Tsukiomi Kibito
Kibito face.png
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Scientist
World Big Bang Age
Affiliation Nightmare Eyes
Appeared in Daibanchou


Tsukiomi Kibito serves as one of the chief executives of the Nightmare Eyes (NI), and also serves as a "research branch" to the NI, as he is always toiling on new weapons in his lab. Though Camilia considered killing or turning him more than once, she has for now enjoyed his horrors just enough to keep him around.

For years, Tsukiomi Kibito was a talented scientist working in the region of Saporo with his brother and disciple, Tsukiomi You, on the creation of powerful war machines known as "puppets", intelligent humanoid beings created from organic and metallic components. However, the two brothers started to grow estranged when You grew attached to his latest, increasingly self-aware creation and refused for her to fight or be replicated into weapons. Kibito fumed over his brother's "betrayal", and soon the vampire Camilia Bathori turned his frustration into resentment and hatred, until Kibito went mad and stabbed his brother before leaving him to die. His mind now shattered, he devoted himself once more to his research, now for the benefit of the vampire that destroyed his life.

When Wolf Fang started attacking the Nightmare Eyes, Kibito decided to deploy his latest creation, the monster Benishibuki Daimon to defend their territory. However, the monster was defeated time and again until Kibito dismissed him as a failure and ordered him to be locked up before he was himself sent out to defend the NI. He was eventually captured and brought to the Toukyou prison. Now far away from Camilia's influence, his sanity suddenly returned to him, and driven mad by grief was about to kill himself when he discovered that his brother's "daughter", the puppet Sion, had joined Wolf Fang. Now determined to atone for his mistakes, Kibito joined Wolf Fang.


  • Tsuikiomi Kibito, his brother and their creations are loosely based on Dr Frankenstein.