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Toushin Toshi II:SSG

Toushin Toshi II does not have an traditional CG gallery: the gallery is unlocked in its entirety upon clearing the game. This guide will instead focus on missable CGs and H-scenes as they are first available.


This section covers CGs that require a significant time investment, either because there are a large number of them or because they are particularly hard to achieve.

  • Visit your level goddess at any point after reaching level 40 and 60 for new CGs.
  • Every Gal Monster has a CG when captured. Most random encounter Gal Monsters can be battled at any point after their first appearance up until the Point of No Return (marked below), but there are some exceptions.
    • The One Piggy, Two Piggy, and Three Piggy can only be captured during their one-time, pre-set encounters.
    • The Kaiju Princess has special requirements and can also be missed. See the Secrets page for more details.
  • Find and return all the photos scattered about the dungeon (you only need to find them for the CGs, but returning them will also get you the H-scene that belongs to the CGs). These are not missable prior to the Point of No Return.
  • After buying land but before building a house, visit the land and discover the characters digging in the sand in the middle for a doodle CG. The land is very expensive, so this will take a lot of time and money.
    • Buy a house, expand it, and then buy every available Painting and examine them for CGs.
  • See the Secrets page for a number of other secret CGs.

Preliminaries and Round 1[]

The remaining sections detail "simple" CGs as they arise.

  • "Talk" to Sayaka the waitress at any point when she does not have anything plot-relevant to say for an H-scene. This is easily done at the start of the game.
  • Examine the Splish Splash and Red Eye on Qualification Dungeon 0F.
  • At any point after getting Seed to level 20, but before the day of the tournament finals, rescue the Splish Splash and later go to Sleep in the inn for a scene. While you can rescue her after the tournament, you cannot see the follow-up scenes.
  • Speak to Fulsima on Floor 1, and then return to her at any point after sleeping (even after a long time away).
  • Your decision on whether or not to become a Haniwa Crusader will determine certain the CGs you can unlock later on. There is no way to get all the CGs in one playthrough, since a very small handful are restricted to each class.

Round 2[]

  • Visit the bar on Day 6 of the tournament for a scene with Reine.
  • Buy the Lewd Bath services in the Thieves' HQ for a CG.
  • Choose not to become a Haniwa Crusader (or never speak to the Hanny Cult to begin with) to encounter Craia's plotline and several CGs.
  • Choose to assault Cleria after the second round of the Toushin Tournament. You will accumulate Sin.

Round 3[]

  • As a Haniwa Crusader, speak to Priestess Enua at any point after the second round of the Toushin Tournament.
  • Speak to Hazuki on Floor 4 as part of the set-up for a later CG. This must be done during Round 3.
  • Celia the nurse can be randomly encountered at the colosseum at any point after Serena stops joining you in town. You can get a CG with her after you reach level 40. She appears more often post-tournament, so there's no rush.
    • After the previous scene, buy the Old Man V from the Thieves' Fortress on 1F, then return to the colosseum for a second CG.
  • Choose to assault Tirol after the third round of the Toushin Tournament. You will accumulate Sin.

Round 4[]

  • Visit the bar on day 14 of the tournament for another scene with Reine.
  • Buy access to the peephole in southern 5F, and then use it.
  • Talk to Ketchup on Floor 6 the day you first access Floor 6, and "Buy Body." You can only do this the first day you reach this floor, as she will be gone the next day.
    • After the above scene, buy Ketchup's S&M services. Remember, you must do this on the same day, since she will be gone the next day!
  • If you spoke to Hazuki on Floor 4 during Round 3: after reaching the point where you first see Gaji fight some ninjas, return to the surface at any time to see another scene with Hazuki (if you avoid Gaji's plotline entirely, which requires a lot of grinding, this is also possible after Round 4). Challenge Hazuki on Floor 6 and defeat her before the end of the current round, whichever round that may be. Do not reduce her to 0 HP.
  • Track down Suzuya as part of the plot on Ragnard Floor 6. This must be done this round.
  • Choose to assault Shizuka after the fourth round of the Toushin Touranment. You will accumulate Sin.

Round 5[]

  • Defeat or capture the Three Piggies on Floor 4 using the cards from Floors 5-7, and then visit sleeping princess Remia in the southeast of the same building.
  • After winning in the round, Reine's scene is automatic, but select "Take her Crop" to see additional CGs.

Round 6[]

  • Two of the teleporter passwords on Floor 8 lead to CGs. To get the passwords, you must either be a Haniwa Sect Crusader and win rock-paper-scissors against one of the believers in the temple multiple times, or must check a guide.

Post-Tournament - Floor 28[]

  • Sleep or suffer Rejection enough times to see dreams of Hazuki. There are nine in total and you will likely encounter them without any additional effort.
  • Anna:
    • Have at least 21 sin, then select "Make her masturbate."
    • Have at least 31 sin, then select "Fuck Anna."
    • Have at least 41 sin and the tentacle vibrator from Floor 30, then select "Use tentacle vibrator."
  • Nozomi:
    • Meet Nozomi (spawns randomly on the Mansion's ground floor) and Gentobu (mandatory scene on Ragnard Floor 28). The next time you visit Toushin Mansion Floor 1 after meeting both, you should find Gentobu's door open. Enter and listen at the back door.
    • After the above scene, re-enter Toushin Mansion until Nozomi appears in one of the eastern rooms on the ground floor. Nozomi will ask you to find a key. Investigate the wooden chest NE of her, and give it to her.
    • After the second scene, you can get a second H-scene if Nozomi randomly appears in the middle of the bottom-right room, but only if you have exactly 0 sin.
  • Summon Gates may randomly teleport you to a seperate map, where you can find some CGs. You may need to defeat the boss here to get them, which will require quite a bit of late-game grinding.
  • Witness Gentobou "eating" the angel at the end of Level 28 before leaving the floor.
  • When Apros offers rewards for clearing a floor, you can get a new CG by selecting "New Woman." Then, suffer Rejection enough times that the rotation reaches this new character. There is no rush to get to this, and you will be unlikely to miss it even if you select the reward on the very last floor.

Floor 29[]

  • Visit Rebecca and Pluepet in the eastern side of Toushin Mansion at any point after reaching Floor 29 but before rescuing Dellas. Pay for her services.
  • Enter Apros' throne room (from the south?) at any point after the scene between Kurzweil and Tenkouki on Floor 29.
  • Pursue Labelcase the angel across the floor and absorb her. You will accumulate Sin.

Floor 30[]

  • Random event that occurs on a 1/10 when talking to Chef Scrappy after reaching Floor 30. Just talk to her multiple times in a row.
  • Absorb Hasaera Rabi during your encounter. You will accumulate Sin.
  • Capture a Captain Vanilla and bring it to the Impregnation Chair on Floor 30's Black Pyramid.

Floor 31[]

  • No new CGs.

Floor 32[]

  • Absorb the three angels available on this floor. You will accumulate Sin for each.

Floor 67[]

  • Visit the three occupied cells on Level 67 for CGs.
  • Once you rescue Dellas, you will past the Point of No Return and lose access to most CGs!

Beyond the Point of No Return[]

  • During the endgame, make sure to suffer from Rejection two times by fighting random encounters. This will get you two seperate CGs with Hazuki. This will probably happen without any trouble.
  • Allow Dellas to absorb the three angels before the final boss battle. This will dramatically increase his HP and the HP of his allies!