to Zanma Rouga


Ulruka is the chief of Yezo, one of the regions controlled by the Nightmare Eyes. Originally, the northern territories were under the control of the Hokkaidou Union, led by Kajiyama Shoumon. However, one year before the events of Big Bang Age, Pram Bathori and Camilla Bathori attacked the Union and quickly gained control of it. They established the Nightmare Eyes and turned Kajiyama into a vampire, forcing him to do their bidding. Ulruka, and thus Yezo, was also forced into serving the Nightmare Eyes, which Ulruka and her people despise.

After Wolf Fang had begun invading Nightmare Eyes territory, there were two possible outcomes for Ulruka. Either Wolf Fang took too long, causing Ulruka to get raped and turned into a vampire, or Wolf Fang manages to capture her in battle, sending her to the Seijou Academy jail.

During the first outcome, Ulruka ultimately dies after either she, or the Nightmare Eyes, are defeated. During the second outcome, Ulruka is approached by Rouga in jail, who asks her to join Wolf Fang. Ulruka is apprehensive at the idea, citing that she may betray Rouga because of her abilities being useful only for killing. Rouga, however, says that he believes she is a good person and he can trust her, convincing Ulruka to join his cause.

After Camilla has turned back to normal and joined Wolf Fang, Ulruka receives an apology from her for terrorizing and killing the people of the Hokkaidou Union. Ulruka initially finds it difficult to forgive Camilla, but after seeing how kind-hearted she really is, Ulruka forgives her.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ulruka is a woman who finds it difficult to express her feelings. She never smiles or cries in front of people and rarely trusts people. Despite this, she is accepted within Wolf Fang, as can be seen in her talk events. Ulruka is often asked by female Wolf Fang members to become their 'big sister', but she does not understand why.

The torment of her people weighs heavily upon Ulruka soul, especially because she was forced to kill many of her brethren who had been turned into vampires by Camilla. This makes it difficult for Ulruka to forgive herself and Camilla, though she eventually manages to come to terms with it.

Ulruka has long purple hair, partially covered by a dark blue hairband with white patterns, and purple eyes. She wears an outfit consisting of a medium sleeved dark blue dress with white and red patterns and green stripes. Another dress is worn on top. This dress is primarily red with orange and blue patterns. She also wears a piece of white cloth on top of that, with a matching white scarf. She has a necklace around her neck and a dagger around her waist. Gloves that match her hairband can also be seen.


Ulruka is a fairly powerful medium range fighter. She fights using a large boomerang that she throws at enemies, then catches when it comes back.

Her special ability is Frozen Blade. Ulruka sends out a highly accurate damaging wave that will always hit pre-emptively and does not kill the enemy.


  • Ulruka and her people's clothing and way of life are based on the Ainu people, the indingenous people of the Hokkaido region (and various other territories) before the Japanese. Several aspects of Ulruka's clothing are parts of traditional Ainu outfits, such as the headband and the necklace, called a tamasay or shitoki.
  • The Nightmare Eyes' invasion of the Hokkaidou Union is also likely a reference to the Japanese invading, and later annexing, the Hokkaido region.