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Tsumamigui - package
(c)アリスソフト DVD case art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2002/03/15
Genre / Rating Training / 18+
Base price 2800
Voice none
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Story Background Edit

You are a college student or something, who lives in an apartment. You are about to move out in two weeks. During the game, you will interact with other tenants who live in the same apartment building.

Characters Edit

  • Tsuzaki Satoru (津崎 悟) You are the main character.
  • Mizumori Chiho (水森 千穂) moved in about two years ago with her husband. However, her husband died about one year ago, so now she is a widow. You have a crush on her (at least when the story starts).
  • Hasuma Kanae (蓮間 香苗) just moved in with her husband recently (you met her the first time during the first "day" of the game). She is very open-minded about H.
  • Kawamura Natsume (川村 なつめ) is a weird girl with a talking turtle called Stephanie on her head. Her background is a mystery.
  • Oogiku Jyun (大菊 ジュン)
  • Momota Rokurou (百田 六郎)
  • Momota Mikoto (百田 三琴)
  • Momota Konomi (百田 九ノ美)

Summary Edit

The objective of the game is to be together with Chiho or Kanae at the end of the two week period (note that "be together" doesn't mean just having H).

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