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The goal of the game is to get through the last three months of collage life for Shinbo Kousuke (from now on referred to as "you" or "the player"), hopefully winning a girl's heart.

There is only one game over condition: if Aoi Sakura (from now on referred to as "Sakura"), the older sister, is either pregnant due to another male, or if she falls in love with another male.

Game flow[]

The upper left hand corner of the map screen shows the Month, Date, Day of Week, and the current weather. The game begins on December 14th, and ends on March 14th of the following year. The entire half-month of December serves as a prologue of the entire game, getting the player to be acquinted with the people and the navigation of the game.

The Calendar screen (accessable from the top center of the map screen) can help you determine what day of the week it is. The calendar starts the week with Sunday.

Each day is divided into 5 time periods (displayed on the upper left of the map screen, right beneath the date). Each time period may have different weather conditions.

Various actions, events, and character availability can be affected by the weather, the time of day, the day of week, or special holidays. For example, there's usually nobody at school at night or on weekends. Sakura will leave the house every day at Sunset unless the player stays at home at noon, or until a certain event. On the other hand, Madoka leaves the house every day at noon, until a certain different event. On the map screen you may see their status at the lower right corner. If the door is left open, that means the respective girl is not home.

At each time of the day the player select a location to go to (sometimes there is only one choice, for story scripting reasons). Depending on the location, additional action choices may be available.

Part time jobs[]

Part time jobs are the only source of income for this game. The command is only available on the map screen if the player is already at home during that period of the day, so on a typical day the player can only work twice. The same job cannot be repeated within the day. There are three jobs available:

Name Pay (yen) Availability Acquisition
Grocery store
4,000 Morning, Noon, Sunset, Night Available during prologue
Tea House
2,800 Morning, Noon, Sunset, Night
Not open on Wednesdays
Visit the tea house twice
8,000 Morning, Noon
Up to 4 times a week
Go to collage to look for job a few times (3), and Keita will introduce the job to you.

The Tea House and Tutor part time jobs may sometimes trigger events that won't get you paid.

Staying over[]

After you have developed sufficient relationship with certain sub-heroine, you may be offered to stay overnight at their place if you visit them at night. If you pick "yes" (top option), you'll need to call home informing the sisters. The person picking up the phone will be whichever sister has the higher love level.

When phoning home, you may opt to lie and say you are staying at Daichi senpai's place (top option), or tell the partial truth (that you are staying at the sub-heroine's place). Lying will reduce Playboy Points by 10, emptying it completely, whereas telling the partial-truth will increase Jealousy for the girl who answered the phone (even if you aren't telling the whole truth, they can guess what's going on too). There are different items that can help with mitigating the effects of these parameter changes.

The two sub-heroines you may stay over at are Himeka and Ritsuko. Neither will let you stay over on Sunday night, and Himeka won't let you stay on Tuesday/Wednesday nights. There are additional factors that limit availibility of staying over which are currently unknown.

Late night phone calls[]

Once you have started a relationship with a sub-heroine, and you have not visited her in a long time, she might call your place at night to make sure you are ok. The main heroine with the highest relationship with you will answer the phone, and become jealous. The exception is when Rumina calls, there is no jealousy increase.

For Himeka and Ritsuko, they will call if they haven't seen you three days in a row. Yukie and Rumina have longer intervals.

H mode[]

Only the two main heroines have regular H mode. All the sub-heroines only have event-driven H.

Sakura's H mode will be available starting Jan 2nd (technically it's unlocked on Dec 31, but you won't have a chance to use it on new year's day), everyday at noon (unless she's not home). Madoka's H mode only takes place after a certain point in her walkthrough, and is available every night afterwards.

The H mode allows player to choose different types of H (availability depends on whether certain events have triggered, as well as player's various parameters. H with Sakura will provide Experience points as well as Love points. You gain no experience points from H with Madoka and it can only be used for her Love points.

When entering H mode, the girl's Excitement points will be filled according to her slutness level (unless events affect it otherwise). All H commands consume stamina, you cannot perform an H command if you don't have sufficient stamina for it. On the other hand, some H commands reduce Sperm points, but you may still perform them without any Sperm points left.

Certain items may be used during H mode, to recover stamina or sperm points, or have cosplay H (Sakura only).

For additonal details, see H commands.