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Status Screen[]


  • 愛情値 Love point & 愛情レベル Love level - one of the two major common criteria for being able to propose to the girl. When the love gauge fills up, the love level increases, the love points reset with carry over. Sakura's love maxes out at level 4 with 550/500, while the other 5 girls when filling up level 4 will jump to level 5 at 999/999. Love points can be decreased by various events, bottoming out at 0 points without dropping the love level. When you gain love points for a girl, it shows up on the lower right corner of the screen as numbers accompanied by pink hearts (without any plus sign), plus any attraction bonus. Certain events only appear at specific love levels.
  • 好感度 Attraction - How the girl feels about you in general. Whenever you gain Love points, you also gain a bonus amount of love points equal to the attraction, called 好感度ボーナス ("attraction bonus"). Thus in the long term the Attraction points helps a lot with gaining love points. Attraction points are only obtained via certain fixed events, and typically range around 5~7 towards end game.
  • 妊娠度 Pregnancy factor - This is directly proportional to the amount of sperm the girl has received. When the gauge fills up, the girl becomes pregnant, and the gauge resets to 0 plus carry over points. A baby icon will also show up on the right side of the gauge. The pregancy gauge maxes out at 3 babies.
  • 嫉妬心 Jealousy - Only available to the two main heroines. When it reaches 10, a jealousy explosion occures, decreasing the Love points and the Mood of the girl. When jealousy explodes, it will reset to 0 without carry over. Some of the intimid interactions may reduce jealousy.
  • 淫乱度 Slutness - How much the girl desires H, only available to the two main heroines. For Sakura, it affects the chances of her giving opportunity to other men. For both main heroines, it affects the initial excite level when entering H mode. It may have other passive effects. Taking bath (public or private) can decrease it.
  • 気分 Mood - How the girl is feeling, only avaiable to the two main heroines. It contributes to the Harmony of the house, visualized as each of the heroine putting out plus signs or minus signs outside their door each morning:
90~100 - very good mood, Harmony +2
60~89 - good mood, Harmony +1
40~59 - normal, Harmony +0
20~39 - bad mood, Harmony -1
0~19 - very bad mood, Harmony -2


  • Hレベル H level - The male's ability with H. It can affect the effectiveness of certain H interactions. It also determins the Stamina and Sperm Points.
  • 経験値 Experience - The male's experience with H. When it fills up the male levels up, and the gauge resets with carryover. H level is gained by H events. However, certain special-event H as well as all H with Madoka give no experience points.
  • 精力 Sperm points - Whenever a male ejeculates, the sperm point decreases. If ejeculation is inside, it will increase the female's preganancy factor. Having 0 sperm points will not affect availability of any interaction (the male can still ejeculate), there just won't be any change in the preganancy factor. Sperm points can be recovered by resting, eating, drinking, the use of items. It is also fully recovered every morning (after any waking-up H).
  • 体力 Stamina - Main character only. Affects the ability for the main character to work at part-time jobs and doing H with Sakura or Madoka. Note that walking around decreases stamina (especially in bad weather), but the player can still walk around with 0 stamina. Stamina can be recovered by resting, eating, drinking, the use of items. It is also fully recovered every morning (after any waking-up H).
  • 性欲 Sexual Tension - Main character only. Increases by 5 for each time period. If it is at 100 when the player goes to sleep, the player will wake up with Sperm points, Stamina, and Sexual Tension all at 0 the next morning. This parameter otherwise does not affect the player's ability at H.
  • 理性 Reason - Main character only. In certain H situations prior to ejeculation the player may be hit with a loss of reason. If it doesn't drop to zero, the player will be able to choose to pull out and ejeculate outside. If it reaches zero, the player will always ejeculate inside. Max reason is always equal to sperm points, and is filled up when the player goes to sleep.
  • Chocolate - How many "sincere" chocolate you received on Feb 14th (some girls give out "non-sincere" chocolate to regular male friends/acquintences).

In the male status screen you can also see any "stealers", other males who might end up taking Sakura away. Sakura has separate love points, love level, and pregancy factor for each of the males.

Additional parameters[]

The following are additional parameters not found on the Status screen, but are displayed on the Map screen:

  • Money - The only way to earn money in the game is through working at part time jobs. Money is required for the service at the Public Bathhouse, buying items or charms from the Adult Shop or the Shrine, and visiting the Sake House.
  • 調和 Harmony & ボーダーライン Borderline - The harmony of the house depends on the mood of the two main heroines (see "Mood" in the Female section above). Every week between Sunday and Monday, the player's father will call from overseas to ask how things are going. If the Harmony is above the Borderline, father will be satisified but Borderline for the following week will be increased by 15. On the other hand, if Harmony is less than the Borderline, father will be displeased and take a huge chunk of money away from you (but not increase the Borderline for next week). If the amount taken away is more than the current amount of money, there's no debt, thus you may abuse the system by spending almost all your money and suffer little loss. Warning: due to final exams during which the player will not be home, Feb 5 ~ Feb 9 all count as one single day, which can severely impact Harmony calculation.
  • Playboy Points 浮気ポイント - This meter shows how much you can fool around before getting caught. Typically it is reduced by first H with sub-heroines, lying about staying over at a sub-heroine's place, and generic high level H with sub-heroines. If you go home with 0 Playboy Points, any main heroines at home will be despleased, which will lower their Mood and increase their Jealousy (though your Playboy Points will be filled up again). Taking baths alone will help recover Playboy Points (washing away the evidence?). Confession to "Sister Sakura" will also recover Playboy Points (at a small cost of Jealousy, but no Mood penalty). While the meter uses red hearts on the map screen, gaining and losing of Playboy Points are represented via blue hearts during the game.