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Toushin Upsilon
Japanese 闘神Υ
Romanization tōshin Υ
Race Toushin
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Appeared in Rance IV

About[edit | edit source]

Toushin Upsilon upon being activated.

Toushin Upsilon was one of the few remaining Toushin in the current era. It was deactivated many years ago and was hidden in the floating continent Ylapu, guarded by Replica Misly.

Upsilon was the 20th Toushin to be constructed, one of the last. He was designed to be inhabited by Sergio Conp, a member of the Holy Magic Sect, and a personal friend of Freak Paraffin. Despite being a powerful mage he was also a skilled martial artist, specializing in hand-to-hand combat. Once his will was transferred into Toushin Upsilon, Sergio started taking part in the last few years of the Dark Lord War.

When M.M Rune was eventually overcome with bitterness towards humanity, he ordered that both Dark Lords and "barbarians," humans incapable of using magic that weren't part of the Holy Sect, would all be regarded as enemies. Upsilon followed these orders unquestioningly and attacked the Kingdom of Replica Misly, killing every human within. After Freak saved Replica by placing her consciousness into a Tousho, she was left as the only survivor. This event is what spurred the assassination of M.M Rune.

Once M.M Rune was betrayed and killed, Upsilon was considered too dangerous to remain operating. Upsilon still carried out the orders last given by Rune to destroy humans, so it was sealed in Ylapu, the Toushin Toshi linked to him, where Misly stayed as a guard to make sure it was never activated again.


During the events of Rance IV, Upsilon was re-activated by aHelman Platoon led by Bitch Golch, who wanted to use the Toushin as a weapon for Helman. Bitch hoped that awakening the Toushin would allow him to control it, however, Upsilon quickly dispelled such a thought: he immediately killed Bitch by punching him into a wall, decapitating him in the process. Despite the many centuries of dormancy, Upsilon intended to follow the last directive given to him by M.M Rune, killing the "barbarians" - in effect all humans, since by that time there were no remaining members of the Holy Magic Sect

Upsilon was opposed by a party of RanceSill Plain, and the Rance Rescue Team sent from Leazas, as well as Freak Paraffin and the remaining members of Bitch's Helman squad. They destroyed several key power structures all over Ylapu to weaken the Toushin, hoping to stand a chance against him. The party faced Upsilon in the heart of Ylapu and came out victorious, finally destroying it for good. However, the death of Upsilon resulted in the floating island of Ylapu falling to the ground, since the destruction of the main Toushin body makes the whole system crumble. At the last moment, the heroes were able to evacuate and escape from the collapsing island.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Upsilon attacking with his punches.

Being a Toushin, Upsilon was a terrifying force, capable of fighting on par with Dark Lords and much more powerful than high-level adventurers. In battle he was accompanied by two floating spheres he used to power himself up and restore energy. He could also use these orbs to attack with a powerful magical shockwave, covering a wide range.

Despite his impressive skills as a mage, Upsilon was primarily a physical fighter and relied mostly on his fists to battle his enemies. His strength was unparalleled and was an incredibly durable opponent, being able to withstand an enormous amount of damage. Being a Toushin, he was also tireless fighter that would never need to rest and could keep fighting indefinitely until completely destroyed.

Upsilon uses a shock-wave to assault his enemies.

In order to maintain his high energy costs during a fight, Upsilon's weakness was that he required high amounts of energy that had to be drained from other sources. In order to do this he had specialized equipment behind him where he would keep a high-level mage and absorb his or her power. During his first encounter with Rance he used Cynthia as an energy source until she was rescued by Feliss, which forced him to pause in order to recover energy, allowing the party to escape. He then used Sill as a power source until she broke free of his control and opposed him from within.

Upsilon was a fearsome foe, and it took a number of high-tier fighters to defeat him in battle, including the adventurer Rance, Rick Addison, Leila Grecni, Shizuka Masou, Io Ishtar, Maria Custard, Athena 2.0, Kanami Kentou, and Julia Lindum. This was after he had been greatly weakened following the instructions given by Freak Paraffin and had lost his power source mid-battle; even still he represented a very difficult fight for the party. Had they faced a fully-powered Upsilon, the group would have stood little chance of survival, let alone victory, much like how Freak Paraffin initially claimed.

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