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The Toushin Toshi II Graphics & Hint Disk was Alicesoft's penultimate Hint Disk, released to accompany Toushin Toshi II. It was released only for PC-98, but when the main game was ported to Windows 95, the Hint Disk was included as a bonus feature available after completing the game. In this version, it appears on the main menu under the name "★ Hints & Graphics." No version was released to accompany the FM-TOWNS version of Toushin Toshi 2.

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The disk itself is extremely small, the smallest of all the Alicesoft Hint Disks (with the possible exception of Rance II's, which has not been dumped). Like the final Alicesoft Hint Disk (the one for Rance 4.1 and 4.2), its focus is more on its unique and behind-the-scene content than its hints.


  • CGs: Contains seven original CG art created for the hint disk, complete with artist commentary.
  • Discarded Artwork: Contains discarded CGs at the sketch stage, as well as various character sketches, all presented with artist commentary.
  • Hints: Presents a number of context-free hints. The hints are included in full below.
  • Random Story: Similar to the identically-named entry in Toushin Toshi 2's Alice's Mansion, this presents a randomly-generated story of less than four lines.
  • G&H Staff: Credits for the hint disk.
  • Notice: Original disk only. This contains an ad for Alice's Cottage 3, along with a sketch of a CG from that game.


Because the Windows version buries the hints until the game is already cleared, they are reproduced here in full for anyone who is interested.


  • The beam can only hit you if you move straight ahead!
  • Use water against electricity!
  • The Oozeki can’t be defeated...
    Hit the guy that got caught in the door!
  • Use magic to block item use!
  • Fishing takes patience!
  • Try going everywhere you can...
    Even if you shouldn’t right now...
  • Mirrors are supposed to reflect you!
  • The last ally is an oni!
  • There’s someone you can only meet by going in the pitfall!
  • Use a mirror against the guy that turns you to stone
  • When there’s trouble, ask Border!
    For with the Brutal Hannies and the heavy valve
  • Try to use your items effectively.
  • The L Hammer reaches farther than the S hammer...
  • Even if you can’t buy it now...You’ll be able to eventually.
  • If you don’t get Photo A, Photo B won’t appear.
    There’s no guarantee B’s on a lower floor, either...
    [This hint should read: "If you don't get Photo 1, Photo 2 won't appear," etc. Photo A has no effect on Photo B.]