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Tsumamigui 2
Tsumamigui 2
(c)アリスソフト DVD case art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2003/03/28
Genre / Rating Training / 18+
Base price 2940
Voice none

Characters Edit

  • Kishihara Haruka (岸原 遙)
  • Hasuma Kanae (蓮間 香苗) just married Satoru recently (you met her the first time during the first "day" of the game). She is very open-minded about H.
  • Kawamura Natsume (川村 なつめ) is a weird girl with a talking turtle called Stephanie on her head. Her background is a mystery.
  • Kishihara Kazuma (岸原 一馬) is Haruka's husband.
  • Minashiro Yuuki (水白 優樹) is a timid little boy. He lives alone as his parents live over sea's. Though he tries to be self-reliant, can't help, but have problems. He begins to have secret feeling for the married Kanae, but...
  • Tsuzaki Satoru (津崎 悟) whose wife is Kanae and he was the main character in the previous game.
  • Oogiku Jyun (大菊 ジュン)
  • Momota Rokurou (百田 六郎)
  • Momota Mikoto (百田 三琴)
  • Momota Konomi (百田 九ノ美) is the second eldest sister of the Momota family. When she wants to be helpful to Kanae and Satoru (previous protagonist), she takes care of Miu (Kanae's baby). She deeply loves them, but she is also jealous of their overly passionate love.
  • Tsugiki Miu (津崎 美羽) is Kanae's baby girl. Even though you can see Konomi having trouble caring for her, she's really docile.
  • Tsugiki Yuu (津崎 夕) is Kanae's son.
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