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Tsumashibori - package
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2006/08/04
Genre / Rating Training & ADV / 18+
Base price ¥8500
Voice Female full voice
Tsumashibori - banner
General info
Title screen
Game mechanics
Map screen
H commands


This is the third game in the "Tsuma" (Wife) series, following Tsumamigui and Tsumamigui 2. However, in terms of story, this is not a sequal and is not related. It does feature cameo appearances of characters from the previous game, however.

The game's soundtrack was released as Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 09.

Story background[]

The game opens in the month of December. The main character, Shinba Kousuke is a 4th year college student, 3 months away from graduating (Japanese academic years break off between March/April), and recently has a job lined up. Kousuke has never had a girl friend, and his father arranged a special omiai for him. Kousuke is forced to live under the same roof with his omiai partner, Kodotsuki Madoka. Madoka's older sister, Aoi Sakura (married), also lives with the two young adults to keep an eye on the progress of the omiai.

Similarities with previous Tsuma series[]

  • At the beginning the main character is supposed to win be winning Main Heroine #2's heart. However, Main Heroine #1, who trains the main character in H, is the "real" Tsuma heroine of the game.
  • The main character selects locations to visit throughout the course of the day to meet people, work at part time jobs for money, become more proficient with H, or share intimate moments with heroines.


Main Characters[]

  • Shinba Kousuke (心羽 幸助) - Main character
  • Aoi Sakura (葵 咲良) - Older sister, married
  • Kototsuki Madoka (琴月 まどか) - Younger sister


  • Takeuchi Himeka (竹内 姫香) - Owner of the cafe
  • Izawa Ritsuko (伊澤 律子) - Teacher
  • Tsubaki Yukie (椿 雪絵) - Owner of sake bar, wife of Yoshiharu, mother of Kyouya
  • Miyamae Rumina (宮前 るみな) - Genius kid


  • Tsubaki Yoshiharu (椿 良治) - Salary man, husband of Yukie, father of Kyouya
  • Tsubaki Kyouya (椿 京弥) - Boy, son of Yoshiharu and Yukie
  • Yokosuka Saburou (横須賀 三郎) - Middle age chubby man, owner of grocery store

Support characters[]

  • Yasuzumi Daichi (安住 大地) - Guy with messy hair, unshaved chin, and red shirt. Roommate of Kousuke up until Dec 16
  • Oohashi Keita (大橋 圭太) - Good friend of Kousuke, blond guy with glasses, blue shirt.
  • Akiyama Naotsugu (秋山 直嗣) - PE Teacher, fiance of Ritsuko