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  • Home : Camp screen
  • Numpad 5 : Investigate (This only seems to work if numpad lock is on, oddly enough)
  • Page down : Item menu
  • Tab : Config mode
  • CTRL + arrow key : Face direction
  • . : Search for enemy (I cannot get this to work)

Dungeon Exploration[]

  • You typically move around with either the mouse key, or the arrow keys. Movement speed can be adjusted, but too high of a movement speed can cause you to multiple tiles with one press of the key, which can cause you to step on traps. Lower the movement speed if you are having trouble with this.
  • You have a random chance of running into monsters for evey step you take in dungeons, but you can run away from most battles except bosses.
  • To exit a dungeon, use a return wood. It only costs 8 gold and saves a lot of time.
  • The right mouse button will open a menu allowing you to access the camp, investigate, item or search buttons.
    • Search has a 100% chance of finding a monster, and can be useful if you are farming xp or looking for a specific monster
    • Investigate is typically used to open doors, activate switches, etc
  • Some doors or other objects need to be activated with specific items, which typically requires you to use the key or other item from your inventory while facing it. This also applies to giving NPCs items.
  • The minimap shows yellow dots for chests, and red dots for items of interests such as envelopes and NPCs.
  • Bomb rocks may appear on any floor of a dungeon starting from level 31.


  • You usually get the first turn when entering a battle
  • Almost every action you can take in battle uses up a turn, except for adding an attribute to your weapon, attempting to use magic while a magic ban is up, or attempting to use items while an item ban is up.
    • Adding an attribute to your weapon requires you to use a weapon with the associated element, e.g. the lightning blade has the lightning property. By default, it does normal damage, but if you add the attribute, it will now do lightning damage for the rest of the battle.
    • Attempting to use magic or items while a magic ban or item ban is up will glitch the game into thinking that a turn has started while it hasn't, and your passive healing will activate. You can spam this mid battle to heal as much as you want without allowing the enemy a turn.
  • Attack magic has a random chance of leveling up everytime you use it, it doesnt seem to matter how strong the enemy is. The maximum level is 9 and it's damage increases every level. Magic is most useful for killing monsters with elemental weaknesses, but requires a lot of SP compared to using normal attacks.
    • The SP cost is not a problem if fighting normal enemies, as they tend to die in 2-3 attacks at the most, and you can easily recover all your SP by the next fight.
    • Support magic is largely useless as they never level up and their effects are almost nil.
  • Bosses usually have no elemental resistances/weaknesses, although there are some exceptions. You cannot run away from most boss fights.
  • Critical attacks do about twice their normal damage, and it seems that even magic attacks can crit, although there is no critical message, they do about twice their normal damage.
    • Critical rate does not cap at 100%, and 100% crit does not get you an actual 100% crit rate. Critical rate seems to be decreased by some enemy stat, end game enemies are much harder to crit than early game ones. You probably need a base critical rate of 100% and Naomi's ring at the very least to get an effective 100% critical rate.
  • Mercy attacks can still reduce a monster to 0 hp, after which it will still die.
  • Attribute resistances affect the damage you deal in the following ways :
    • Fatal : 10x
    • Weak : 4x
    • Dislike : 2x
    • Resist : 0.5x
    • Wearing a piece of armor with that attribute gives you resistance to that attribute (normal attribute does nothing)
    • Haniwa/Human/Oni attribute weapons deal extra damage to that particular species, but only if you use the add attribute command. For the purpose of damage calculation, they are treated the same as the normal attribute (so immunity to normal damage blocks them as well).
  • Treasure chest lumps may appear after you defeat an enemy. After defeating them, they either give you junk (nothing) or give you gold equal to 3x the amount of damage you use to kill them, however they will always replenish your SP to full. E.G. Dealing 500 damage to a chest will give you 1,500 gold afterwards (assuming you do not get junk).
  • Sometimes they give an item instead. Obtainable items: Return Wood, Ryukakusan, Seirogan, Seirogan 2, Seirogan 3, Manga Meat, Revival Coin, Magic Rock, Accuracy Feather.
    • For this reason, when dual wielding, the most powerful weapon should be in the right hand (to attack first).
    • Chests have 1 hp and are immune to attacks from all but two attributes, which are determined randomly each time. They also tend to run away, so it is difficult to open all chests without hanny flash.
    • Hanny Flash ignores enemy defence and always hits, so will always open chests without fail.
    • Other lumps that may appear are : Shield lump, Hanny lump, Useless lump, Lump lump and Empty lump. These don't appear to do anything special, but they still have the regular treasure chest immunities and may generate treasure chests upon defeat.
    • High Grade Lumps: their chance to appear is extremely rare, so better use Hanny Flash against them, they don't replenish your SP. They give you much higher gold (my first: I did 20-40 damage and got 2903). Items that they drop: ...


  • Level ups increase most of your stats, except for critical rate. Initially, you get 1 stat point per level up, after reaching level 31 you will get 2, and after reaching level 60, you will get 3 stat points per level up. The CG of the level goddess also changes at levels 31 and level 61.
    • Leveling up will heal you to full hp, and can be used as a way to save on healing items.
    • Putting points into critical rate is probably the best option early on, as it is the only stat that does not automatically increase per level.
    • Level 4-10
      • You get 17 hp, 5 sp and 2 to all stats except crit per level.
    • Level 11-20
      • You get 23 hp. 5 sp, 4 ATT, and 2 to all other stats except crit per level.
    • Level 21-30
      • You get 23 hp, 5 sp, 4 ATT, 4 MAG and 2 to all other stats except crit per level.
    • Level 31-40
      • You get 22 hp, 5 SP, 4 ATT, 4 MAG and 2 to all other stats except crit per level.
      • You also get 2 level up points instead of 1, starting from this level.
    • Level 41+
      • You get 9 ATK, 5 DEF, 9 MAG, 5 RES, 2 ACC, 2 EVA and 0% crit per level.
  • Selling the same gal monster to the char shop will give you very little gold after the first time