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Game Flow, Main Interface[]

A typical day is devided into three periods: Morning, Afternoon, and Night. During each period you can choose to go to different places (sometimes special events happen that limits your choices).

At the beginning of each period, the main interface is displayed. The top left courner shows what month it is (3 is the third month, aka March). Under the month display is the number of days before you move out of the apartment. Under that shows you which period it is (even if you can't read Kanji, you can guess from the sun/moon, or keep track of time yourself). Underthat, you see the money you have (in Yen, the japanese money unit. Exchange rate right now is about 120 yen = 1 US dollar).

On the upper right hand corner, your LP is displayed (Love Points, to be discussed in the next section). The green one is current value, and the red one is max/default value.

Unerd the LP display, is an option in japanese katakana which means Go To Part-Time Job. The next 5 are QuickSave, QuickLoad, Save, Load, and Return to Menu. Doing QuickSave/QuickLoad/Return-to-Menu will pop up a confirmation message (Is this Good? / Are you Sure?). The left button means Yes, while the right button means No. When doing regular save, you may enter custom comments to remind yourself what this savegame is about.

In the center of the Main Interface, is the apartment complex. Clicking on rooms/shops in the complex causes your character to go there. To skip the walking animation, right click.

The first floor (ground floor) is a convenent store. Here you can buy food that increases your current LP (LP can be increased over the maximum value). Buying things here does not cause time to pass (ie, the game won't advance to the next period when you are done).

The second floor is the H Supplies Store. You can buy H-related items here. Some increase your basic stats, while others allow you to do certain things. It'll be covered in depth in a later section. Shopping in the H supplies store also does not cause time to pass.

On the third floor there are three residences. From left to right are: The Hakuda's, Vacant, and Natsume.

On the Forth floor there are also three residences. From left to right are: Chiho, You, and Kanae (and her husband, but I don't recall meeting him ever). After a certain point in the game, you would agree to tutor Chiho at her place in the evenings. Kanae's home becomes the H Tutoring House in the afternoon, and if you go there, she'll train you in H.

Oh, remember the Part Time Job option above QulckLoad? Clicking that sends you to the convenent store to work. Typically you make about 3300 yen for working one period.

So during a day, you go from place to place, meeting people, doing stuff, and maybe trigger sepcial events. Various regular and special events, as well as other actions, can modify your stats.


There are several stats in the game. LP, Endurance, Technique, and Kindness.

LP (Love Points) function as Stamina. You need LP to do H-acts (if you don't know what H-acts are, stop now, and remove the game from your computer). Everyday you start with your Current LP equal to your Max LP. Actually, the game calls it Max LP but it really means "Default LP". Eating food will increase your Current LP, and it can be increased to way above your Max LP. Doing H-acts decrease your Current LP. Regardless of how much Current LP you have, when you go to sleep and wake up in the morning, it resets to the default LP value. SO try to use up all your LP each day.

The other three stats (Endurance, Technique, and Kindness) are prerequisits to receive training in certain skills. See next chapter for more.

Training from Kanae, as well as various actions during the game, can modify your stats (upwards and downwards). You can tell when your Max LP is being modified when you see a rhombus with a red "+P" or blue "-P" appearing in the dialogue section. The other three stats are displayed via a meter, that appears on the screen and increase or decreases when those stats are being modified. The meter with the green text is Endurance. Blue text is technique. Yellow text is Kindness.

There's also a "Degree of Love" for the two girls (err... women). Degree of Love seem to drop with time, but can be increased due to your actions. The Degree of Love for both Chiho and Kanae shows up on the same Love-meter, which gets displayed when your actions changes how one of them feel about you.


Druing the afternoon, if you go to Kanae's place, she'll give you a private lesson. This is only available after a special event in the game. During training, you switch to the training interface.

The first time you go to her place for a private lesson, she'll ask you if you want an explaination on how training works. The top option is yes, while the bottom option skips the explaination. All the explaination is in Japanese, but if you choose to listen to the explaination, your Max LP go up twice (by two total), whereas if you don't listen, your Max LP only go up once. So I recommend just pick the top option and run through the explaination.

The skills you can be trained on are: Love Massage, Paizali, Fellatio, and The-Real-Thing. Doing The-Real-Thing requires you to have a condom, which can be purchased at the supplies store. It's required, since Kanae doesn't want a baby with you. These skills are listed in order in the lower right box at the Training interface.

Training of various skills requires you have a minimum of points in various stats. If you don't meet the required minimum, red marks will appear on the stat-meters in the training interface to show you what the minimum are. Training in different skills will modify your stats differently.

The top of the training interface shows you your current LP, which drains as you receive training. Below that is a picture of Kanae. The box to her right says "Which training option do you want to pick?", and the training options are right underneath it. To the left of Kanae (your left, her right), says "Costume for The-Real-Thing". Currently it's disabled for me, at the beginning of the game. I'll add info on that in a future revision.

Under Kanae are the stat-meters for the 3 skills. Hence when receiving training, you can directly see how your stats are being modified.

Beneath the stat-meters, are items you have (and costumes for Kanae). The condom will be listed here if you have it.

To train, just click on one of the skills you wish to be trained on. When your mouse is over a skill, the amount of LP it costs will be shown to the far-right of the LP meter. I think it's a fixed 4-6-8-10 for the 4 skills respectively.

After you pick a skill, the game will ask you if you want to see the training scene. The left-arrow at the bottom of the screen is Yes, while the right arrow is No.

If you don't have sufficient LP to train anymore, then the game will automatically exit training mode, and return to the main interface. If you wish to exit the training interface early (to save some LP for the night...), just right click anywhere in the training interface, and it'll ask you if you really want to go. Again, the left-arrow at the bottom of the screen is Yes, while the right arrow is No.