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Toushin Toshi II:SSG

This is a walkthrough done during play.

I tried to keep it spoiler free and i added the level i was when i did it (as a reference).


Qualification Labyrinth B1F
Find the stairs and go down.
Qualification Labyrinth B2F
At the place with 2 gates, take the right one. Hit the bottom switch and the go up to hit top switch, but when going back out, hit the first switch again to open the gate to the left. At switch with the hanny, retry twice, go down and get paper.

Ending level was: 8


Ragnard Labyrinth B0F
The fairy in the middle transports you to any level already visited.
Go left, up, right & meet thief, Use stair and go down.
Magic First option: Go to Haniwa shrine & join them. Get Ban spells in chest on 3rd floor.
Ragnard Labyrinth B1F
Go down, kill Galmonster, then right until teleporter row, use and get Treasure 1 from chest. Go back to top left and open chest to get key, go down but take left this time, down until meeting gal hunter. Warp to town and go to item shop, then back to gal hunter.
Widow sword - meet widow at middle right, warp out and come back, purse thief at left of path and kill.
Give back sword = money / Keep sword = sin
Tournament I
(just get some Lv or some decent stuff) – you get auto healed just before the start of the fights
level was: 12
Ragnard Labyrinth B2F
Main quest:Talk to Ketchup, Then follow path to top of screen, get pass, go back down and up to thief den, buy key to 3rd floor, go to third floor, to finish go sleep.
Side quest
Chest in room with spike starting from bottom of screen is 2 then 1, rinse and repeat.
Ragnard Labyrinth B3F
Main quest: Go bottom let meet captured thing, If using hanny path just keep going down, if not read Magic 2nd option.: After talk go to town then 2nd floor thief den, Learn hunting and go to top left of map, then back to town, go to 2nd and learn that research have been cancelled, go see kalar, go to thieves, then down to meet friend, do some clean-up, return wood and get Ban spells.
Big takeshi, first fight let him kill you, second time use magic on him...
Tournament II
(need Ban spell) lv 16
Use back door Sin
Ragnard Labyrinth B4F
Go to thieves shop get key 4th floor, get to 4th floor, first goal is inside the black dot at the right near top of the map, then go to where they are, After that middle right got our good friend from before, at right bottom corner meet D, at middle left of the map you find H, go out and when coming back meet, then go to top left, use key on nearby door, come back the 12,fight one red hanny south of arrival, then go south east to meet person, try to get out, use return wood
Tournament III
lv20 hack away
You can go liberate in Qualification dungeon (level 20 min)
Ragnard Labyrinth B5F
Go inn twice, go to lv5 descent on lv4, go down to meet B, go left first path down to signal cone, lower are 3 door middle one as card (be careful, they respawn when you leave the map), at middle left there is a symbol like the one on first floor, then top left is D remember what your told, move town get paper then get back to signal cone, go further in and switch, go back up and in new room, remember D and open passage, press switch and go back to beginning then down in new room and down to lv6
Ragnard Labyrinth B6F
go down and right until 4 way, then up watch N, then down and right until platform, go down and valve, go bar, meet H (warning do not kill), then go to valve then left on new path, meet N again then bottom left of map chest, back to valve platform and up until sentinel, then up and N, go top left to finish, do not continue,
Ragnard Labyrinth B7F
Go left until meet sentinel, back to town,
Tournament IV
do it sin
Ragnard Labyrinth B7F
Advance meet your friend, then go left beat sentinel, go up and watch then follow critter, kill and go down to D, then pass and to top chest, then back to explosion, go left and down to HBM, go up and back to lv8, go to blueH and chose a, then go left and up to chest and then go right, then at end of path go up and use treasure just found, then go down and do it, (push = sins a lot of them), go bask to ovni and try option b, leave place and go town meet H, then wait until tournament,
Around level 26 you could go to Ragnard B0f then right at first intersection, follow up to ladder and down we go, go to top and  kill it, then enter and go back to your occupation.
Day 22 in town meet B and then go to Ragnard lv8, from there go to signal cone, get on the other side and down then jump.
Tournament V
standby phase, go to mansion, sleep
Ragnard Labyrinth B8F
go to Ragnard meet B, go to Lv7 then see blueH, chose b, then top Ragnard Labyrinth B8F down, first right, top right, at end go down, go left just before end, then down, at end turn right, up to seller place, then back track and take first to top, look mirror, go back to corner and first to left then first to top, get treasure and back to save kid, equip new found treasure and go trough bottom left, critter then top left, go to save kid and fisrt room at top let, you'll find letters to write found codes, once used once go back to D and after event use new code, do this for the 3 codes: -enter -kill -put in hole, after 3 done go up and check then down and to D, watch the top and take left then down to D, take and wait for tournament
Tournament VI


be happy or sad or what ever (now lv 38) Starting lv 28 you'll see picture frame those are bonus battles, be careful.

Go down speak to A then go to total opposite to get out, go to Ragnard and meet Z, watch,

Ragnard Labyrinth B28F
Get out and left until wall then follow it down and take turn in it, meet sisters and take 5 each, then go back up and follow wall until first red then up to green then red  and green again blue, red, green 7 finally red  then turn left and go down for town, meet G, then down left down at bottom left then up at the first door, meet Aan go get request at lower right most building (you'll come back here quite some, sure it's P ), take and go to A listen, go down right and up until hit a building enter it to the right and go the the top, go to lower right corner and drag back, watch if you want then to your right to P and back to A, down left up left up, meet man go down beat, then go to P and after that to A listen, go to building north of A listen then go to lonely building at right corner enter kill, go back to old, and to P and to A, go down and left meet G and watch, go to exit and break then left up meet G and up then next lv
level 28
Ragnard Labyrinth B29F
Welcome in hell my friend, go down left right watch, talk to K and go right and top at first path get HamS, go down to river front and use HamS on pike farthest form shore, then right and get Key, use return wood and go back down,  go right from the stair and use key on door, follow path and watch T, Up right down left and up take chest and meet L, go back to where you fought T and go down, turn right and first down to get HamL, go up and keep going right, at shore go down and use HamS and hamL to break free, go back to first time spike and stay on nearest one to get key watch G and go up right up right, use key on door go down and on first , Now free all raft except the one leading to Key and down you go press switch turn left and speech to merchant watch, now down press switch and go right and up to T, listen and go see yellow near river speak watch, just keep on fishing, go back to T after scene (if hanny go top and get from chest to use on him, if Kalar then watch) again talk to T, down and follow path press swith and meet G, then keep going left to sentinel and down to next lv
Ragnard Labyrinth B30F
This place is empty-pty-ty-y... with a stand right next to entrance, go on and kill thing watch, this level is currently empty and you need to find angel and speak to leader, once done go to town (or just farm away/or go for Kaiju's) then come back, go see angel leader again and then seek her once more, after that go to mansion up to throne room to Z talk then Ragnard entrance G talk, then floor 29 and look at your map for the new passage to go to T and talk, then go lv30 and down then watch, door is lower middle then go up to meet sentinel ,go to the far left and up to the door, the chose corner left door and travel to the other side of building then down, after door turn left and go trough top door and left and down and next level,
fiends-opedia: Green - sword, Blue - lightspear, Pressure - sword, GankiB - sword/lightning - Yellow - blackwave, Taiki - lightspear, Rolling thunder - ice, Goki - lightning-
Ragnard Labyrinth B31F
3 way are possbile to get to next level, first go up then go left and meet girl furter left is Z (at right it's G) talk, go up: Choice 1-assault then escape, Choise 2-Assault and win , Choise 3-go out and back and help girl then take boat, Down stair are top middle, tadam
fiends-opedia: Genji - lightspear, Touki - flreblast/sword(element), Souki - firelaser, Black - lightspear,
Level 50
Ragnard Labyrinth B32F
GO up then right skip first down path take second one down, now go down and right step on circle, down and meet Z down put Mshield and go back to lv32 entrance, go right and up first path up, left path following, second room to your right then second path up, back to lv32 entrance and right then first one down, goal is bottom left room tleran, go to elevator, thadam next lv...
fiends-opedia: Fortran - firelaser, Red -sword, Sakaki - lightspear, Object - blackwave,
Level 56

Last Levels[]

Level 67
Goal is to reach down left corner, you'll meet time monster that (if not killed fast enough speed time/and ending)
Final level/s
First part is go to the left and at the corner go up then turn a the first right and kill then use on door, go to throne room watch then kill and go top door on left side, follow path, kill, watch ending.


LV3 - At the top right in here you'll meet the - cool guy - character, it's a monster that give you all the missing xp to get to your next level. If you can, i would suggest to leave them alone so you can save on your grinding later.

Hanny are not magic proof.

Whale appear on 3rd floor lake on day divisible by 5.

Toushin rewards; New women (give nothing), Gold (give you max gold), Dual wield (once), Mercy attack 2 (50 point instead of 5), Crystal ring(once)

Support magic Heal is USELESS! It only give 5 to 100hp And that's when your lv 60+.....

Sin's: Selling Gal monster +1 for each new one, f**king angels +10, Killing A +50,