Toushin Toshi II
Tōshin Toshi II
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Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1994/12/10
Genre / Rating RPG / 18+
Base price ¥8500, 4500, 0
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 Toushin Toshi II 
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Toushin Toshi II is the second installment of the Toushin Toshi Series, released in 1994. It is a turn-based dungeon crawler RPG with a system that divides the sections of the game through days. The series is also noted for taking place in The Continent, the same setting of the Rance Series. Unlike the first game, however, Toushin Toshi II is set in an alternate timeline, somewhat similar to Kichikuou Rance.

The game follows the story of Seed Cashima, with the objective of the game being to follow his path of self-improvement, growing over the game from a timid and weak boy, to a valiant warrior in his long succession of battles in the Toushin Tournament.

Many consider it one of the best of the older Alicesoft games that, while simple, offers a very enjoyable and fun experience with its interesting plotline, memorable cast of characters, and gimmicky dungeon crawling. The game was adapted into a three-episode OVA localized as Tournament of the Gods: Title Match. Notoriously, the game later received a remake all-ages adaptation made by Imageepoch that was released for the 3DS, which received the name of "Toushin Toshi Girls Gift".


Seed Cashima is a young boy who lost his only father long ago and was left in a dojo of a small town, under the care of its master. He, along with Serena Phraze, a young woman that acted like an older sister figure to him, was raised in the dojo, where he met and became the childhood friend of the Dojo's master daughter, Hazuki Mizuhara. Over time, a very special relationship grew between the two, one that would become love, and the two wished to get married. However, being the daughter of the Dojo's Master, her husband would inherit the dojo but Seed doesn't have the approval of Hazuki's father, as he's the weakest fighter of the academy.


Despite the fact that the Dojo's Master can't accept someone as weak as Seed to succeed him, he supports him as he wants his daughter to be happy, but prioritizes his duty as the master of the Dojo and rejects him in his current state. Despite this, he believes that Seed has a hidden potential that could be achieved when motivated and in a real battlefield so, in order to help him set on a path of improvement, he encourages him to attend the Toushin Tournament. This famous tournament gathers the strongest fighters from all over the world, fighting in many crude battles in an effort to gain the position of a Toushin, a powerful leading figure of the Toushin City that lives with comforts and luxuries. If Seed could win this tournament, the Dojo's Master promised that he would allow him to marry his daughter and inherit the dojo, however, his top student Billnas leaves with Hazuki to compete as well in the Toushin Tournament, as he was also promised that he would be able to marry Hazuki and inherit the dojo if he won.

Hazuki decided to go as Billnas' partner under the false promise from her father that, if Billnas were to win the tournament, then Seed will be allowed to marry her. With this in mind, Seed leaves with Serena as his partner towards Toushin City with the objective of winning the tournament and be allowed to marry his beloved Hazuki. Winning the tournament will not be an easy task for the weak Seed, who regularly needs to train himself along the way in the dangerous Ragnard Dungeon in order to become stronger, knowing that he will eventually be forced to face Billnas himself.

The game eventually received a short sequel entitled Toushin Toshi II - Soshite sorekara.


  • Toushin Toshi II is the only Alicesoft game that has received a censored all ages adaptation released on a Nintendo console.
  • TADA, of the development team, purposely made the battle system of the game to be in a 1 on 1 fights to further emphasize Seed's role and the story that wants to tell and was against the idea of having a battle system with a party featuring multiple characters. He said "Seed needs to win the Toushin Tournament on his own. This is the story of a boy’s personal growth".


The most recent freeware English release by Aru Naru can be downloaded here.

An additional fan-patch that fixes the game's save issues can be downloaded here and applied to the above release. It is not compatible with existing saves and must be installed before starting a game.

Toushin Toshi Series[]

Toushin Toushi 2 is set in a parallel universe as  Toushin Toshi  and  Toushin Toshi 3 , as opposed to being in the same continuity.

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